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My Writing: A Chapter Rewrite

Okay, I here I go again, I have to admit after reading Chapter 19 again.  I just could not leave this Chapter alone, I had to rewrite and delete some paragraphs, which I was not to happy to delete.


Here’s a question, Ever had one of those days when nothing seemed to be going well in writing. Thinking  the chapter is good, only to read it a few days later and find it’s not?  Well, I having one of those day, I feel like I am going in circle trying to fix one paragraph or another.  While Seasonal allergies is kicking in. Itchy watery eyes.  L

Anyway,  I think I am finished with this Chapter for now. But never know with me.

Chapter 19:Dragon’s Lair (I may change the title to Present time, which I find did not give an idea to the place my main character is in.)
“Who is she, Mordred?” The hooded male asked with a strong, rugged accent. 
His cloak covered his facial expression but Mordred knew he was furious.
“My real mother,” Mordred met dark eyes. “Aaron, you’ve known her as another.”
How? His connection to Verona had been a well kept secret.
“Mordred, there’s trouble in your secret office.” The blond haired male said from  the door, “Geoffrey is with your friend.”
Who granted him entrance to my private office? “Dam nit! Come on, Tristan.” Mordred said, “Aaron, find out why Modron appeared in Sherwood.” He realized his mistake too late.
Grr! A low growl came out from him. No one never dared to give him orders since his existence. His eyes darken, he’ll make an exception this one time. 
My heart thumps faster, I had to leave this icy dark tunnel. How do I get out? Searching for an exit, a light breeze  touched my arm. A child with dark wavy hair appeared before me.
“You must discover the truth.” Her eyes were a dark charcoal color. “And the curse they suffered.”
A mist formed around me, I now found myself in this strange courtyard. Huntingdon Manor?  
Merlin help me. I thought.
“We’re not Nottingham, Verona.” The youngster said beside me. “But you know this place.”
My eyes widen in disbelief. Modron stood in the front row the crowd. How in the world..
“Listen carefully.” The child whispered.
The wind blow furiously as the knights brought the woman in front of Modron and two very well dressed couple.  “I’ll ask you once more Grandmother, where is the stone?” The dark haired bearded stranger roared.
 He’s under a spell! I glanced towards the child.
“No, he is pure evil.” the child said sadden.  
 “I told you before I will never tell you, John.”  She said in a bold tone.
“Foolish woman.”  A young blonde woman said.
“No, you are the foolish one.” She gave her an icy stare.
“Those whom marry into your family shall be cursed.” A bright aura surrounded this woman.
“Your words does not frighten me, Grandmother.”
“Oh you should John, for each night haunting green eyes shall visit you.”
“We have our mystic to break any curse, Grandmother.”
“No mystic can break this curse,” Silver aura surrounded her. “Only those connected to me shall break this curse.” She gave Modron a glare, “You’re power is unless in this time.”
“Enough get rid of her!” He roared, then towards Modron. “We can find the stone without her.”
My eyes widen. No, they weren’t going to..
The hood man came forwards, his expression was acidic  as he brought her towards the gallows. 
I took one deep breath, eying the rope I let the arrow find its target. The arrow ripped through the air, piercing the rope. A thick mist form around the gallows she vanished, leaving the couple stunned. Modron turned towards my way. I meet his shock green eyes I heard someone calling me in the distance.
My eyes opened.
 “Hey there, my sweet.” A friendly male voice said.
My eyes widen. What was William Scotts doing here?  I glanced around the office. The dark brown leather sofa was unfamiliar to me. The solitary illumination from the window blind behind the large antique desk.   “Nicholas.” I said bewildered. “What happened to me?
He kept his face expression unreadable, “You had an accident, my dear Verona.” The lie came easy.
Oh, you got to be joking!  I met his dark eyes. William Scotts never once called me his dear. “Why here?”
“This place was closer.” Why hadn’t she gone under his trance.
My eyes narrow, “Who are you?” Pure energy shot up from my hand.
 “What the h…!” He jumped an inch away from her. “You’re one of them?”
The door flew open, Mordred and two huge heavy-armed, well-built men, entered. I could not help, noticed their swords. 
“Well, we’re in time for the party.” the  blond  haired male with blue eyes said with a strong Irish accent.
“Careful Tristan, she has fire.” the dark haired, male mumbled.
“Geoffrey, you know the rules if we find food we share.” Mordred’s eyes were glowing a golden color. 
My eyes widen, his two companions gave a dumbfounded expression.
Merlin where are you?
He cannot hear you. Mordred eyes said.
Geoffrey formed a black smoke and disappeared.
“Da…”  another stranger cursed, while his two friends glanced towards the woman, whom wore a familiar cloak. If she was, whom she claimed to be nothing was not lost.
“Breathe Mother.”Mordred said coming next to me.
“How can I?”Blue flames shot through my finger tips . “I am not trained in magic.”
“Sh**!” Without thinking he placed his hands upon her right hand. He’ll either become a roasted duck or turn into ashes. But instead, he felt a cool breezes surrounding them.
In a golden meadow an imagine of a woman, in a turquoise blue dress appeared. “Those whom connected to my child shall be protected by her guardian.” A griffin appeared before him.
The blue flame subsided. “Nicholas.” There was a warm glow around us.
“Mord, are you okay?” Tristan asked, next to him. “Lady, if you have harm my dear old friend, me and my two cousins will …”
“Do not mess with her, Tristan.” the one with jet black hair said staring towards me. “Look at her necklace.
“My goddess!” Tristan exclaimed.
“Depends, on who you think I am.” I glanced towards the two men. 
“She is.” Mordred interrupted her.
Pure energy surrounded him, his disguised was well shielded, as the other men.
“Then she is..” Tristan trailed off, his older friend stepped forwards.
“Lady Guinevere.” His green eyes held sadness, “You are lovely as your mother, Sarah.”
I glanced into his weary paled face, an eerie feeling came over me.
“Remember a forgotten memory, Dear child.” A distance voice said.
“Guinevere, you must always know whom to trust.” I heard the younger male say.
“Oh, Uncle Gibson.” I heard myself say, “You will always be my friend.”
“Someday, you will think differently, my dear.” he said with a faraway look.
I  turned towards the dark forest, a dark hooded figure was forming.
“You cannot save them, Verona.” An eerie voice echoed.
Mordred felt a distance presence in his office. His hands went to her shoulders, but she did not respond.
“Verona Rose!” a stranger said in the entrance way.
“You.” Tristan glared towards the strange with piercing blue eyes.
I glanced towards the six-foot one, red-haired, medium built man. “Where are we, Nicholas?”
The stranger gave a puzzle look towards his cousin’s comment and the outfit she wore.
“We’re in my private office.” Mordred said in a sober tone.
My eyes widen, “How?”
“I’ll explain later.” He glanced towards the much older man. “Why are you in my club, Bailey?”


