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My Writing: On Vacation

I am going a long vacation where there is no internet connection, I will hopefully be back but do not know when. So much to say but little time on this computer. Everything messed up. 😵😵😵

If I do not reply on comments I will as soon as everything get back to normal.



My Writing: Huntingdom’s Manor

I will try to post updates on my writing twice a week, if the internet allow me to. Not fun when it goes out. ☹



Huntingdom’s Manor

Remember me as I am not what I have become, my sweet love.

His words echoed in mind, as I stirred from a deep sleep.

Tick! Tick! Snap! What in the world? I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar


Bells shriek in my head. Where am I?

Someone stirred in a mahogany chair near the fireplace.

Curious, I slipped off the bed.

Wow! I glanced towards the handsome dark-haired stranger asleep in a

sitting position.

Who is he? Fear spread over me. Did we?

No, my gentlewoman.” His roguish blue eyes met mine.

Why does his accent sound odd? light-headed and weak, I grabbed the chair.

Two strong arms wrap around my waistline. “Easy, you were injured in the


What forest?

No matter how hard I could not remember.

W-where am I?”

We are in Huntingdom manor.” His blue eyes met mine.

Huntingdom?” A chill rushed through my arm

Yes, are you not familiar with the manor?”

Remember! A voice command.

Pain spread through my head. “Ouch!”

I will get old Merlin.” He informed. “He will check your wounds.”


Strange, she does not recognize him. He gazed towards her Why did she

arrive here?

Sure.” My eyelids felt heavy.

Blurry images and voices surrounded me.

You need to remember them! A male stated.

My sweet goddess!” A stranger stated.

My eyes fluttered open.

Blue eyes met mine.

She is beautiful. “Do you know her?” He asked the other stranger.

No, should I?”

I kept my eyes lower and quiet.

Lancelot!” He resents his friend sarcastic remark.

He met someone. Ouch! I shrank.

Who did he meet? A gruff male voice answered.

Oh my, her energy is disappearing. “You are in pain?” He acted fast.

His icy fingers touched my temple, I straighten.

I am checking for pain.” He pointed out. “I found it.”

Warmth surrounded me.

A dark aura appeared and hissed.

Leave here!” He commanded.

In seconds, the aura disappeared.

Memories raced through my mind.

Oh my goodness the whirl! My heart skipped a beat.

I will find you, Verona.” A familiar voice echoed

Your thoughts returned, my beloved child.” He proclaimed.

Sorcery?” Lancelot glanced towards her.

Where the stranger from earlier?” I inquired.

Da–! She remembers.

Who?” Merlin stated. “No, I know the person.”

~~~End of Chapter One ~~~


The name is Huntingdom’s Manor . I  am using a different  name  but auto-correction seems to think it’s Huntingdon  with letter  n.     🤔

My Writing: Prologue

I  have decided to share a little of my work-in-progress,  Now, I  have checked for grammar error with Grammarly and Ginger more time than ever, But I could have overlooked some mistakes in misspelling . But never know with me.





The one who holds the key shall suffer heartaches and betrayal..

In secrecy, I studied the royal family who mingled with

aristocrats and their spouses. A traitor is among us. I held my

weapon hilt beneath my cloak.

A dark-haired aristocrat glanced my way.

Who is he?

You must protect him. Answered, a woman in my conscience.

A queasy feeling settled within my stomach. I gazed towards the


Blazing eyes met mine. We meet once more, Princess.

No, how is it possible?

Grr! A low revolted sound formed in my colleague.

A whirlwind encircled us.

What is transpiring?”

I will find you, my Love!”

I met his violet eyes. Now you call me, your love!

Do not be stubborn, Verona!

A-!” The cyclone dragged me from my companion’s forearm.

~~~End of Prologue ~~~

I had to share this old photo shot of my childhood neighborhood. Yes, it’s out in the country

Have a great week!

My Writing: Fears and Doubts

After many months I have finish editing and proofreading. Now, the scary part is asking friends, family member and Beta Readers to read. 😱


Yikes! The self doubts kicks in with the what if questions, which turned my head upside down. 😵

Does this look like the face of someone who has lots of stuff on their  mind.  I  only had two cups of Hazelnut coffee on that day.

This is me. I am not like anyone else but I do have feelings and words does hurt


I  am sending everyone a smile.

Here a question: Have anyone ever had doubts on their writing?


Have a great weekend 🙂

My Writing :Questions

Since this is about my blog posts.
Have anyone ever heard of Z Publishing House? I am asking because someone from their company emailed me. Stating they found my website Firefly’s Journal and thought I would be interested in submitting some of my writing. I have never heard of them.

