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My Every Day Life: Very Patience

Okay, Here is a question. Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?

Well, that’s how last week went for me, for four days there was no internet in my home. Was not a Happy Camper 😦

But I did finish writing in my journal. I decided to hand write my story ideas in notebooks, (9 notebooks .)

Oh, the joy of Back to School sales on 70 pages notebooks last month was worth it.  🙂

Anyway, I am glad to be back online.



I waited patience for this photo shot.

I waited patiently for this photo shot.


Of course, I have to post this photo shot of my favorite Roses. This year the Roses is not blooming as often as last year.






My Writing: When Poetry Appear

Okay, like I mention before I am not a poet. But when an idea takes form into a poem, I won’t hesitate to write it down.  It’s a work in progress and a rough draft, which I will rewrite for a later post.

His Memories
She waited for him throughout time
As the months flew by
With no sign of her love in sight
She realizes now, it’s time to take flight
As his memories fades into the night
With a heavy heart she shows
no sign of a broken heart
Nor the tears she cried each night.
For he is now a memory 
I am doing something different with my photos.

I am doing something different with my photo shot. I might keep on adding poems. But never know with me. 


My Writing: The Dreadful Blue Screen

Oh yes, the dreadful blue screen some appearance yesterday. Here is a question. Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Well, that’s the case with me yesterday evening. Since it rain all weekend long. I decided to look over my writing one last time, before posting it. But before I could even save my writing correction. A message popped up about the ATI. If I am not mistaken this had something to do with the graphic card. But I could be wrong. Well, anyway, the next thing I saw was that dreadful blue screen. No. I thought not again. This was the second time in one day, it turned blue. I was not a happy camper with this. If it’s not one thing it’s another thing.  I thought.  After, my computer restarted I was able to find my writing again. Now,  I can go back to editing my chapters.


Of course, I had to put a photo shot of the blue clouds just before the rain started.  I think this photo shot came out okay. But not my best photo shot.


Just before the rain started. The Egrets were flying around the Rice.

Just before the rain started. The Egrets were flying around the Rice.

Have a nice week!  🙂




My Writing: Chapter 21

Okay, after going over this chapter about three times, I can finally move on to the next chapter. For now I will leave this  chapter alone.

Chapter 21: Vampire Mistress
“I do not believe this!” Bailey roar. “Haven’t Modron done enough damage! ”
“You know of this person?” Arthur kept his eyes on Verona.
“Yes, he was a dark one.” Bailey said with a sober tone, “He disliked my clan and the supernatural.”
“Vampires tried to capture him for centuries.” Mordred said.
“Who is he?” My right forearm was hot.
Arthur gasped.
Dark flames rose before my eyes, images of men, women, and children in rags were a large cage. Something held me from seeing what made the eerie scream. Behind my back.
“You’re not supposed to be here, Verona!” a male voice echoed. 
My heart race, I turned to see two familiar faces. Lancelot and Bors stood in front of me.
“Beware of…” They trail off and faded away.
“Verona!” Arthur grabbed her arms. (Okay, this paragraph I will be looking over again. I want to show not tell.)
Arthur’s words did not break the strong force that pulled me towards a cobblestone door with Runic symbols.
“You must awaken your power, Princess.” a child with long straight brown hair said to me.
I heard familiar voice. “Let her go!”
My life flash before my eyes from my childhood to my adult life. I blinked and stared into familiar dark eyes.
Aaron entered the office with news, he came to a halt. Something with higher power as his drained her spirit.
No, not again! He summoned his inner beast.
Who is he? I noticed a dark purple dragon shield him.
I stood in this an ancient garden with a young brunette woman; she wore an elegant sea green gown. We resembled. “You must save us, Verona.”
The dark serpent appeared and sink his claws into her body. A sharp pain shot throughout my entire body. His red eyes were upon me.
“One of the guardian of Avalon here.” My hand shot with pain.
“I have plans for you, Verona. This time you won’t get away.”
My vision cleared now. “He took…” I met the stranger who stared. “Why is it icy in here?”
Bailey sensed a higher power one of old an ancient and glanced towards the stranger. He felt uneasy.
Aaron seen the dark aura behind her. “Mordred, you have company.”
My senses became alert, my hand went up, “What is in this office be shown to me.” 
Bailey knew the spell she spoke of, but she was forgetting one important thing.
“D****t Verona.” he roared, “You need a protective field.” His guardian hid them from this danger.
The aura became a five foot eight, a full figure brunette woman, clan in a long black leather dress. A ruby stone necklace shape as a bat nested on her black v shirt opening.
“Hmm, we meet again, Verona.” She tried to pinpoint on who Verona with no luck.
I stared towards her, whom I met at Huntingdom manor. What was her name?
“Adora.” Mordred said to the woman, whom betrayed him and those he loved.
Remember who she was to us! A voice echoed in my mind.
“Oh Mordred, I should have known you were going soft for this woman.” she replied.
“You turned him into what he is!” My right hand stuck her across her face leaving a red mark.
Her eyes widen with pain. “Who are you!” She hissed showing her fangs.
Mordred stepped in between them. “What do you want here?” 
“Why should I tell you what Geoffrey told us.”
Mordred many talents could sense beings crossing through time. The traitor was hiding on Moon Isle. “If you do not I might let Verona give you another mark or find your faith as old Maggie
Her eyes widen! “So, the rumor is true!”
Mordred grabbed her arms. “What was true?”
“Morganna enchantment spell is fading off, no thanks to her.”
An image of Morganna tied up in the tower appeared before my eyes. My eyes narrowed. “She was lying. Nicholas!”
The dark shadow appeared next to Mordred with a golden dagger, I pushed him away. A blue mist formed around me as I vanished.
Adora let out an evil laughter, “She’s his at last.”
Bailey shield vanished, his eyes met the brunette woman who destroyed his sister those many years ago. 
“She will never be his.” Aaron stepped forward, Adora vanished.