Okay, I leaving this Chapter before I decide to delete more paragraphs. Now, onward to the next Chapter.




My Writing: A Very Short Poem

Okay, while I was looking through my notebooks, I found this short little poem, I wrote back in 2008. I have  one thing to say, I have no idea, if this would be considered a short poem or a Haiku.  
My Silent Tears 
I cry a thousand tear drops for those I’ve loved,
lost and those I’ll never see again.  


No Matter How Hard Things Are Never Give up...

No Matter How Hard Things Are Never Give up…




My Writing: Chapter 17

Okay, after reading this Chapter once more , I decided  to rewrite the whole chapter. The first paragraph gave me a headache, it still does. If I read it once more, I might delete the scene. I will leave the first paragraph alone for now.  But never know with me.

Chapter 17: An Old Enemies Reappear
By nightfall we were well deep into dark forest, I heard unknown creatures growling and in the distance someone calling for help.  I glance towards Merlin whom kept on going without looking my way.
Oh great, he’s probably tick off. I wonder, bumping right into his back once more. “Oops, I am sorry..” I met his hard cold stare. If I did not know better, I would think he intentionally did this on purpose. 
Merlin turned, his mind went blank, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes moved towards them fast.  He kept calmed, “Why must you think I am angry with you, Verona?” He placed had her hands in his now.
“You were a bit quiet.” My hands were hot.   I tried removing my hands away from his. Only to be pulled into his arms, what I saw in his blue eyes were pure fear. Nothing I have ever seen in his eyes before.
“Don’t move, Verona.” His voice was barely a whispered.  “You must do as I say, Verona.”  His eyes spoke silently now. I want you to run east, get to the lake. Hopefully Vivian is still there.
 “Well, what do we have here.” a sinister male voice said, “My two old favorite foes.”
I saw Merlin’s jaw tense up.“Modron.”
I turned towards the male voice. There stood a 6’5 heavy built, evenly, tanned blond haired man, an evil smirk appeared on his face now. There was something familiar about his dirty blond hair. Then reality struck he resembled my fifth grade teacher Mr. Morris.
Oh my heavens! How did he get here? My eyes widen in shock.
“Ah, I see you remember me, Verona?” Modron said, “Hmm, odd to see you here. But no matter, my master will be pleased to have both of y’all.”
Careful child, he is a manipulator, plays with your emotions. A distant voice echoed.
Oh, this is bad! I noticed the dark aura surrounding him, the same aura, I witness in the tower.
You think, I do not know that, Verona. Merlin’s eyes said to me now. “Last I heard you had a fall out with the Fairy King.”
Fairy King? I glance towards him now.
“My fallout with Alfred is none of your business.” he said, “Y’all will be joining him and the others soon.”
An image of a cave with great darkness flash though my mind, people were in cages. Oh my heavens! Fear came over me.  I felt Merlin tight grip on my wrist. You must run without looking back here, my love.
I was about to comment when suddenly.
“Hey Modron, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Lancelot said from behind Modron. He had a very large sword in his hand.  The design had Celtic and Runes Stones symbols.
“What are you doing here!” Merlin exclaimed furious. This would ruin everything.
“Saving you from making a big mistake.”  Lancelot said.
Modron turned towards face Lancelot, “Oh, I have been looking forward to this meeting.”
“Can’t say I have.” Lancelot grinned before adding, “I’ll sit this one out and let my two friends battle out with you, Mod.”
“No matter.”  Modron said, “I have my friend here also.”
 I saw a dark shadowy figure began to form around him.
Oh my heavens! I have seen this figure before in.., I could not remember. Something was blocking the image.
I glanced towards Merlin, who looked grim. Did he know what this figure was?
Yes, this is our worst nightmare. My Love. He silently thought. In a low voice not be heard. “I want you to run, while Lancelot distract him. ” he said, “I can protect you but its power is stronger than both of us.”
My eyes widen, I will not leave without you. I thought.
You must Now go! “I can only keep him busy for a minute. I will find you.”
A heavy feeling came over me. I could not shake it. I did a doubt take as a large hooded figure appeared with Bors. 
“Lancelot!” Merlin mumbled, “You’re not supposed to be here.”
“Well, tough Merlin. You are not the one who choose faith!” Lancelot exclaimed.
What was he saying!  I glance towards Merlin.
Lancelot met my eyes. “Run Verona.”
I caught a glance of movement in the corner of my eyes. There stood a huge dark beast.
Without thinking, I ran deeper into the forest. Only then did I realize Merlin had not place a protective shield around me.

