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My Writing: Prologue

I  have decided to share a little of my work-in-progress,  Now, I  have checked for grammar error with Grammarly and Ginger more time than ever, But I could have overlooked some mistakes in misspelling . But never know with me.





The one who holds the key shall suffer heartaches and betrayal..

In secrecy, I studied the royal family who mingled with

aristocrats and their spouses. A traitor is among us. I held my

weapon hilt beneath my cloak.

A dark-haired aristocrat glanced my way.

Who is he?

You must protect him. Answered, a woman in my conscience.

A queasy feeling settled within my stomach. I gazed towards the


Blazing eyes met mine. We meet once more, Princess.

No, how is it possible?

Grr! A low revolted sound formed in my colleague.

A whirlwind encircled us.

What is transpiring?”

I will find you, my Love!”

I met his violet eyes. Now you call me, your love!

Do not be stubborn, Verona!

A-!” The cyclone dragged me from my companion’s forearm.

~~~End of Prologue ~~~

I had to share this old photo shot of my childhood neighborhood. Yes, it’s out in the country

Have a great week!


My Writing: Revisiting My First Prologue

My Writing: Revisiting My First Prologue

Oh, I am having one of those days where everything, I read looks awful including some of my past posts. Which means some posts from the past, will be making a few appearance in the future.

Anyway, when I wrote this post, I was unsure about the Prologue title or page numbers. Each time I read the Prologue pages, there was something wrong with the paragraphs. This gave me a headache and bugged me. But after reading once more, I decided I had to cut a lot of pages.

Anyway, here is my work in progress.

Prologue: The Curse
The wind whipped through my long auburn hair. I stood before the one who betrayed my family. My eyes met his bitter blue eyes.
“I ask you once more, Grandmother.” The bearded man replied. “Where is the stone?”
“I will never tell you, John.” I replied.
“Old woman, you are foolish.” A young blonde woman commented next to her.
“No, you are the foolish one.” I stated. “For those who marry your children shall be cursed.”
“She must be mad!” The crowds exclaimed.
The young king swung towards them. “Silence!” He roared out. “Your words mean nothing to me, Grandmother.”
“Oh, you should, John.” My green eyes met his. “Each night green eyes shall visit you.”
“We have our mystic to break any curse you cast upon us, Grandmother.”
I glanced towards the stranger. He had black magic within him. Only mine was more powerful.
“No mystic can get around this curse.” I answered. “Only 13 noblemen shall break this curse.”
“Enough!” He exclaimed. “Get rid of her.”
“With pleasure, Sire.” The hangman replied. He grabbed his victim with his strong arms.
I discovered the black atmosphere surrounded him. Something dark and ancient was in the air, I glanced towards the stranger. “You’re a dark one.”
The hangman placed the noose around her neck, the crowd glance with interest. While others began to laugh, drink, and dance. 
Oh my! It’s an enchantment spell! I thought. 
In, the shadowy corner of the castle’s walls. An archer shot a pure golden arrow and pierced the rope. Before anyone could react. A thick blue mist formed around she  as she vanished.
The stranger turned towards the crowd, the archer vanished. While a dark shadow formed around the crowd. No one saw it, nor known their faith that evening. The sky turned dark reddish and blueish.  A Griffin formed in the distant cloud. 
Her curse rang through out time.

I think I will keep my new Prologue for now. But never know with me.



Last but not least here is a photo shot, I took of the sunset a few weeks ago. I zoomed in for an angle shot. I think this photo shot came out okay.

A very cold evening in Southwest Louisiana

My Writing: A Short Preview

Okay, I admit I was going to leave my writing alone until after the holiday. Well, I realized one thing that was not going to happen I need to write. If I am not writing my work in progress, I am thinking of my future goals. I am taking very small steps before a giant leap.

Anyway here’s a sneak peek of my work in progress, that will offer new clues to Verona’s meeting with Robin, who has dark secrets.

Thought the misty forest he emerges. His heart is bitter for revenge on those, whom did him wrong. He steps forward towards the lake with his bow is in his right hand. His beast is ready for food. He halt, the icy wind slams into his face. My goddess!
There on the lake’s edge lies a young brunette woman. Ready for the lake to claim her once more.
She felt two strong arms around her waistline.
