My Writing: On Vacation

I am going a long vacation where there is no internet connection, I will hopefully be back but do not know when. So much to say but little time on this computer. Everything messed up. 😵😵😵

If I do not reply on comments I will as soon as everything get back to normal.



My Writing: Huntingdom’s Manor

I will try to post updates on my writing twice a week, if the internet allow me to. Not fun when it goes out. ☹



Huntingdom’s Manor

Remember me as I am not what I have become, my sweet love.

His words echoed in mind, as I stirred from a deep sleep.

Tick! Tick! Snap! What in the world? I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar


Bells shriek in my head. Where am I?

Someone stirred in a mahogany chair near the fireplace.

Curious, I slipped off the bed.

Wow! I glanced towards the handsome dark-haired stranger asleep in a

sitting position.

Who is he? Fear spread over me. Did we?

No, my gentlewoman.” His roguish blue eyes met mine.

Why does his accent sound odd? light-headed and weak, I grabbed the chair.

Two strong arms wrap around my waistline. “Easy, you were injured in the


What forest?

No matter how hard I could not remember.

W-where am I?”

We are in Huntingdom manor.” His blue eyes met mine.

Huntingdom?” A chill rushed through my arm

Yes, are you not familiar with the manor?”

Remember! A voice command.

Pain spread through my head. “Ouch!”

I will get old Merlin.” He informed. “He will check your wounds.”


Strange, she does not recognize him. He gazed towards her Why did she

arrive here?

Sure.” My eyelids felt heavy.

Blurry images and voices surrounded me.

You need to remember them! A male stated.

My sweet goddess!” A stranger stated.

My eyes fluttered open.

Blue eyes met mine.

She is beautiful. “Do you know her?” He asked the other stranger.

No, should I?”

I kept my eyes lower and quiet.

Lancelot!” He resents his friend sarcastic remark.

He met someone. Ouch! I shrank.

Who did he meet? A gruff male voice answered.

Oh my, her energy is disappearing. “You are in pain?” He acted fast.

His icy fingers touched my temple, I straighten.

I am checking for pain.” He pointed out. “I found it.”

Warmth surrounded me.

A dark aura appeared and hissed.

Leave here!” He commanded.

In seconds, the aura disappeared.

Memories raced through my mind.

Oh my goodness the whirl! My heart skipped a beat.

I will find you, Verona.” A familiar voice echoed

Your thoughts returned, my beloved child.” He proclaimed.

Sorcery?” Lancelot glanced towards her.

Where the stranger from earlier?” I inquired.

Da–! She remembers.

Who?” Merlin stated. “No, I know the person.”

~~~End of Chapter One ~~~


The name is Huntingdom’s Manor . I  am using a different  name  but auto-correction seems to think it’s Huntingdon  with letter  n.     🤔

My Writing: Prologue

I  have decided to share a little of my work-in-progress,  Now, I  have checked for grammar error with Grammarly and Ginger more time than ever, But I could have overlooked some mistakes in misspelling . But never know with me.





The one who holds the key shall suffer heartaches and betrayal..

In secrecy, I studied the royal family who mingled with

aristocrats and their spouses. A traitor is among us. I held my

weapon hilt beneath my cloak.

A dark-haired aristocrat glanced my way.

Who is he?

You must protect him. Answered, a woman in my conscience.

A queasy feeling settled within my stomach. I gazed towards the


Blazing eyes met mine. We meet once more, Princess.

No, how is it possible?

Grr! A low revolted sound formed in my colleague.

A whirlwind encircled us.

What is transpiring?”

I will find you, my Love!”

I met his violet eyes. Now you call me, your love!

Do not be stubborn, Verona!

A-!” The cyclone dragged me from my companion’s forearm.

~~~End of Prologue ~~~

I had to share this old photo shot of my childhood neighborhood. Yes, it’s out in the country

Have a great week!

My Writing: Fears and Doubts

After many months I have finish editing and proofreading. Now, the scary part is asking friends, family member and Beta Readers to read. 😱


Yikes! The self doubts kicks in with the what if questions, which turned my head upside down. 😵

Does this look like the face of someone who has lots of stuff on their  mind.  I  only had two cups of Hazelnut coffee on that day.