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter to be more intriguing with a little twist surrounding Verona and Merlin.  Oh yes, Lancelot just could not stay put. It seems he knows something also.  Now, I am heading to the next Chapter before I decide to rewrite the last three paragraphs.




My Writing: Chapter 16

Okay, after looking over this Chapter a few times, I decided to leave it alone for now. But never know with me.

Chapter 16: Lost Child
 “Now this is a surprise or shock.” a familiar male voice said.
Why did he sound so familiar?  I glanced towards the oak tree, to find a very handsome and young dark  haired stranger with fair skin, all in black. From the leather overcoat to black jeans and bottom shirt.. (Okay, I will have to rewrite this paragraph.)
 “Mother said to expect trouble, I never thought to see you here..” He trailed off then stared towards the brunette woman, whom haunted his dreams . “Who is the woman?” 
My heart skipped a beat, I knew who he was.  A newborn child came to my mind now. 
“I see Morganna enlisted you to guard Sherwood, Mordred.” Merlin said dryly with hatred in his blue eyes.
I found my voice as I said, “That is not his name.” I felt the energy, in my right hand again. I hatred the one whom had given him that name.
He was next to me in a blink of an eye. I could see the darkness surrounding him and distance look glow deep in his eyes of memories. Then it hit me. If I seen my memories would he see.  I looked straight into his blue eyes. His father’s eyes.  I thought.
What do you mean like his father? Merlin held her left hand  tightly.
“What was my name then?” he asked furious or was it a challenge.
“Your real name was Nicholas Arthur Robin Plantagenet, like your father and grandfather.” His face paled. Yes, he does remember. “Let it be shown to him like it was shown to me.” My right hand went on his cold clammy hands. He jumped by the electrical shock and looked in disbelief. You’re one of them!
“You fool he is a …” I heard Merlin say but it was too late.
One moment we were standing in the cold dark forest,  next in the tower where a younger version of myself held a newborn “You will be name Nicholas Arthur Robin Plantagenet.” I heard, “Like your dear sweet Dad and your Grandfather. But we must not say it loud, they are two fearsome men.” Kissing his forehead, “They wouldn’t  know what to say by this.”
I saw a smile on the newborn’s face and a giggle. I glance towards both men who was stunned and shock, I notice the darkness around Mordred was nowhere to be seen. In a flash the room became cold, another scene played out. It was the one I had seen before. I wonder if I could knock that b… out.
No, you can only see what she had done.  A distant voice answered.
It does not mean I won’t Mother. Mordred said for her ears only.
I glanced towards him in disbelief. You heard him also? Once I asked the question,we were back in the forest the moment he said this and his aura was a bright silver color now.
“Y’all are free to pass.” he said meeting my eyes. I will never forget what you just shown me, Mother. Gripping my hand tightly. Then to Merlin, “So, the old man was actually my father.” With a smirk, his blue eyes said. Keep her safe and Get a room.
Get a room? That was a modern day word. I looked at him in disbelief. My face flare up while Merlin shot him a glare. I notice his arms held me tightly.
Watch it, she can hear this! His eyes said.
The smirk turned into a large grin . “Oh, just as I thought.” he mumbled, the sudden change came over him once more. “Go now, I can only hold its presence for so long.”
“What is it?” I asked.
“A very dangerous and ancient creature .” he said, “It feeds on energy and h…” Trailing off as he hurried away or flown away.
I looked towards Merlin’s paled expression. “What was he?”
“A creature of the night.” Merlin said with a haunted look.
No, I thought with tears in my eyes now, “He cannot be a vampire?”
“Well, he was.” Merlin said boldly, “Next time do not try to touch or go near anyone like him.”
Anyone like him! What are you saying?
I sense the hatred in his voice and the coldness in his eyes. Why are you acting like fool?
Before pulling my hands out of his and turned away which I found to be a big mistake for his hands came around my waistline and swung me to face him once more. His eyes were darker than ever before. Was he angry?
I pulled  my hands out of his hold and turned away, which  I found to be a big mistake.  His hands came around my waistline and swung me to face him once more. His eyes were darker than ever before. Was he angry?
If I was you would know my love. Pulling me into his arms, he kissed my forehead.  “We must get going.”
“Okay, but answer one thing.” I said meeting his blue eyes.  “Do you know what this evil presence, Mordred spoke of?” I asked soberly.  (Okay, I will be rewriting this sentence.)
“It’s an old enemy.”  How could he have forgotten the dark creature with sinister red eyes.   There was no name for this creature,  only horror.
“Can you stop it?” I asked.
“You will never defeat this creature without the thirteen keys.” A voice whispered into the wind. “and its’ Guardians.”

Okay, I wanted to make it more intriguing with another surprise about Verona, which Merlin will figure  out  eventually.  As for the newest character, he does have a few secrets of his own also.  

Now, to my next Chapter, before I decide to rewrite this Chapter. 

Have a wonderful weekend!   🙂









My Writing: My First Poem

Oh yes, I did say poem,  while looking for some notes in my notebooks I came across some poems I’ve written a few years back. Also, I found my very first poem I wrote 15 years ago.

Oh yes, for a 24 years older, I was being spontaneous  for entering a Poetry Contest.(It was a free contest. So, I said why not try it.) I sent my poem to the place without mentioning it to anyone.