“Don’t move, Child.” A deep voice replied. “I’ll have you safe in a minute.”
You cannot keep her safe for long, Robin. A sinister voice in the distance stated.
Be gone you sinister, B….!
He threw his hands into space. His beast hunted now.
He lifted the young maiden and  entered his forest once
Aaron watched Robin carried Verona into the misty forest. He stepped through the dark shield, the forest allowed him entrance. He is the ancient one.

So, They are after him.

Dark green eyes meet his violet eyes. “You may pass ancient old.” A woman replied, “Keep them safe.”

Now, we know where Verona went to. But is she safe with Robin?



My Writing: Part 2 Of Chapter 3

When I was writing my other post on ‘Editing Chapter 3 Once More’I decided to add this part also.  I think I am finish editing these paragraphs,  But never know with me, I could always find something wrong.  I know one thing I am  not perfect when it comes to catching grammar errors and  spelling.

A knock came at the door,  Merlin  stood with a small jar in hand. His eyes glance my way only for a moment.

Was that a spark of interest? I thought shaking the idea. His face became red with fury.

“What is this?” Merlin roared out. Never in his years of knowing Elaine had she ever done something so childish as this.

“The clothing for Sir Lancelot’s f- cousin.” she said bluntly. “This is what Lady Guinevere said to bring.”

“Ah, I see.” he said. His eyes went astray to my bosoms before turning towards the other brunette woman. “This is not  a proper outfit for a young maiden from a respectful family, nor is she a tavern maiden, Elaine!” His blue eyes met her eyes as she back away suddenly. “Now be gone.”

Her match his glare before heading out the door.

Pig headed fool! “Y-yes, oh great one.” she said hurrying away.

She nearly bumped into Lancelot.

“Hey, Lana wait up.” Lancelot said, puzzled, carrying velvet red dress, with a well dress woman in the room. “Look who I found.”

“Oh, Duchess Joan, this is an honor.” Merlin said, placing a kiss on the side of her face.

“Merlin.” she said flatly.

Her tight mouth held a disapproving  gaze towards Merlin. She did not seem  to old her facial feature revealed, a youthful face and something else, I could not place.

Look deeper my Dear.

“Oh wow, I mean. Who brought you those clothing, dear cousin?” he asked stunned.

“Lady Guinevere thought it would be nice on me.” I said tightly and uncomfortable now as the older woman stared at me or was it my necklace.

“I think these are much better, dear,” she said with a kind smile.

“Hmm…,my dear granddaughter does not know nice clothes when she sees it.”

As you! A female voice echoed in the distance of my mind.

That look she gave was puzzling, “Oh, Thank you my Lady.” I mumbled.

“You’re welcome.” the Duchess said, “I will be honored to have you for tea this afternoon.”

I could not help noticing  Merlin and Lancelot looked surprise.

“If she is up to walking, that is?” she asked glaring towards both men.

“Oh yes, will you have tea in the garden?” Merlin asked warmly.

The room  was freezing! What was going on! I glanced towards Merlin, who kept his gaze on the Duchess.

“Hmm, the garden will nice.” she said smoothly.

Why was he protecting me? I notice Lancelot glance his way now. There was something odd about him or was it that he reminded me of my… I cannot remember whom.

“That does sound good, since she has been up here for a whole  day.” Lancelot said, “But will your ladies in waiting wonder about my cousin bruises?”

“Oh no, I will make sure Lady Veronica and Maria act ladylike.” she said frankly, “However, you how teens like to act. I will leave you now, dear.”

“Let me see your hand.” Merlin said boldly; however, his eyes focused on my chest.

Obeying, I gave him my hand as he passed the ointment over my bruised, the smell of mint and menthol. I felt like I was drifting back to sleep.

“Easy Verona,” he said concern now. “Lancelot tell the cook to fix some food and tea for your cousin.”

“I will.” Lancelot said, “While I am at it, I will find out what was bothering Lana.”

“This outfit is why she was upset.” Merlin said, “Guinevere has no respect for your cousin’s reputation.” Pausing, “You know her grandmother will spread rumors around.”

Lancelot knew that tone in his old friend’s voice and was ready for anything from a frog or a cat, which was his friend favorite spell when they were younger. However, he knew his friend would not do any of this in front of this young woman.

He knew right off, what his friend was thinking and pondered a spell of coldness.


I was waiting for a fistfight to be thrown.  Lancelot’s brown eyes met Merlin’s  blue eyes, the room became icy. My skin pickle up. ( I will Have to change this part.)