This is me. I am not like anyone else but I do have feelings and words does hurt


I  am sending everyone a smile.

Here a question: Have anyone ever had doubts on their writing?


Have a great weekend 🙂

My Writing :Questions

Since this is about my blog posts.
Have anyone ever heard of Z Publishing House? I am asking because someone from their company emailed me. Stating they found my website Firefly’s Journal and thought I would be interested in submitting some of my writing. I have never heard of them.

If anyone of my followers knows of this company feel free to comment.


Have a nice weekend🙂

This photo was one of my favorite from 2016

My Photo: If Geese Could Talk

If anyone needs a smile this will be a good,
Yes, there is something going on but I cannot post just yet

Firefly's Journal

Okay, when I took this photo shot, an idea formed. I wondered, What if I add a few words. My first try on a short comic about these four geese that looked lost.

If geese could talk, this is what they would say. Creative Commons License A Short Conversation Between Geese by V. Rose Demet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. If geese could talk, this is what they would say.  I might have to redo the fonts for the second sentence, which should read. “Of course, keep going south.”

Okay, I think this photo shot came out okay, as for this short comic I might keep this short comic or put it aside for a while. But never know with me. Sometime a little laughter is needed, for a rough day.

Have a great weekend.  🙂

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My Photo: Memories

I am taking a little break, internet is giving me trouble.
Until it’s fix or working better I will try to re blog some of my favorite posts.

Firefly's Journal

Okay, while I was going through my photo album, I decided to upload some photo shots I took with my 35mm camera. I think this photo shot came out okay. Even though was not a digital camera.

Grazing On Grass 1996

This was taken in 1997, I think it came out okay for a 35mm Polaroid camera.  Those cattle were use to me, for each time I would go near the fence. The cows and calves would walk up closer.

Since Friday Was National Siblings Day,  Here Is Mine...  1992 Since Friday Was National Siblings Day, Here Is Mine…

Oh yes, this was taken one Easter Sunday. It never seemed to fail, we would always make goofy faces, when my Dad wanted us to give a nice smile.

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Of course, I have to put some of my favorite photo shots also  .

Sagrera Road, Esther Louisiana  1997 My Backyard Had A Great View… 1996

Anyway back to my photo shots of my old neighborhood.  I think these photo shots came out…

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My Photo: Say What!

Here is another blast from the past.
Have a great week!

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I was reading all of my favorites blog posts, earlier when I noticed the little orange dot on top of my page. Well, I clicked on the orange dot and had to look twice. Now, I know I gets likes on my posts. But I never would have thought it would say this.

Your current tally is 1,344..

Anyway, I like to  say Thank you!!!  To all of my followers, whom been reading and liking my posts since the beginning and to everyone, whom started following me also.   🙂

Of course, I have  more of my favorites photo shots. I taken in the past few years.

I Think This Is A Sparrow I Think This Is A Sparrow

This was taken on a very cold day,  I have to cut the photo to get a closer look of this little bird. I think it’s a Sparrow. I am not quite sure.

Can you tell this is really a…

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My Photo: A Hummingbird’s Visit

Another look back to Spring.
Have a great week 😊

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I took these photo shots last week. I have to admit these photos came out okay. Even though, I took these photo shots from indoors.

This little hummingbird paid a nice visit

This was once lucky photo shot.

Take a closer look.

I was looking out the window, when I noticed this little hummingbird.  I hurried for my camera and hoped this little hummingbird did not fly away. Sure, enough the hummingbird was still in the Mamou tree.  🙂

This hummingbird was busy.

Once this little hummingbird was finish. It flew away.

Have a nice week!  🙂

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My Photo: Spring Time Once More

A look back to Spring of 2016
Have a great week 🙂

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I took this photo shot two days ago. I was looking for Blackberry bushes in my backyard. I found these blackberry bushes near the power line post. Hopeful, the berries will do well this year.
Anyway, I think this photo shot came out okay. Even though it’s a close up shot.

The first blackberry bushes are blooming. Now, I am waiting for the berries. :) The first blackberry bushes are blooming. Now, I am waiting for the berries. 🙂

After I took my photo shot of the blackberries I decided to head back indoors. A second later I was back outdoors for this view.

Have a nice weekend.  🙂

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