I did come in at second place, I had to sign an affidavit form and check for any mistakes before sending my poem back. My poem some suppose to get it publish.  in a poetry collection book.

The sad thing about this, there was a major family emergency, that shook my family at the same time. (This is where I  learned firsthand,  How serious  a Diabetic coma and Stroke really was. Sorry, going off the subject. I might post something about it in a later post.)

Anyway, I lost track of this poem, which means it is probably in a poetry book out there somewhere.

Oh, I have to admit one thing, after reading this poem again.  I wonder How was it possible for this poem to place second.  Also, I am no poet.

Only A Whisper
I’m only a whisper
That he does not hear
How dear he is to me
So I whisper it low
For he does not know
How much I love him so.
But I am not beautiful
As those he date,
Knowing this I fear my fate
That I maybe too late
This is why I hate
To Say it out loud
Or in crowd
So I whisper it low
For he does not know
I love him so.
V.Rose Demet

I guess I could say this poem at one time meant something to me. However, like a saying goes that’s water under the bridge.

Now, I am going back to editing my chapter, which is going very slow.




My Writing: Chapter14

Okay, this Chapter was not that bad in editing and it did not bug me. I think I will leave this one a lone for now. But never know with me. If I start reading I might decide to delete some parts.

Chapter 14: Guardian of Time
Her eyes widen with shock and confused expression. “This was my mother in-law’s necklace.” she said, “I gave it to my daughter when I sent her to her father.” She closed her eyes and took my hands. I felt pure energy suddenly.
My heart aches for a child, I would never hold.  A female voice echoed.
Imagines of a child and a man running from a burning manor, came to my mind.  I stood frozen as the auburn woman cast a spell.
“Oh, my dear child.” She could not believe it, however, something held her from showing her true feeling. Her voice was a low tone, “You have traveled far to save this time. But you must still travel farther, Verona.”
Merlin glance towards her in confusing; however, he spoke not a word for Verona to hear. What do you mean?
Once you enter the forest, she must go back to her own time She silently said.  I am surprised Vivian is helping her and you.
She was the one who gave her your necklace in the future and brought here without Morganna sensing it. He silently said. Will I know her when I will meet her again?
 A deep sinking feeling came over her, she knew he would not.
Who says it was she who brought Verona here. A male voice answered for only Sarah to hear.
She was stunned and puzzled, but did not let on to her cousin.“Of course, I see.” she said with smiling as she removes her hands from mine.
Did I miss something? I thought silently puzzled.
“No, my child.” she said, “Tell me what is your memory of your real parents?”
“I have none…” I trailed off
“Someone spoke of a poem, I was supposed to remember.” Pausing, “The person, who is born in thy sign of fire, Shall be protected by the griffin, no matter where she or he may be.”
I noticed her smile spread quickly, before it vanished. Merlin glance towards me in total surprise.
“Do you know your name here?” Merlin asked seriously now.
Do not reveal your true name to him yet. Another voice answered.
“I cannot remember it.” I answered. 
You’re my Guinevere Rose.  A male voice answered back. Sarah looked surprised and stared into my eyes.
“Oh my!” she exclaimed cover her heart. There was a very powerful presence here. One she had known very well and dread. Unlike the forces within the manor.”Do you know whom you have here, Merlin?”
 “No, I cannot even see in my mirror.” he said in a sober tone. then to me,
“Tell me do you know whom brought you here?”
“I was with …” I trailed off.
Do not say!
“I do not remember.” I said, “Only that this person worn a black cloak.”
I notice Lady Sarah’s face go pale and glanced towards Merlin with a questioning glance.
Do you know whom she speaks of, cousin? She silently asked.
No. Can she actually move through time? He said silently.
There was, only one I know of, whom could do this, even with darkness around us, Merlin. She silently said. She must have met this person in her own time.  You have no idea what you’re in for.
Do not lecture me, cousin. He silently said, narrowing his blue eyes towards her.
I had enough of their silence treat I said, “Are y’all two finished with the silent treatment and tell me what to do?”
My, she has her mother’s temper. “I am sorry my dear, child.” she said with a kind smile, “You must enter Sherwood Forest and face a lot of challenges.”
“I know.” I said in a trance like stage. Pure energy surrounded me. “The Forest Spirit is slowly dying. Only its keeper can save it now.”
Merlin glanced towards me in shock.
 “Oh, my sweet heaven!” she exclaimed cover her chest. the suspicious she had of Verona was now proven.. “You have fire within you.” She took my hands. “I should have known.”
What do you mean, cousin? Merlin asked.
Ignoring his question, “You’ll must hurry.” she said holding my hands. “Until we meet again, my dear child.”
My heartache once more for the woman, I have never known. “Will I see you again?”
“Oh yes, “ she said, hugging me. “After all, we share the same element.”
 She waited until they were out of sight and ear range to speak. “So, you have finally return for her.”
The hooded figure did not answer, his dark velvet eyes stared toward her.  Then  towards the two figures in the distance. Before he mysteriously vanished.
“He will fight for her.” She said.
“It’s not up to him, Guardian.”  a stern voice answered back.

Okay, I had to add the mysterious and intriguing  stranger, who may hold secrets to both Verona and Merlin’s past.  Now, on ward to my next Chapter.


Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend.  🙂

My Writing: Chapter 12

Okay, I have to admit this chapter was the hardest one to rewrite. Yes, rewrite I was reading the paragraph over and realized something was missing.