Okay, in this chapter I wanted to shake things up a little with Verona disappearing act. It seems that Verona cannot stay in one place for long.  

Now, to the next chapter, before I decided  to delete one or two paragraphs. 


My Writing: Chapter 20

Okay, after rewriting and deleting paragraphs in this Chapter, I decided to leave this Chapter alone for now. But never know with me.

Chapter 20: The Puzzle(I might keep this title. But never know me.)
“I see you’re still the same, Mordred. I should be asking why do you have my little cousin here?” Bailey Silverstone folded his arms. “Verona, we’re in the Dragon’s Lair on Moon Isle.”
My heart thumps fastest. “What! I thought I was in Sherwood Forest..” I glanced towards Mordred puzzled face.
Mordred eyed the elder man in disbelief. How could it be possible? Did he hear him correctly. “Your cousin?”
It’s true Mordred. A distant voice echoed.
“Yes, she’s my cousin.” His brown eyes glared towards Mordred, then towards Verona.” Are you okay, Verona? What is this nonsense of Sherwood Forest?”
“It’s not nonsense Bailey.” A wave of dizziness came over me. “Oh no! I have to help them.”
You will, but you need to bring them together.
“Together?” I gazed towards the silver aura behind Nicholas.
“You must find the thirteen keys.”
In a trance like state, I said, “Only the thirteen keys and its’ guardians can destroy the creature of an ancient time.” I stood in a golden field surrounded by a temple and crystal water. The sky was greenish, the wind kept blowing furiously through my hair making it tough to concentrate on the scenery.
“Sh**!” Mordred felt a powerful presence. “You know of this!”
“What?” I glanced towards Mordred Nicholas stunned face.
Bailey grabbed Mordred’s shirt collar. “What kind mind game are you playing with her?”
A gust of wind pushed Bailey away from Mordred. “Do not touch the Forest Spirit guardian’s son!” A Female voice echoed.
My body shook, a wave of nausea came over me. “Is this another trick?” I was holding my stomach in so much pain.
 “No Mother,” Mordred took her hand. My heavens she doesn’t realize her true power! “Do not faint!”
“What did you call her?” Bailey roared, his inner beast came alive.
“My mother.” Mordred sensed the beast awaken, “Watch it Hunter, you do not want to over stay your visit.”
No, His real mother was… “You’re lying.”
“He is not lying.” I held up my hand, palm facing out. 
“My goddess, you’re one of us!” Gibson called out loudly. “The blade of truth is imprinted in her palm.”
“Well, not one of our kind, but…” Tristan said frankly.
“Tristan, no time for your joke.” Gibson said, elbowing him in the ribs.
 “Verona, you have lots of explaining.” Bailey stated in a serious tone. Then realized someone was lacking here. “Wait, where is Ar-William Scotts.”
My eyes widened in surprise. What?
Before Mordred could react, a fist found his jaw. He glared towards the owner.
“What are you doing with my Guinevere!” His downcast eyes were a dark with fury. After Modron delayed him. He hurried towards Mystic Lake, hoping Verona was in that location. 
“She is not here.” Vivian said in a depressed tone, “She is in the Dragon’s Lair with Mordred.”
He looked at her with suspicious eyes. “Why are you helping, Vivian?”
“It’s a long story.” She smiled, “Besides, Guinevere is much mature than her older self. Why not asks Sarah, whom the Forest Spirit guardian?”
A mist formed around him and now he bore in the Dragon Lair. What he saw shocked him .
Tristan, Gibson, Mordred and Bailey stared towards him.
I glanced towards Merlin, his aura was stronger. “Merlin, how did you get here?”
“D….., Verona.” Bailey shook his head in disbelief, “Merlin is trapped somewhere. This is..”
“Who are you?” His secret was out.
“My family has been guarding his stone of wisdom for centuries.” Bailey roared, “You should know this Arthur Pendragon Plantagenet!”
No! My legs buckled. He pulled me into his strong, well-built arms, I am lost in words. 
The sight of two couple meeting, dancing, driving horses and dueling came to my head. Warmth surrounds me. “Arthur.” I whispered in a low tone. “It’s been a long time.”
“My Sweet, Guinevere.” He embraced me.
“No, my name is Verona.” I stepped away from him. 
You had many names and lives, but three you must remember now. A child echoed.
“Still stubborn my love.” He whispered in my ear.
“Of course Arthur.” I turned towards Mordred, who now sported a bruised jaw. I stepped next to him. “You have a bruised.” 
“It will heal, M-Verona.” Mordred said removing her hand from his face. “This isn’t the first time he throws a punch.” 
I turned towards Arthur. “You don’t have to be jealous of him.” 
“I am not jealous of my son.” Arthur said with a serious face.
“Finally, he admits I am his son.” Mordred folded his arms.
 “Careful Mordred.” Arthur warned.
“Don’t even touch him, Arthur.” I gave him my best glare.
“Someone finally takes my side.” Mordred said.
“Why did you not tell me!”Oh boy! Mother or not, she is one steamed brunette. He inched away from her. “Oh, for Pete sake, get a hotel room.” he mumbled to his father.
My eyes widen, I glanced from father and son. Why had I not discovered the similarity. Something in the exchange triggered a memory for me. “It was you in the chair.” I realized, “Why did you lie?”
“An enchantment spell.” 
Mordred glanced towards his father, his aura was a mix color. Damn! He was shielding his true form. Which meant..
Bailey Silverstone roared, “Someone better start talking.” 
“I will explain later, Hunter.” Mordred said, “Now, why has Modron resurfaced.”
“No, telling what Morganna was up too.” Gibson mumbled.
“He was my English teacher.” I glanced towards Arthur. “Who brought me to Nottingham?” 
“I have no idea.” He shook his head, “Maybe Vivian.”
“No.” Mordred meet Verona’s puzzled expression, “Do you remember what happened?”
“We were in Nottingham at a cottage.” I avoided Arthur’s stare, “My employer said something I did not care to hear.” 
Why were you in Nottingham Verona? A distance voice echoed
An image of a wooden bridge and a huge deeply tanned hand with a strange designed bracelet on their left wrist reached for me. 
I glanced towards the figure face only Bailey interrupted my concentration.