“I could not help it, Merlin.” he said, stressing out, “The duchess asked about Verona .”

“That old nosy, b….” Merlin mumbled for my ears only. “Then I guess we will have no choice to meet with her at tea time.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Lancelot asked at the door, “You know how she is about extra guests to her little party.”

“Oh yes, I know.” Merlin said with his hands still on mine.

Oh, he had known of the duchess reputation with her tea parties and powerful in dark magic she was.

But mine is stronger.

Merlin gave me an odd look. Had he heard also?

“I would never leave my love in the same room with her and her young girls.”  It was just tea, Right?

“No need to worry, I will be there, Merlin,” he said with this charming look towards me, in the doorway now. He knew this would surely get his friend in an uproar, he did not care. “Your food and tea will be up soon, my dear sweet cousin.”

Merlin shot Lancelot a pair of eyes. That could have been two darts, Merlin’s  hands waved towards the doorway and shut in Lancelot’s face, which, he did not offense Lancelot.  (I think I will be looking over this sentence once more.)

“A good one Merlin.” Lancelot said laughing.

I heard him laughing.


“Dam nit Merlin!” Lancelot mumbled.

Merlin’s jealous by Lancelot’s remark! Noticing his sandy brown haired came to his shoulder and beard was a bit shorter and less gray from earlier. Why was I seeing him in a new light this made my heart skip a beat?

He was staring towards my face with a puzzle look, I met his gaze for a moment.

A flash of another man bending down and kissing me in a garden.

You will always be mine, he said before the image faded away.

What was she remembering? He felt the strong pull of a very powerful energy.  This was not of the darkness in this manner. He sighed, “Verona what is it?”

With his hands over mine now, I found it difficult to speak as I felt a strange pull.

Do not deny your true feelings, Verona. A female voice whispered in my mind.

As stubborn, as I am, I ignore the voice and lower my eyes with embarrassment, “It was nothing.” I said flatly, “I was wondering why Guinevere seemed to think I would like these clothing.” I pulled on the clothing top; which was revealing too much skin to my liking.

“Ah, yes indeed I thought the same,” he said to me in a husky tone before it became serious. “What exactly did she say to you?”

“She asks who I was and did not believe me, tried to come close to my bed, but she got shocked.” I said noticing his dark brows shot up suddenly. “And then Lady Elaine seemed jealous at the sight of me?”

You do not say, So she was trying to find out whom Verona was.  Opening the medium size jar. “Hmm, I think I will keep a close eye on her and her grandmother.” he said, placing as ointment on her forehead now, “Why did I not see this before?”

I noticed his eyes on my necklace “What?” I asked, feeling drawn to him and his mouth.

“You have a very powerful protector in this stone.” he said lightly touching the  bluish stone. It  felt warm from being in between her bosoms. His mind did not ponder there long.”Were you by any chance born in the sign of fire?”

Thy person who is born,

In thy sign of fire,

Shall be protected by thy golden griffin.


Thy person, who bears Thy marking of thy griffin

Shall rule the land of the griffin once more.

The memory of that day washed over me once more. I stood in front of all my classmate  my heart was beating fast as I try not to stutter but stuttering in those days were a curse. Especially when I got nervous.

Those two poems made me the laughingstock of my class. My adopted parents were outraged by such nonsense. I felt hurt as the laughter echoed. The only two who had laugh were my best friends Daisy and Melanie Scotts. Come to think of it now, they had a sober expression. Strange why was I thinking of them and those two poem?


Now, I am going to Chapter 4 before I decide to cut some paragraphs.



My Writing: Editing Chapter 2

Okay, after editing  Chapter Two  for the fourth time. I think  I am ready to move on to the next Chapter. But never know with me. If I read it again, I might find something wrong with the first paragraph.  (This paragraph I wrote twice since last week) Even though I did edit this Chapter I may have miss some words.


Chapter Two: Here And Now

It was late afternoon and raining when I left the cottage William had rented.“If I never hear or see you again, it will be for the best, Mr. Scotts!” I exclaimed furiously, running out the door and into the thick trees. I was so ticked off, to notice how heavy it started to rain or the coldness around me.My clothing was plastered to my skin, making me shake a bit.