Ever wrote out a scene and slowly new characters makes their grant appearance? Well, two new characters made their appearance.  I was just writing out scene 15 and 16 when these two characters began to form. I might leave them in this Chapter for now. But never know with me. As for errors I may have overlooked some.

Chapter 12: Secrets ( I have to change this title)
Lancelot was just about to leave when he turned towards me with puzzled expression. “This is an unusually ring.” he said, “Where did you get this lovely ring?”
I had to think for a moment an image of a short, tanned, curly brunette girl came into mind, “Please promise me to keep this ring safe for all time, Verona.” 
As fast as the image came, it faded quickly. Drain was how I felt.  “It belonged to a dear friend, whom would have wanted you to keep it safe.”
Safe from what? A distance voice asked.
Why did I have this feeling a piece of puzzle was missing here. I ignore this cold eerie feeling.
“Lancelot, time is an essence.” Merlin said in a bold tone. 
“Oh yes,” Lancelot said, then in a whisper, “Good luck you’ll need it, Verona.”
He crossed the doorway very slowly and meet Merlin, “Keep my dear cousin safe, Merlin.” he said in a sober tone. I never actually heard him speak this way before. There was coldness in his eyes.  “Don’t get into trouble.”
Merlin stared towards his friend’s back then towards me. His blue eyes looked puzzled for a moment. “Here is a change of clothing.” 
He handed me, a pair of tan trouser and a very large white silk shirt. I met his concerned eyes, “Was I asleep that long?” I asked.
He took my hands into his large rough hands now, “Yes, you were in a very deep sleep.” He brought my hand to his lips and gentle place a kiss in my left palm.  “I will be out in the hallway, if you need anything just call.”
I met his questionable eyes, “I will be fine.” I said with a tight smile.
Once Merlin was out the door I quickly slipped out of my dress and into the outfit,Merlin had on hand. Strange, why did these clothing look modern. It even had a tag inside of the shirt. Oh no, this wasn’t from this era. I wonder. Could he travel through time travel?  I thought looking into the large mirror.
You asks now watch and learn , Verona. A female’s voice said.
Imagines began to play out in the large mirror in the corner of the room; however, each time I tried to focus on one imagine  another would form.  The feeling of watching a movie came to mind. Instead of going forward the imagines where going backwards.  Until it came to a stop in the garden I was in last evening.
I recognized Morganna and.. No, it cannot be Merlin! I thought.
Look closely and listen. A tiny voice  whispered in my right ear.
He wasn’t Merlin!
“The poison should have killed her, Morganna.” a dark haired stranger with an odd accent said, “I’ll find another way.”
My breath became shallow.  A blue mist formed within the mirror,  an old oak tree appeared, next to it stood a beautiful bluish gray wolf with golden eyes staring back towards me. Standing next this beautiful creature, was a very tall evenly tanned stranger with long hair as  black as the night.His sea green eyes stared back toward me.  However, I did not know him. 
“You’re ready to learn the truth, my sweet.” His words made my skin crawl with uncertainly.
My breath became shallow.  Blue mist formed within the mirror once more.  An enormous old oak tree appeared now, next to it stood a beautiful bluish gray wolf with golden eyes, which  stared back towards me. Standing next this beautiful creature was a very tall evenly tanned stranger with long, black haired and glowing sea green eyes.
“You’re ready to learn the truth, my sweet.” His words made my skin crawl with uncertainly.
Golden Runic symbols were engraved around this  oak trees. Where was I? This place made my eyes tear up. I know this place. (I might keep this part and add more details.)
Look within, you’ll remember. A distance voice echoed.
A knock came at the door Merlin re-entered. He gasped, “What’s wrong?”
Drain and paled  I looked away from the mirror. “Oh nothing.” I mumbled avoiding his eyes. 
My eyes widen for a moment I saw something dark and sinister behind him. My hand went my mouth.
Merlin did not see what she saw but he felt a strong presence of some kind in the room. Without alerting Verona, whom  behavior was puzzling now. “If you’re ready we must be going.”  (Okay, I well be rewording this part again.)
“Sure.” I whispered, my pickle up. “Where did you get these clothing?”
“Oh, I just had them around.” he mumbled in a sober tone. Without another comment we left the room.
Something caught my eyes as I crossed the threshold. The mirror suddenly vanished into thin air.  I ran right into Merlin’s hard lean back.  He swung around with this dangerous glance. “Verona this..What is wrong?” he asked.
“That mirror just vanished.” I said breathless.
What mirror? There was no mirror in his chamber. “Please describe this mirror to me?”
“A Cherry oak wood frame , with leaves carves on the top and bottom.” I said, “And…” 
“Were there any inscription in silver on the sides?”  His heart was beating faster, he knew only of one mirror. However, his friend guarded it now.
“Yes, Runic Letters.” I said. He looked surprised. 
“How do you know of those symbols?” he asked.
“I have always known those symbols.” I said walking away, “Could we leave now?”
He stared towards her. She was hiding something.
Oh, will you be able to face the truth when it’s reveal?


Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter intriguing by adding a mysterious  mirror, two new characters and a clue to Verona. Now, I am  moving on, before I decide to start editing and rewriting this Chapter once more.


Have a nice weekend.  🙂







My Writing: Chapter 11

Okay, To be honest this Chapter gave me a  headache, there were  a lot of rewriting. The third paragraph is still bugging  me but I’ll leave it alone for now.