Okay, I am saying good-bye to this Chapter, before I find something wrong with it.  Anyway, in this Chapter I wanted to reveal Verona and Merlin secrets. Merlin may have a few more secrets.




My Photo: Say What!

Okay, I was reading all of my favorites blog posts, earlier when I noticed the little orange dot on top of my page. Well, I clicked on the orange dot and had to look twice. Now, I know I gets likes on my posts. But I never would have thought it would say this.

Your current tally is 1,344..


Anyway, I like to  say Thank you!!!  To all of my followers, whom been reading and liking my posts since the beginning and to everyone, whom started following me also.   🙂


Of course, I have  more of my favorites photo shots. I taken in the past few years.


I Think This Is A Sparrow

I Think This Is A Sparrow

This was taken on a very cold day,  I have to cut the photo to get a closer look of this little bird. I think it’s a Sparrow. I am not quite sure.

Can you tell this is really a white rose? ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014


roses, summer, flowers

No matter how stressful it is a fresh rose always bring a smile to my face.

Nature, Spring, Berries,

Does Blackberry Dumplings Sound Good? ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Oh yes, the blackberries are out and also the poison ivy

Poison Ivy and I don’t get along well. Found that out last April.


Rain, storm

A Rainbow To Me Means A



I Cannot Wait For Fresh Basil Again... It Smells So Good.

I Cannot Wait For Fresh Basil Again… It Smells So Good.




Again Thank you!  🙂








My Writing: Chapter 17

Okay, after reading this Chapter once more , I decided  to rewrite the whole chapter. The first paragraph gave me a headache, it still does. If I read it once more, I might delete the scene. I will leave the first paragraph alone for now.  But never know with me.

