My Writing: Chapter 15

Okay, I have to admit my first original rough draft did not have this Chapter. I was not a happy camper when I realized this, I had to go through all my notes and other rough drafts looking for this chapter.

Oh yes, every single notes and rough drafts, I have is saved in a folder. The just in case, I accidentally delete the Chapter into the recycle bin, which in my case has happened a few times in the past.   Anyway, I think I will leave this Chapter a lone for now. Unless, I read it once more. But never know with me.

Chapter 15: Forest Of Nightmares
 I was a bit puzzled by her comment. I probably misunderstood her. I thought, as we entered the dark, eerie, and slippery tunnel. I could not shake this eerie feeling of being watched.   Not to mention Merlin was too quiet.
Hmm..,. Maybe he was mad at me. For some unknown reason. I thought nervously.(Okay, this paragraph is bugging me a bit. I want to do more showing  not telling. )
He took a sharp breath and turned towards her. “No, I am not anger with you, Verona.” he said pulling her closer to him, in a protective way. “We must be cautious from here on.”
His eyes focus on the dark eerie forest now. There was danger here, Morganna had seen to this. He had never seen her pets, but he’d heard the sounds of an unearthly creatures.
Are you sure it’s her, whom placed the spell? A female voice echoed.
Goose bumps spread over my arms.  A sharp burning hot pain ran over my right forearm. I glanced back towards the tunnel entrance once more. An image of fire and rocks falling around the entrance came to my mind.
 Oh my heavens! She blocked the tunnel. I blinked, the tunnel entrance was still intact.
Damn, what was she thinking! Her brown eyes had a haunting look with tears in them now.  
“Mer..”  I  stopped, I felt something familiar.
“Verona!” A  familiar  female voice echoed into the wind.
The unknown presence approached quickly. He placed his hands upon her shoulders and pulled her closer towards him. “Listen good to me, Verona.” he said in a serious tone, “You must believe in yourself. No matter what comes your way.”
“Why do I have this feeling this was goodbye?” My heart was breaking.
 “No, my love.”  he said lowering his lips onto mine, I felt something surround us,  then dizziness come over me.
“Be brave my love.” he said, “I will find you again.”
I will find you!  His words echoed now. My Head was pounding. ( Okay, I might have to rewrite this paragraph. I wanted to show more.)
Good morning, it’s seven o’clock!” The radio announcer exclaimed.  I jumped up from my bed, I slapped the snooze button. The ray of light was shining through my curtain, I stared for a moment. What was I doing in my old bedroom.  Oh no, does this mean I was back in my adopted parents’ home. . Something was off, I could not put my finger on what.
No, this is where the nightmares begin for you. A haunting voice echoed.
A phone was ringing in the distance. I heard someone answer
A second later, there was knocked on my door.
“Verona, are you up yet.” A woman said, in a harsh tone.”You’re going to be late for school.”
“I will be down in a second.” I dragged myself out of my bed, in a dreamlike trance. Why did the floor feel soft as grass? An eerie feeling came over me. I stopped at my bedroom door.  What did I do last night? I tried to remember, nothing came to mind. Oh no! My heart started to beat a little faster.
 Stay focus, Verona. A distance voice echoed.
 I opened my bedroom door to a shock. What in the world! I was now, in my classroom. A strange fair skinned, short blonde haired woman,  sat at the desk. “You’re late,”  she said in a serious tone. “Please read your writing assignment to the class.”  (Okay, I will have to rewrite the description of this new character.)
My writing assignment! Fear came over me, I realized what she was talking about. Oh no, How could I have forgotten my poem! 
A light breeze touched my arms. Wait a minute, Why was I afraid? I haven’t been in school, for twenty-one years.
Was this some kind of trick? My eyes narrowed towards the mysterious woman.  “Who are you?” I asked in a sober tone. Then a thought occurred to me. Where was Merlin!
Her eyes widen in disbelief. No one had ever broken her enchantment spell. She had made sure of this.  Her green eyes narrowed. “You may have seen through my illusion, but…” Trailed off her enchantment spell was fading. 
I felt pure energy form a circle round us. Then I heard a familiar voice.
“What is real be shown!” Merlin knew only one who could manipulate the elements.
The classroom transformed into a golden  forest with green grass surrounding us. I glance towards Merlin whom glared towards woman’s green eyes narrowed. Was it shock! 
Merlin pulled me into his arms before she could speak. “Easy, Verona.”  One of Maggie favorite things were to drain her victims energy as she was doing now. 
“Merlin, I do not understand.” I felt over welled suddenly.
 “This is an illusion.” He said in a sober tone.
“Oh, I am no illusion Merlin.” The blonde haired woman said in a cold voice. “I am your worst, nightmare.”  No, matter how hard she tried  her spells  could not manipulate this strange woman.   
Her threat gave me goose bumps, I did not show my fear. I kept my feeling well hidden.
“Who is she, Merlin?”  she said in a bold tone. “She was not your usual type?”
“No, Maggie.” He said, in a sober tone, “I am surprised Morganna did not tell you.”
I turned towards Merlin as something tough my arms. I turned in to find an old hag beside me. Her green eyes were sinister.  My hand began to tingle, blue flame shot up from my right palm. Everything around us, suddenly became bright.
“Touch the Forest’s Spirit and be destroyed by its’ Guardian.” a distance voice echoed. 
My hand went up, the blue flames formed a bow and arrow. Next thing I knew the arrow went through blonde and old hag. Merlin had a grim expression.
“No!” She exclaimed withering away before our eyes. The only thing that was left of her was a puddle of melt yellow clay. 
My goddess, I had no idea you were capable of  sorcery.He mumbled, a curse that  sounded Dammit Sarah, You do not say this either. Forest’s Guardian then that would make her… 
How could he say capable of sorcery! My right hand was on fire, pure energy flow through my palm. “Merlin, a little help here! I felt very weak suddenly. “How do I stop it!”
Damn, you’re not trained in magic.  His hands come over mine with a light pressure, His touch and a cool breeze touch skin. I glanced into his blue eyes, they were midnight blue now.
Without saying a word his lips were upon mine for a brief second, before an evil laughter came from behind the tall oak tree.

Okay, I wanted to reveal one of Verona’s secret, which was a surprise to Merlin.  Now, I am moving on to my next Chapter, before I decide to rewrite a few paragraphs once more.







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