“Do not go out there, my Love.” I heard him shout, but too late, I was already half
on the wooden bridge with tears in my eyes, I did not notice the sign, only a woman calling my name on the side of the bridge in the water.
“I did not understand.” I said, confused feeling a little shaky to my shoulders and soft lips over mine. However, I could not open my eyes just yet.
“I know only another true sorcerer who studies under Merlin and he will know that you know this also, my dear child.” she said, “Take heart and fear him not.”
Why was she sleeping and breathing hard? He silently thought with his hands on her exposed shoulder, her skin was soft and smooth. As he glanced down her pale face that had an even tan from wherever she had come from. If he really wanted to see he could use his magic to see, however, there was too much dark magic in this area, for him to focus right and he sure did not want his enemies to realize there was an outsider from a different time here.
My eyelashes blink as whoever lips descended onto mine or was it also a dream.
No, it is not, my sweet love. A male voice echoed in a distant in my mind now.
I open my eyes to find Merlin icy stare towards the strange curly blonde haired woman with green eyes at my side. I recognized her instantly and felt pure hatred for what she had done to me. No, Guinevere. I silently thought to myself.
Do not deny who are you, child. A male’s voice said in a far off distant.
“Oh Merlin,” the blonde haired woman said in a sorrowful tone, “You did not say she was injured badly. Just look at that bruise on her forehead a right hand.”
I stared in disbelief towards the blonde haired woman for only a moment before Merlin’s hand came over the top of my right hand, where there was a nasty bluish color. A sensation shot through my body as I glance towards Merlin, who kept his expression unreadable now. “Ouch, that hurt.” I said as he let go of my hand suddenly now.
“Is her hand broken?” the blonde haired woman asked with concern, however, her green eyes had this sinister look.
Why should this bother her? I wondered to myself as I saw concern in Merlin’s blue eyes before it became cold again.
“No, Guinevere.” he said puzzled. Why had I missed these marks, “I have some salve in my room.”

“Why don’t you fetch it for our guest? Guinevere said innocently , “I will keep our guest company.”  (Okay, I had to re word this sentence.)

If he refuses, then she would know what he knew about her and would ruining everything.”I will be right back,” he said soberly.


Okay, in the last paragraph I wanted to show a little tension.  Now,  onto my next Chapter. Hopefully, I do not decide  to re edit the whole Chapter again.




My Writing: One Step Towards My Goal

Okay, I will say this all month long, I have been busy writing my second manuscript that I started in November for NaNoWriMo.  Yes, if anyone guessed it, I decided to try Camp Nano and I am happy to say I reach my goal in finishing  one part of my manuscript, which is shaping up a bit. But the outline still need some work and a lot of editing.


Okay, now here is a sneak peak of my second manuscript Prologue.

One thing I am doing a little different with this story. I am writing it in first person. Not sure if I will keep it in first person or go into third person.

Prologue: Clues To A Forgotten Past (This is my first unedited Draft and Camp Nano project that I finish Tuesday night.) 

I worn a velvet green cloak and stood behind a large crowd in the castle’s great hall, from  here I could hear their voices loud and clear. How I came to be here I did not know. I only knew someone was by my side, from where we stood nobody seemed to notice us, it was as if, we were invisible. But, I could smell the aroma of food and smoke in the large fireplace. I could even see the thrown and the young sandy haired handsome king speaking to his royal subject. A familiar stir form deep inside my stomach. Who was he? I had no idea nor did I know why the five foot five, petite, full figure, blonde haired woman, dress in a royal green gown, that match her eyes, gave me this uneasy feeling. There was also this young teenage boy with the same hair color as the king. I noticed there was no warmth in his eyes nor for the subjects in the room for a moment I felt sorry for the boy.

Something is not right with this scene. I felt a sting my right hand.

“Listen to what they say, Verona,” A tall white haired elderly man said.

His crystal blue eyes made me think of my grandfather.

“I condemn anyone who associate with the Earl of Huntingdon or his family members.” the king said boldly.

