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My Look Back On 2013

When I looked back on 2013, I realized I have accomplished a few things on my list of to do for the year. Yes, I wrote down a list of goals to get done by a certain month and date  within the year or try to get done.

This year goal was to edit my manuscript again, which I am still doing and write a new manuscript, which I am doing now.

Okay, now for the what I never expected to do or dream of doing on my list.

Making myself a blog and posting some of my writing . I was a bit nervous at first but now I am comfortable with posting my writing and my amateur photo shots. Plus I never would have image writing 50,000 words within a month. I was halfway but it was exciting to do.

I do not know what 2014 will bring for me but I am hoping it will be a nice year.

There is I photo I posted earlier this month. If anyone have not guess I like Roses and these are my Mom’s favorite ones.

roses, summer, flowers,

The air was filled with the smell of beautiful bouquet of roses.

My Writing: Day 29 and 30

Okay after some serious thinking I decided to use numbers instead of writing the words out for this post.

Now back to my writing which have been a little slow lately, but here a little update to where I am in my editing of my chapters.

After going over my first seven chapters, I realized that the only way I would be sure that I did not have any more errors, was to have someone look over it, which someone did and this weekend I was redoing the first two chapters again. which was not to fun. I had a few typos and grammar errors.

Oh boy, I thought I was finish with adding new paragraphs, but I decided to add just one sentence. Now I just hope there is not any grammar mistakes or missing words by doing this.  But this will not  bother me one bit.

Well, onto my next two chapters.

My Chapter Three And Ideas: Part Two

Okay, after spending almost a whole day and half on this Chapter I finally feel comfortable about it. Until I get someone to double check it once more.

But one thing is for sure I am glad, I did glance over it again. I found one important paragraph missing from what I had posted the other day in My Chapter Three and Ideas.

It is the part where I have the villain calling the mysterious stranger. The other thing I change was my Chapter title. This title give a sense of danger and a little mystery.

Chapter 3:The Danger

Maria St. Rose was heading towards her red car, as the youngest of the Reynolds’ member came her way.
The five foot five younger woman had her hair tied back, she worn a pair of faded black jean and a dark green shirt. This color made her appear mystical.
No way, she cannot be. Maria shook thought the idea.
You know who she is, Maria. A distant voice echoed.
There is no doubt in her mind, Gwenlyn Reynolds and Olivia Tagenet resemble.
With this fact, she will not let anyone from Moon Isle realize this.
“Oh, but she must to break the curse.” A female’s voice echoed in the wind.
“Hi Maria, how’s it going?” She could not help get this distinct feeling the other woman had her mind elsewhere.
“The usual,” she said puzzled.”You’re going somewhere?”
Her smile spread throughout her youthful face, “Yes, Mr. Fergus is taking me and his granddaughter Alisa to see the new foul.”
Oh boy! William won’t like this. She and William told Hank Reynolds to restrict his family and ranch hands access to the ten-acre ranch, until back up from their company arrived. “There is a new foul, how nice.” With interest, “Can I see it from here?”
“No, it’s in the southern pasture near the old Bend stream.” Gwenlyn said, “You are welcome to come with us?”
“Sorry Gwen, I have to go into Valentines today.” Unaware of the coldness, she slipped into her hot car.
Gwenlyn did notice the change, the cool breeze pass near her shoulders, “Will you be back for the Millsom’s party?”
Do not let her go! A voice echoed in the back of her mind.
One moment Gwenlyn glance towards the open pasture, the next she saw a distant castle and blood. She blinked the horrible imagine away.
Breath child, it must be. A strange voice echoed in her conscious.
“I’ll be back for the party.”
“Are you ready Miss Gwenlyn?” the grayish hair middle-aged bearded man asked with his ten years old granddaughter at his side.
“Oh yes Mr. Fergus,” she said, “Talk to you later Maria.”
“Bye Gwen.” Maria said, as a strange feeling came over her
Thirty minutes later after a mile ride through a thick oak and pine forest, they came to the southern side of the ranch. Here there few oak trees with many colorful flowers for miles away. A wooden fence was the only thing that bordered the property line from a gravel road.
The white and brown pony and its mother grazed near an oak and pecan trees.
“Look the pony.” Alisa said pointing towards the horse now.
Gwenlyn glanced towards the place and her hair on her arms shot up.
You must leave now! A voice echoed into the wind.
Bang! A bullet came flying their way.
One moment Gwenlyn was on her horse the next on the ground and shield in the arms of a solid built man, who held her tightly, as bullet flew.
“Don’t move Gwenlyn.” William said checking her arms. “Are you hurt?”


