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My Writing: A Short Cajun Mystery

It’s a work in progress and my shortest post. I might keep  the way it is or do a rewrite. Never know with me.

A Cajun Mystery
He wanders on the shoreline, with sorrow in his heart.
For hundreds of years, he waited for his freedom. But none saw the truth to his curse.
His answer comes in a young lady, who holds the key to solving his family mystery.
A Cajun Mystery©V.Rose Demet™2017


This photo shot gives an idea to the setting on my work in progress


Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



My Writing: A Personal Essay Revisits

Since it is rice harvest season I decided to revisit my personal essay. Now, I will move on from my personal essay.

Haunted Fields

From dawn to dust, he walks the lonely fields, each day
With his shovel over his shoulder.
He checks for thing astray in the fields.
Those whom recognized him remarks,
He hasn’t grown old since the day,
they first got together with him.
He, still wears his old straw cowboy hat
Blue faded long sleeves shirt and pants.
He still wears his green hip boots.
To walk in the murky water of the rice field
Now, he does not speak to many.
Plenty, have spoken with him in the predawn hours.
From words, He wanders in the distance rice fields.
They recognize his shovel over his shoulders.
Others caught sight of him driving an old John Deere tractor with plow,
in a field but disappears in their presence.
The only visible sign of him, being here is a single distant
sound of a John Deere tractor’s steam whistle in twilight sky.
No one understands why he walks the fields.
If they knew, they will shed a tear.
Someday, his journey for his family’s crest
will be over for him.
Until, then he never rest.
Haunted Fields ©V.Rose Demet™2013


After searching for photo I decided to share one of my favorite photo of my Dad.

A Cajun rice farmer for 50 something years.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

My Writing: A Short Preview

My Writing: A Short Preview
After many hours of delete paragraphs and rewrites. I decided to share a short sample of my work -in-progress.  Now, I will admit I disliked deleting paragraphs but it had to be done.  Anyway, here is a short sample I checked in Grammarly and ProWritingAid for now I am leaving this Prologue a lone.

Prologue: Trap

In silence, I studied the royal family who mingled with aristocrats and their spouses.

Somebody is a traitor. But who? I held my weapon hilt beneath my cloak.
A large full whiskered, black-haired aristocrat darted my way.Who is he?
You must protect him. Answered, a woman in my consciousness.
A nauseous sensation rose up from my stomach. I gazed towards the ceiling.
Fiery eyes met mine. We meet once more, Princess.
My heart stopped.
Grr! A low revolted from my colleague.
A whirlwind encircled us.
“What is transpiring?” My fingers slipped from his.
“I will search for you, my Love!”
“A-! ” The cyclone dragged me from my companion’s forearm.

Oh yes, I have a cliffhanger for my characters.

Of course, I could not leave without introducing my new four legged friend.  I took this photo with my webcam. I think this photo came out okay. He’s twice that size now.

Puppy love

This little pup can bring a smile to a person’s face and cheer them up. Meet my little four legged friend Bandit.


Have a wonderful week ☺


My Photo: Visit From A Photo Gone By

Okay, I am going through of some of my photos from my past posts and one photo dropped by to visit. This was my third photo shot I took using a digital camera. Of course, this is a photo shot is one of my favorite flowers.

I could not leave this post without adding one of my favorite flower. This summer the Roses isn’t blooming as the year before.  Have a great week😊


I am slowly returning to my normal routine.




My Every Day Life: A Short Break

Okay, this is my shortest post.  I am will not go into details. I will say two of my family members passed last month. Two days apart from each other. One was my Dad’s nephew, and the other my Mom’s brother. (My uncle) I took their passing hard and had to take a break from writing.
I am getting back to my writing and photography, which I missed a lot.


roses, gardening, memories

I took time off to think and remember those who are gone.

Here’s a photo shot  I took a few week ago.

Hope everyone have a great week.  🙂


A Visit From My About Page

I was looking over some of my posts, which brought me to my About page.  I realized I needed to do another rewrite.  Oh yes, I am sharing my first name.

This Cajun gal is a creative writer/blogger, whom loves creating stories. When she is not writing, she is reading anything she can find interesting. (I need to catch up on my reading.) or outdoors enjoying a Southwest Louisiana evening. She has a passion for photography and genealogy.


One determined Cajun gal. ~Verna Rose~

photo of myself

Last year for my  B-day, I did not take no photo, nor wrote about being 41.  But I have these two lovely photos of myself.


Now, I think this describes myself a little better. But never know with this Cajun gal, I might do a rewrite later on.







My Photo: A Long January Evening

Okay, after being away from my computer for a while. I got a chance to take more photo shots of the evening sky and try something new with these photos. I added a board around my photos. This is my first try with a board. I might add the boards to my other photos. but it takes a lot of time and patience to get it right the first time. Unfortunately for me, it took a while to get these photos to look this way.