Chapter 11: Dark Secrets
“Morganna, Joan, and  Brisen did something to bring an evil presence here.” Robin said in a sober tone then to me, “You’re the only one can see its’ presence, my dear child.”
What about Merlin? I wanted to ask but instead I asked “Are you effected by this spell, as well?” (I will have to rewrite this sentence.)
“I might be in different areas of this manor.” His eyes met mine, “Trust me, you do not want to know what I become.”
“When can we leave?” Merlin asked flatly.
I noticed he did not act surprised by Robin’s comment.
“Early dawn,” Robin said in a careful tone. “You can leave through the garden gate.”
“I will get our gears together.” Merlin said glancing my way.
Robin spoken careful and sincere; however, something flickered in his brown eyes. My hair on my arms raised up as a cold chill passed near my side. A faded image of a sleeping figure formed into my mind.  It took only a second to realize the truth.  Something dark and wicked filled the air, I glance towards the cobblestone wall near Robin.( I will be rewriting this paragraph, I want to show more and do less telling.)
 “I am feeling much better now, Earl Huntingdon.” I said, “I think I shall return to my chamber now.” Sliding off the bed, my feet touch the cold hard stone floor. “It was a pleasure meeting you.”
“This will keep you warm from the coldness, my dear.”
He handed a velvet green cloak, which hid a bow and arrow. In a  low whisper, “Be safe, dear child.” To Merlin, “See you in the morning for the wedding.”
His brown eyes spoken, Keep her safe or I will hunt you down.
Grr! A low growl was heard.
Merlin pulled me into his arms, “We will see you in the morning.”
Was that a growl. I wanted to turn
towards Robin, however his back was turned after from us, Merlin held me tightly. as we fled the chamber.
A minute later, we entered the bed chamber, where Lancelot, Bors and William sat with their head. They looked like their best friend had passed away.
“Hey, why the lone faces?” I asked, Merlin scorned, “Who died?”
Lancelot jumped from his chair and pulled me into his arms. “I am so sorry, Verona.” Giving me a bear hug. I could hardly breathe, “I should have followed you outside. Elaine
kept me from going to you.”
“Easy Lancelot, can you not see she is
turning pale.” Bors said coming up to me, “Is she alright?”
“Oh, I am sorry.” Lancelot released me. I
could not help notice Merlin sharp glare towards him now.
What Gwyn was not good enough for you? I silently thought bitterly. “I am, Okay.” I dared not to see Merlin reaction.
“No, she is not okay. I don’t call sleeping for a whole day and half the evening, Okay.” Merlin said soberly, “Someone tried to poison her.”
Say what! I shot a cold stare  towards Merlin. (I will reword this sentence also.)
“Who would do such thing?” Sir Bors asked flatly.
“I can think of two people, cousin.” Lancelot folded his arms.
“Is Lady Verona life endanger here?” William asked, his eyes went straight towards the green cloak in my hands. “Robin gave you those?”
“Yes, to both questions, Will.” Merlin said, “But he will not help us in any way now.”
“What do you mean?” Lancelot asked.I could see mix emotion from William and Merlin. Were they not going to tell him. 
You must tell him! A woman voice said.
“The enchantment is  very bad.” I said boldly, “Thanks, to Morganna, Duchess Joan and Brisen doing.”
Let them believe this, Verona. But there is more to this than meets the eyes. A voice answered in a distance.
“What are we to do, Merlin?” Sir Bors asked seriously.
“We must leave here later on tonight.”Merlin said soberly.
“Then we must get ready.” Sir Bors said boldly.
“I must see to Galahad and Elaine.” Lancelot said. My
hand stopped him from leaving. I  shook my head, No. I knew he could not follow, where we had to go. This cause a great pain within me. “No, only two must go there.” I felt a strong pull. an image of trees were surrounding me.
“You must find them!” Green eyes exclaimed.
Merlin’s hands covered my hands, I took a deep breath.( I will be adding  more details.)
“What does she mean by no?” Sir Bors asked glancing towards Merlin’s hand.
“You have to go into Sherwood Forest.” William said in a flat tone.
“Robin told us to enter Sherwood through the garden.” Merlin said, “It is not the safest way.”
“Then we must go with you, A- Merlin.”Lancelot said, “I will not say anything to Elaine or Gawain .”
“No Lancelot.” A tugging feeling came over me, “You must stay and protect your family members and my older brother Bors here.”
“My lady, you are such a sweet person.” Bors said hugging me, “Strange, it is feels like I’ve known known you all my life.”
A vision of a younger woman hugging him came to mind.  Maybe he did.  A tiny voice with a French accent echoed in my mind.
“I will show you another way to leave the manor,” William said guardedly. “But it is dangerous.”
“You’re talking about the dragon’s cavern.” Merlin said soberly,
“Yes,” William said in a sober tone.
“We will leave now.” Merlin said. 
“I thought we were leaving later on.” I asked puzzled.
“If Robin was as you seen him,” William said sadly, “He will inform the Duchess.” He took my hands and whispered, “Do not hate him nor me.” 
“I do not hate him or you, Uncle Will.” I whispered into his ears, then aloud, “I wonder, what I would have said to you,if we’ve met a few years back in Sherwood Forest?”
“Hmm, maybe we did, my lady.”
William said with a wink, he turned towards Merlin n, “Safe journey my friend
and keep this young one safe.”
“Farewell, my friends.” Lancelot said taking my hand he raise it to his lips.
I saw another place my friend Melanie was introducing me to her fiance, who looked similar to Lancelot. The images vanished quickly,  I had to give him my ring.
“Lancelot take this to remember me,” I said, taken my ring off, which had two little diamonds around a turquoise stone. “You can even give it to Lady Elaine as a wedding present.”
“Hmm, that’s a good idea.” he said with a smile. “You would have made a great cousin,Verona.”
“You and Bors, as well.” I noticed Merlin frown. Why was he jealous?
“William, where is this secret passageway?” Merlin asked soberly.
“You have to go through the great hall, on your right.” William said, “You better take good care of her, A-Merlin.”


Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter more intriguing with a little twist and more clues on Verona’s past.  Now, I am heading to the next Chapter before I decide to rewrite the second to last paragraph again.



Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂





My Writing: Chapter 8

Okay, after looking over and rewriting some paragraphs, I am moving  to Chapter 9. I will leave this Chapter alone for now. But never know with me.

 Chapter 8: Old Friend
“Take her to him.” The auburn haired woman said, handed  a child with long brown hair to him now.
“I will not let you stay and face her alone, my dear sister.” A much younger Will Scarlet said.
What she had done next brought tears to my eyes as the cavern went in on her. As fast as the images came, they were gone. I meet his glance now and said, “She gave you her child to bring to her husband in the forest.” I said, feeling the cold air hit my face and Merlin’s grip my arms tightly. “But her grandmother gave her this necklace to send her to another place and time.”
Is this what I am supposed to remember? I wondered.
Yes, my sweet. A familiar voice answered back.
“She is a seer?” Bors asked puzzled.
“Merlin explains now!” William exclaimed, his facial feature  shown mixed emotions.
“She was found near Mystic Lake.” Merlin said, “Do not deny there is something amiss here in Nottingham.”
“Yes, Guinevere is not herself.” Will said, eyeing me now, “Another thing, I do not remember coming back to Huntingdon Manor. Nor being friends with the duchess.”
“That is true.” Bors said, “I was in the forest near Camelot when suddenly I am here.”
“Is this a spell we are under?” Lancelot asked.
“ We are not affected, But other are.” Merlin said boldly and then to me, “What do you think, Lady Verona?”
“The duchess is a b….” My temper soar up. I noticed Merlin’s brows rose a bit while Lancelot and the other two stood uncomfortably.  They all knew what she was! Why did Merlin let me go? I  gave him an icy glare. 
“I needed to know what she was up to and who she was cohort with.” Merlin said, turning to Lancelot and Bors, “Are you surprised to see Breuse here?” (This sentence might have to be rewritten.)
“Very, I thought y-Arthur banished him from Camelot?” Lancelot said glancing towards Merlin’s unreadable facial expression then towards me. “Breuse was a very dangerous person.”
“He did.  It seems he’s Duchess Joan  new plaything.” Merlin said harshly, then he turned towards me, “If I have known this, I would not have let you go there alone.”
Why did I have this feeling  he was hiding something from me. “The duchess said, I am to be presented to the Earl tonight at the wedding.”
“Wedding, is it not too soon?” Lancelot asked, glancing towards Merlin stormy face.
“I thought Guinevere and Arthur were to wed?” I asked, shocking all four men.
“Yes, in Camelot not here.” Merlin said harshly. His eyes grew darker.“I will not allow her meddling  or have Lady Verona be presented to Robin like a trophy.”
I notice dark clouds forming over the manor and glanced towards Merlin. His piercing blue eyes grew darker, were rage and something else.
Look closely Verona. A female voice echoed. A silver aura appeared near him.
No, he could not be. I informed myself now, there was someone else whom was also a great wizard. however, he did not show many his true nature. Maybe that’s the reason why he’d lost me- her.
His blue eyes met mine and the cloud cleared a bit. “I must think,” he said, glancing towards Lancelot puzzled face, “Keep an eye on her like she is your very own sister or cousin.”
“You can count on me, Merlin.” Lancelot said grinning.
Do not steal her from me or I will not be grateful. Merlin eyes seemed to say as he turned towards me, “You will be safe with your dear cousin, my sweet.”
“I have no doubt about that.” My eyes asked in silent. When are you going to tell me your true identity ?
I will later, my beloved. Merlin eyes seemed to say as the circle was broken.
Disheartening, I slowly walked behind the other men, in silent with my head down.  I only stop when  Merlin pulled me behind a huge oak tree. I met his stormy blue eyes.  The kiss was quick and I did not have time to think.
“I will be near you at all time.” He mumbled before leaving me behind.
Oh my! I covered my heart, my hair on my arm pickle up. I glanced towards the dark eerie forest.
You will never find him!  A sinister voice echoed into the wind. 
Find who?  I thought a chill came over me. 


Okay, I have to admit I did add that last sentence. I just could not leave without adding a little bit of mystery.


My Writing: Chapter 7 (When Chapters Goes Wrong)

Okay, this Chapter was bugging me a bit. I could not figure out the problem, until I realized I listed the Chapter titles wrong.  Oh yes, I goofed up on the Chapter titles and page numbers. I am not perfect.

Ever have one of those days when everything is going well, then everything goes haywire all at once. Well, that’s how my day is going right. It’s no fun to rewrite chapter titles or page numbers, but that doesn’t bother me.


Chapter 7: Duchess’ Claws  (I might change this title.)

A minute later I stood in this gloomy, dark color room. The only light the shined was from a window, facing the forest. My senses were on high alert, an uneasy feeling came over me. I waited for the duchess and her two companions to enter the room. 

“Oh, here you are.” Duchess Joan said. Two petite women, blonde and brunette haired girls, whom looked curiously towards me, “Girls, this is Sir Lancelot’s cousin Lady Verona.” (I will have to reword this paragraph.) 

The way she stressed my name made me realized she was suspicious of whom I am too. On top of that, there was this strange, deep, evenly tanned, dark haired man with green eyes that glare my way at the entrance. He was dressed like a pirate. I did not trust him a bit.