If anyone of my followers knows of this company feel free to comment.


Have a nice weekend🙂

This photo was one of my favorite from 2016

My Writing: Goals For 2017

My goals and plans for 2017.
• Write a post on a subject I never mention. But needs to be written.
• Take vacation without informing family members until the last-minute.
• Write more poems.
• Finish editing my book.
• Have patience and motivation when editing. (Don’t Delete file by mistake again. I will always check Recycle Bin.)
• Write one post on a tough topic. Later, in the year.
• More photo shots.
• Research my family history, which is a mystery.
• My education In my younger years, I had to put off furthering my education. Now, I want to learn new things.
• Job hunting again. Apparently, not many appreciate honest help. (Maybe, a future post on this subject. Never know with me.)

I think my list for 2017 will be simple or maybe not. But never with me.



Last but not least, a few photo shots I have taken in the past years. (Photo shots not in order.)

As it went down I snapped shots of these nice

sunset, frost, winter, Southwest Louisiana

A Beautiful Southwest Louisiana’s Winter Sunset.. 2014

Getting Close To Lunch Time

Getting Close To Lunch Time


Beautiful, sunny day, winter, cold, Southwest Louisiana;

The last time there was an Ice storm was  back in January of 1997.
Jan. 27, 2014

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Have a wonderful week. 🙂


My Photo: A January Visit

As the month of January 2016 rolled in with a rush, so did these lovely photo shots.

It was one of those evening, where ideas formed in my mind.

It was one of those evening, where ideas formed in my mind.

I never know what I will capture in my photo shot or how breathing the view has on me.

I am always amazed by the sunset, for I never know what I will capture in my photo shot.

I am always amazed by the sunset.


A cold quiet January afternoon. I am always surprised by the photo I capture.

A cold quiet January afternoon. I am always surprised by the photo I capture.

I have to admit these photo shots came out okay.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


My Writing: A Personal Essay Visits Again

Okay, I told myself, I would not post this essay again. But as the days got closer to the upside down day, (11 years ago.) I decided to edit and rewrote this essay once more.


Her eye was filled with coldness,

 Her voice was furious as the wind.

Her movement brought destruction and fear to all in her path.

She brought sadness, left nothing untouched.

She took what she wanted from those in her way.

She took my home, my belongings, and  what I kept close.

 The one thing she could not take from me, is my childhood memories.

This, I shall treasure close to my heart for all time.

Rita ©Verna Rose Demet ™2015


Everyone had their own personal thoughts on that day. I have my own also. I have not written about it. (I won’t go there yet. ) Perhaps, in a few years, I might write more on Sept. 23, 2005 and those days, which followed.


Last but not least the only Rose bush that went through a lot.

 A White Rose


My Every Day Life: Very Patience

Okay, Here is a question. Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?

Well, that’s how last week went for me, for four days there was no internet in my home. Was not a Happy Camper 😦

But I did finish writing in my journal. I decided to hand write my story ideas in notebooks, (9 notebooks .)

Oh, the joy of Back to School sales on 70 pages notebooks last month was worth it.  🙂

Anyway, I am glad to be back online.



I waited patience for this photo shot.

I waited patiently for this photo shot.


Of course, I have to post this photo shot of my favorite Roses. This year the Roses is not blooming as often as last year.





My Every Day Life: Rant Part Two

Okay,  I have a question. Ever had one of those days that seemed to be unreal.  Well today, I am having one of those unreal and you got to be kidding me days.

Oh, of all days, I usually in the writing and editing mode but one thing got to me, which is getting old. This morning I was on Facebook, I seen someone made a friend request.  I thought it was someone I knew.

Nope, I was wrong. This young fellow had only two photo shots one of himself and the other of an armor vehicle in the desert. He  did not have anything on his profile page. As for his friends list, all women from different part of the country. It would have been nice to know where he was from and who he was. But nothing I even Google search his name and nothing.

This Cajun Gal is getting really tick off by those fake profiles on Facebook. Last week it was the same thing happen.  No, information on his profile page. I have too much to think about, to worry who on Facebook or be bothered.  If I want to be bothered by nonsense people, I just have to go on the Date Sites I am on. There I chat with a lot of nonsense men, whom sometime turned out to be scammers, married, way too young or related. (Oh yes, I have chatted with some distant cousins. It was very embarrassing to find out.)

Okay,I am not used to ranting. I am not the type to complain. I do not even like drama. The only Drama I like is in books or plays.

Oh well, I guess I am not perfect like some people, I know.  Anyway end of rant.

Last Saturday afternoon was foggy and gloomy.

Last Saturday afternoon was foggy and gloomy.