A cold January evening a cool sunset.

A cold January evening a cool sunset.

After a foggy start at the beginning of the month. I finally capture a beautiful view.

After a foggy start at the beginning of the month. I finally capture a beautiful view.

I think I will always be amazed by how my photo shots turns out.

I think I will always be amazed by how my photo shots turns out.

Okay, I think these photo shots came out okay. I think I will go back with a normal look for my photos.

Have a great weekend.  🙂


My Photo: Memorial Visit From October

Oh yes, in October I took a mini break to a place my Dad would talk about on our vacation to my Grandfather and Grandmother’s home in Southeast Louisiana. Each time we would pass by and on our way back home.

Well anyway, I decided to visit this beautiful place. ( The Cafe serves delicious food, my new favorite is a Muffuletta Sandwich. 🙂

I could just imagine a couple walking along these oak and having a picnic beneath those oak tree.

I can imagine a couple strolling along this oak tree .

My first attempt to capture these lovely oak trees.

My first attempt to capture these lovely oak trees.

If oak trees could talk, they would whisper how a young boy, his brother,his father and his uncles planted them in a straight line and walked from each oak trees in 1940.

Oh, the beautiful oak trees my Dad Loved to talk about. Of course, his father,his uncles and his brother and him were the one who planted these lovely trees back in the late 40’s.


I could not leave without a photo shot of this landmark sign.

I could not leave without a photo shot of this landmark sign.

Pink flowers on this quiet peaceful walk..

Pink flowers on this quiet peaceful walk..


I turned towards the flower and got a lovely surprise

I turned towards the flower and got a lovely surprise



How time went by fast. The whole tour takes an hour and a half. But for me with camera it would have probably took longer.

How time went by fast. The whole tour takes an hour and a half. But with me it would have probably took longer.


Last but not least a view of A beautiful view of Lake Peigneur(It’s French.. Google translator pronounce the name correct.)

A lovely view with a reminder of the past. Y'all see this Lake sit on top of a Salt Dome Mine.

A lovely view with a reminder of the past. Beneath Lake Peigneur is a Salt a Mine.

Now, there is a lot of information on Jefferson Island on Nov 20-21, 1980,which is on YouTube video documentary Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster

(For anyone who wants to know more about Lake Peigneur. I won’t go into details.)


A reminder of the past. The top of a drilling rig.

A reminder of the past.
The top of a drilling rig. Nov. 20,1980


I always heard about the house that went into the Lake. Well, here's a view of the chimney

Now, I have always heard about a house going into the Lake. This could be the chimney but I am not quite sure.


I have to admit these photo shots came out very nice and my favorite ones on my mini break, which, I do not go on often. Maybe in 2017, I will go on another mini break to Rip Van Winkle Gardens. But never know with me.


Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂






My Writing: Goals For 2017

My goals and plans for 2017.
• Write a post on a subject I never mention. But needs to be written.
• Take vacation without informing family members until the last-minute.
• Write more poems.
• Finish editing my book.
• Have patience and motivation when editing. (Don’t Delete file by mistake again. I will always check Recycle Bin.)
• Write one post on a tough topic. Later, in the year.
• More photo shots.
• Research my family history, which is a mystery.
• My education In my younger years, I had to put off furthering my education. Now, I want to learn new things.
• Job hunting again. Apparently, not many appreciate honest help. (Maybe, a future post on this subject. Never know with me.)

I think my list for 2017 will be simple or maybe not. But never with me.



Last but not least, a few photo shots I have taken in the past years. (Photo shots not in order.)

As it went down I snapped shots of these nice

sunset, frost, winter, Southwest Louisiana

A Beautiful Southwest Louisiana’s Winter Sunset.. 2014

Getting Close To Lunch Time

Getting Close To Lunch Time


Beautiful, sunny day, winter, cold, Southwest Louisiana;

The last time there was an Ice storm was  back in January of 1997.
Jan. 27, 2014

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Have a wonderful week. 🙂



My Photo: A Visit From August and September

Now, August brought a lot of rain, a flood to the surrounding area. The Highway in front of my Mom’s home.

After a week of heavy rain, this was Monday morning.

After a week of heavy rain, this was Monday morning.

The water slowly went over the road in the early morning hours. That’s all I will say about The August’s flood.  As August slipped away September brought in beautiful sunset



When I see this photo shot I think of a fiery sky.

When I see this photo shot I think of a fiery sky.


This is the before photo shot.

An idea for one of my work in progress formed.

An idea formed from this photo shot.


I have to admit I took a few photo shots in August, but September had many photos in my photo album.  I chose these three photo shots  for September 2016.


Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