“Please have a seat, Lady Verona.” The Duchess said, “Breuse, please send for my tea.”

“Yes, my lady.” he said, stepping out of the room.

“So, you’re Lancelot’s cousin?” the blonde with blue eye asked.(I will be adding more description to the young lady’s outfit.)

Watch what you say, Verona. A voice echoed deep into my mind now.

I said, “Yes, we are distant cousins.”

“Maria mind your manners,” the Duchess said in a disapproving tone now, “Or you will be sent to the servants”

“Of course, my lady.” She glared toward me.

“Pay no attention to her, Lady Verona.” The duchess said, eyeing my necklace,“Such A lovely necklace.”

“Oh, it looks like the one Lady Sarah has once worn.” the dark haired  girl said,“But, somehow the design is different.”

“Veronica,” the duchess said with fury in her green eyes now, “You must excuse her rudeness.” Glancing towards me, “Where did you come by this necklace?”

Be very careful, Verona. A voice echoed in my mind now.

“It was a gift from my grandmother.” I said as an image of an elderly woman with long auburn hair came to my mind now.

“When she is older she’ll know her true gift,” she had said to a medium height woman with dark auburn hair and eyes of emerald with a babe in her arms.

I blink the image away Duchess Joan glanced towards me in confusion.

“Y..- your grandmother must be proud of you?” she asked with a harsh tone both young ladies jumped and glance my way.

I was about to answer, when Breuse returned with Elaine and another young woman wearing a long colorful dress.

My instinct told me something was seriously wrong here.

“Ah, Elaine please put the tray on the table.” the Duchess said, “Lady Verona, I do not suppose you have heard of my granddaughter and young Arthur of Camelot will wed tonight?”

“I have heard there were to be a wedding when the hunting party returned.” I said uneasily now. Why did I feel sad now? I silently thought.

“Yes, they will be back shortly and you will be presented to the Earl of Huntingdon.’ the duchess said harshly now, “Who will enjoy your company isn’t that right, Brisen?”

“Oh, she will do perfectly…” she trailed off as my right hand went up; her smile froze in place she backed away. “What in…”

Her smile sent a cold chill over me, I felt a pulled of some kind, I had trouble trying to breathe, the door to the quarter flung opened, Merlin and Lancelot with two new faces I did not know entered. (Okay, I will have to look over this sentence, which is bugging me.) 

“Ah, the tea party has started without us.” Lancelot said cheerfully, “Hello girls, my lady.”

“Oh, Sir Lancelot and Sir Bors.” the duchess said puzzled. “Sir William.”

I noticed Breuse stiffen a bit by the sight of these men who met his cold glare.

There was pure jealousy in his eyes and something else.

Sir Bors was slightly taller than my 5’5 and wore his black hair, to his shoulder length and probably ten years older than I.

“Duchess,” The older curly dark haired man said, narrowing his brown eye towards the other man, “Breuse? I had no idea you were here. Did you not go with the hunting party…”

“I have only arrived this morning and was a little curious about Sir Lancelot’s cousin.”

“You mean my little sister.” Bors said soberly as he gave me a warm familiar smile.

The aura around him a pure white like Merlin and the other man called William.

I heard both girls gasp in disbelief. “Oh, why did you not say you were Sir Bors’ sister.” they said quickly backing away.

The duchess icy glare towards the other man. “We would have prepared a huge meal.”

Why did this feeling like I seen this before? I thought silently

Maybe you have in a different time, my love. Merlin‘s eyes seemed to say.

Be careful of illusions, Verona!

“Yea, “the duchess said coldly, “Would you be joining us for tea?”

“Actually, we must pass.” Sir William said, unable to take his eyes off me, “The Earl would like to speak to Lady Verona.”

I felt a sudden change in the older woman’s face and her tone now, “Oh, well then she may leave.” she said boldly, “Come along girls.”

Merlin took my arms and rushes me out of the room behind; Lancelot, Bors and William, I noticed Breuse stare hard towards us as we left.

Was that a growl! I heard from him.

We quickly ran from stairs and outside, There was  a difference in the air. I felt a strong vibe now.


He is sleeping, only you can awaken him. A voice whispered into my ears.

Who is sleeping? I wondered Merlin glanced towards me now.

“You heard that also?” Merlin asked, keeping his hold on me.

I only Nodded.

“Merlin, who is she?” William asked in a sober tone.

I notice he stressed Merlin’s name  this puzzled me.

“Before I say let me cast an enchantment spell.” Merlin said, “What is said in the circle remain here for no one or presence to hear now. So may it be.”

I had not noticed  the large circle, until I felt pure energy shot through the ground and glance up towards Merlin, who place a finger on my lips.

“Wait a minute.” he said, “Do you see anything out of the ordinary here, Verona?”

Something was different! I glanced around people were speaking  in the distant and the smell smoke of food cooking. There was no dark aura around us. “This is Nottingham and there is no sign of  darkness.” I said puzzled, “Why does the garden feel different Merlin?”

Careful Verona! A tiny voice exclaimed in the distant, I chose to ignore it.

“Ah, very good we are where we should be.” he said, “Verona, this is William Scarlet and the one who is suppose to be your older brother is Borus.”

No way, William Scarlet! I silently thought to myself.


Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter a little intriguing with new characters. Also, a little more about Verona.  Now, Merlin may have a few surprises coming his way.  I think I am finished with Chapter 7 for now. But never know with me. Also, I may have over looked some grammar errors.