The minute Nancy left her home Stephanie dialed her store numbered.on the third
“Mystic Flower Bookstore,” a cheerful heavy accented male’s voice said on the line. “This is Allen Soulet, speaking.”
“Hey Al,” she said, “It’s me.”

“Stephanie, how did the move go?”

“Oh it went okay.” she said.

“What is wrong?”

“Why did you not tell me of Alice Millsom’s plans?” she asked frankly.“Or her chasing after you.”

“Hm…, I was not being chase,” he said flatly, with a sigh, “Look Stephanie, I seen their reaction to newcomers, I went along with them.”

“Oh Allen.” she said with gratitude.“You did not have to do that.”

“Of course I did.” he said, “You come a long way to reaching your dream.”

“Thank you Allen.”

“You are welcome my dear.” he said with a sight.“What are you going to do?”

“I’ll go,” she said hearing gunfire a mile away.


On a distance island, a phone rang in a very wealthy executive’s office.
On the third ring, someone with a heavy accent answered. “Hello.”
“It’s done.”

Now, I can say  I am moving on to Chapter Four. 

My Writing: Day Eight

Okay, I just finish my outline for my prologue and going to Chapter one outline and doing some editing it again. I finding more errors, but good thing I am looking over it again. I will be checking this tomorrow. And posting it on my Chapter One and Ideas page.

My Writing: Day Six

Okay, I posted my chapter one page, well the first few paragraph. I have to look over it one more time.  As for the outlining I have to redo it from scratch, I could not find the folder. I think I deleted it with some other file that I had. And the outlining begins again.

My Chapter One And Ideas

Okay, this is my edited chapter one, which I feel the first paragraph does not giving enough detail or maybe too much.  I am debating on keeping this scene or writing it better, which will be the sixth time.

CHAPTER ONE: The CASE  ( I might change the title on this one also.)

When I started writing this chapter some months ago, I wanted to give a detail on these two characters without saying too much on who Maria or William  is. 

Loud music played in the shadowy smoke-filled bar room, on the north side of the small southern town of Estherville, Louisiana. Here a young curly-haired brunette woman with violet eyes met a dark-haired, tanned, bearded, six-foot stranger, with eyes that was as dark as the midnight sky, at the far end corner table. She thought by sitting here, they have a normal conversation and not attract attention. Boy, was she wrong, leave it to her partner, of four years, to draw in every lonely women in this place.

She had to admit his tight dark tee-shirt, shown his bicep muscles and those tight black jeans made him look sexy. This made any women have fantasy including her. His blue eyes warned them off. ( Whenever, I read this sentence, I wanted to give a better description of this dark and hansom stranger. Oh, and in this Chapter, I did not find any missing words. As for grammar I may have missed some, I am hoping I did not. )

My Writing: Day Four

Okay, I have posted my prologue page and not feeling nervous about it any more. Yes, I was a little nervous, but now I feel okay. Since this is the first time I actually let other people, other than my family and friends read.  I will be placing the rest of the edited prologue under Prologue and Ideas.


My Prologue and Ideas

Okay, after looking over my Prologue pages once more, I decided to re write it and place below. I a little nervous about this new Prologue page draft. Even thought I have edited it five time. I might have missed something.  If I did feel free to let me know in a comment.

Prologue: The Curse( I may change this part to Betrayal, not to sure just yet.)

From the high bluish cobblestone tower, stood an auburn woman watching the evening sky turned pinkish and purplish.
A storm is brewing. She blamed herself for not heeling her older sister warning of the plot her grandson planned. Now her homeland and those she loved were gone forever.
The reason he kept her live, was for information on the legendary wisdom stone whereabouts. Her son did mention it to him. But he never mentioned the curse or the deadly price.
With sigh, she shook her head in despair. She will never break her vows in locating the stones nor the price she will pay. For what it’s worth, he could go insane trying to find it.

This is the part I have rewritten, not quite sure if I will keep this part or just delete it.

My Writing: Day Three

Okay, I went and rewrote some of my prologue pages, the first three paragraphs.  I decided to post it on here. Title: Prologue and ideas. It is mostly about my corrections and notes, on the first page. 

Oh, and the picture of the rose is from my garden.

My Writing: Day Two

Okay, after editing the 12 chapters I decided to go over my first page again, which will be the fifth time. I know it is probably to many time but I like to make sure everything it correct and good thing I did. I found a word missing.  I just hope I do not decide to rewrite the Prologue pages.