Prologue and Ideas: Part 2

Prologue The Betrayal ( I think this title is better than the one before, which was  the Curse, if anyone did not see that post.)

From the high bluish cobblestone tower, stood an auburn woman watching the evening sky turned pinkish and purplish.
A storm is brewing.  She blamed herself for not heeling her older sister warning of the plot her grandson planned.
Now her homeland and those she loved gone forever. Entrusted with the crown, he ordered the death of his grandfather King George Tagenet.
The reason he kept her live, was for information on the legendary wisdom stone whereabouts.  Her son did mention it to him.  But he never mentioned the curse or the deadly price.
With sigh, she shook her head in despair.  She will never break her vows in locating the stones nor the price she will pay. For what it’s worth, he could go insane trying to find it.
A strong gust of wind came over the live oak trees branches making her glance below towards the courtyard.  Where sounds of knocking and sawing echoed.She had to know what is going on out there.She knew the knight would have the answers. “Is someone out there?”

(Okay, I was wrong, I found one missing word. In this sentence. maybe 

The young blond-haired knight knew if he answer, severe punishment will come to him and his fellow knights.  But he known the prisoner and since this being her last night, he opened the door and stood unafraid of her.  “What do you want?” he snarled in a low tone.

“When am I to be presented to John?” she asked in a sober tone.

He had to admit she had no fear in those emerald eyes or sound scared of her unfaithful destiny.  “After, the gallows is completed.”
With her time, drawing near she hoped her grandchildren escaped with the gemstone, turned towards the eastern sky. The thick black smoke became noticeable now.  Cries and screams echoed in the wind.
Sicken she turn towards him, “What is happening?”
“The king ordered most of village’s burn.” he gave her glare, before adding “Why did you not just tell him where the gemstones were located.”

“Gawain, they are your people!”
“Wealth has an effect on a person,” he said as footsteps approached, “I guess they are ready.”
“Oh you’ll be sorry, Gawain.” Her eyes shot darts towards his back.
“Do not fear your destiny, Olivia.” A voice echoed into the wind.
How can I not, Merle? She recognized her brother’s voice. Had he perish?
He glanced into the corridor and found it empty
In the entrance, Olivia noticed a tiny blue aura. A sign her friend succeeded in his journey.
“Why are you smiling?” he asked.
You will never know, Gawain. “I’m ready to meet my fate.”
He will suffer the consequence! A voice exclaimed into the evening sky.
A minute later, the wind whipped through her auburn hair, as she stood on the gallows. From below her grandson’s, blue eyes clashed with hers.
“I ask you once more Grandmother,” the furious five foot seven, blonde-haired, bearded man asked, “Where is the stone?”
Somewhere, you will never find. With her head up high now, “As I said before I will never tell you, John,”
“Old woman you are foolish.” A young blonde woman said next to her husband.
“No, you are the foolish one.” Giving her an icily stare. “For those who marry into this family shall be curse.”
“She must be mad.”
The young king swung towards them. “Silence!” he roared out, “Your words has no meanings to me, Grandmother”.
“Oh, it should John.” she said, “For each night haunting green eyes shall visit you.”
“We have our mystic to break any curse you put on us, Grandmother.”
“No mystic can break this curse,” she said, “Only six noblemen connected to me shall be able to break this curse.”
“Enough,” he said, those emerald eyes of hers, made him feel very uncomfortable now, “Get rid of her.”The hangman placed the noose around her neck as the crowd glance with interest. While others began to laugh, drink and dance.

In, the shadowy corner of the castle’s walls. An archer, in a velvet green cloak shot a pure golden arrow above the crowds’ heads and pierced the rope. Before anyone could say or do anything, a thick blue mist formed and Olivia Tagenet vanished. ( Okay, I had to change this sentence. I wanted it to sound intriguing.

Her words rang out through time and space…



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