He words brought fear and anger to me, why this person was condemning an Earle, as I listened for more clues.

One of his loyal subjects asked, “But why, Sire?”

“Silence, the king has spoken and that was all ya’ll needed to know.” The bearded, dark haired stranger in a black robe said sternly.

I wanted to pull his hair for no reason and this confused me a lot.

“What do you see around that man?” the elderly man asked.

I stared towards him instantly, a dark shadow appeared around him and the blonde woman.

“He is as evil as she is.” I whispered to him and felt pure energy surrounding us.

“You’re correct my dear child.” he said taking my right hand now, “It time you remembered who this young king is or was.”

Was, this is a dream right? I silently thought to myself, as we moved towards front of the great hall, I felt a strong pulled towards the young king, who had to be in his mid-twenties or thirty.

His blue eyes reminded me of someone I once knew but could not think to who. I also felt sadness in them. It was almost as if I could hear someone asking,


I am not her. I silently thought afraid now, as the elderly man held my hand with a firm grip.

“Do not let go my dear.” he said soberly, “You must not deny your destiny.”

“What destiny?” I asked confused, holding my birthstone necklace that had a griffin in the center of it. Before I knew what I was saying, “I have no destiny here.”

“Ah, but you do my dear child.” he said, “Look closely at the teenager and remember what should have been.”

As he said this, I stared towards the boy, who stared back towards me. Unafraid. Almost like he knew I was there.

In an instant I stood in the corner of this empty bedchamber to where a young brunette haired woman, in this long velvet green gown paced by the huge cobblestone window, where the eyes could see beyond the hills and trees.

In her arms a newborn baby boy slept soundly, this brought a sudden urgent of gentleness in me. But, there was something in the way this woman pace from the huge door to the window that made think me, that she was waiting for someone to return. Or time was running out.

“Her love.” a female’s voice answered in the wind that started to blow furiously.

I knew she was right for I felt it in my heart as tears came to my eyes. Where was he? I wondered.

“You will get thy answers you seek soon.” the elderly man said, “But first you must focus on this scene.”

Without saying a word, I watch as a dark presence entered the room, disguised as the blonde woman that I saw earlier.

My eyes narrowed at the tray with a green goblet on it, for some strange reason I knew what was in it. Something was not right about this as I felt a sudden fear come over me now.

“Oh, Queen Guinevere,” the blonde-haired woman said with this sorrow expression, however, there was none in her green eyes. “I have just heard of what has happen to our dear King and his men.”

This brought the brunette woman attention and narrowed her brown eyes almost ready to leap on the other woman; however, she held her child tightly. “What has happen to them?” she asked.”Or should I say what have you done, Morganna?” 


 Now,  I may have some errors in grammar and probably spelling. But this is after all  my first rough draft.




A pink Rose before it turn white. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

A pink Rose before it turn white.

I just had to post this photo I took the other day of this Rose. Plus, it was a nice afternoon.





My Writing: Day 34 and 35

Okay, I never knew writing this much for three days would be so hard. Every time I went to a new page I wanted to go back and correct it. First days I wanted to do this. Today I just typed with out looking for errors.  Now, I just I have to remember not to correct while I am typing.

Oh boy, here I go on to the next pages.

My Writing: Day Nine

Okay, I thought I could finish a chapter summary in one day.  I was wrong it took me a few days to go  through all of Chapters. I am finally finished with that part. Now, I just have to finish the outlines.

And onto Chapter Two.

My Writing: Day Eight

Okay, I just finish my outline for my prologue and going to Chapter one outline and doing some editing it again. I finding more errors, but good thing I am looking over it again. I will be checking this tomorrow. And posting it on my Chapter One and Ideas page.

My Writing: Day Six

Okay, I posted my chapter one page, well the first few paragraph. I have to look over it one more time.  As for the outlining I have to redo it from scratch, I could not find the folder. I think I deleted it with some other file that I had. And the outlining begins again.