Chapter 17: An Old Enemies Reappear
By nightfall we were well deep into dark forest, I heard unknown creatures growling and in the distance someone calling for help.  I glance towards Merlin whom kept on going without looking my way.
Oh great, he’s probably tick off. I wonder, bumping right into his back once more. “Oops, I am sorry..” I met his hard cold stare. If I did not know better, I would think he intentionally did this on purpose. 
Merlin turned, his mind went blank, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes moved towards them fast.  He kept calmed, “Why must you think I am angry with you, Verona?” He placed had her hands in his now.
“You were a bit quiet.” My hands were hot.   I tried removing my hands away from his. Only to be pulled into his arms, what I saw in his blue eyes were pure fear. Nothing I have ever seen in his eyes before.
“Don’t move, Verona.” His voice was barely a whispered.  “You must do as I say, Verona.”  His eyes spoke silently now. I want you to run east, get to the lake. Hopefully Vivian is still there.
 “Well, what do we have here.” a sinister male voice said, “My two old favorite foes.”
I saw Merlin’s jaw tense up.“Modron.”
I turned towards the male voice. There stood a 6’5 heavy built, evenly, tanned blond haired man, an evil smirk appeared on his face now. There was something familiar about his dirty blond hair. Then reality struck he resembled my fifth grade teacher Mr. Morris.
Oh my heavens! How did he get here? My eyes widen in shock.
“Ah, I see you remember me, Verona?” Modron said, “Hmm, odd to see you here. But no matter, my master will be pleased to have both of y’all.”
Careful child, he is a manipulator, plays with your emotions. A distant voice echoed.
Oh, this is bad! I noticed the dark aura surrounding him, the same aura, I witness in the tower.
You think, I do not know that, Verona. Merlin’s eyes said to me now. “Last I heard you had a fall out with the Fairy King.”
Fairy King? I glance towards him now.
“My fallout with Alfred is none of your business.” he said, “Y’all will be joining him and the others soon.”
An image of a cave with great darkness flash though my mind, people were in cages. Oh my heavens! Fear came over me.  I felt Merlin tight grip on my wrist. You must run without looking back here, my love.
I was about to comment when suddenly.
“Hey Modron, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Lancelot said from behind Modron. He had a very large sword in his hand.  The design had Celtic and Runes Stones symbols.
“What are you doing here!” Merlin exclaimed furious. This would ruin everything.
“Saving you from making a big mistake.”  Lancelot said.
Modron turned towards face Lancelot, “Oh, I have been looking forward to this meeting.”
“Can’t say I have.” Lancelot grinned before adding, “I’ll sit this one out and let my two friends battle out with you, Mod.”
“No matter.”  Modron said, “I have my friend here also.”
 I saw a dark shadowy figure began to form around him.
Oh my heavens! I have seen this figure before in.., I could not remember. Something was blocking the image.
I glanced towards Merlin, who looked grim. Did he know what this figure was?
Yes, this is our worst nightmare. My Love. He silently thought. In a low voice not be heard. “I want you to run, while Lancelot distract him. ” he said, “I can protect you but its power is stronger than both of us.”
My eyes widen, I will not leave without you. I thought.
You must Now go! “I can only keep him busy for a minute. I will find you.”
A heavy feeling came over me. I could not shake it. I did a doubt take as a large hooded figure appeared with Bors. 
“Lancelot!” Merlin mumbled, “You’re not supposed to be here.”
“Well, tough Merlin. You are not the one who choose faith!” Lancelot exclaimed.
What was he saying!  I glance towards Merlin.
Lancelot met my eyes. “Run Verona.”
I caught a glance of movement in the corner of my eyes. There stood a huge dark beast.
Without thinking, I ran deeper into the forest. Only then did I realize Merlin had not place a protective shield around me.

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter to be more intriguing with a little twist surrounding Verona and Merlin.  Oh yes, Lancelot just could not stay put. It seems he knows something also.  Now, I am heading to the next Chapter before I decide to rewrite the last three paragraphs.




My Writing: My First Poem

Oh yes, I did say poem,  while looking for some notes in my notebooks I came across some poems I’ve written a few years back. Also, I found my very first poem I wrote 15 years ago.

Oh yes, for a 24 years older, I was being spontaneous  for entering a Poetry Contest.(It was a free contest. So, I said why not try it.) I sent my poem to the place without mentioning it to anyone.

I did come in at second place, I had to sign an affidavit form and check for any mistakes before sending my poem back. My poem some suppose to get it publish.  in a poetry collection book.

The sad thing about this, there was a major family emergency, that shook my family at the same time. (This is where I  learned firsthand,  How serious  a Diabetic coma and Stroke really was. Sorry, going off the subject. I might post something about it in a later post.)

Anyway, I lost track of this poem, which means it is probably in a poetry book out there somewhere.

Oh, I have to admit one thing, after reading this poem again.  I wonder How was it possible for this poem to place second.  Also, I am no poet.

Only A Whisper
I’m only a whisper
That he does not hear
How dear he is to me
So I whisper it low
For he does not know
How much I love him so.
But I am not beautiful
As those he date,
Knowing this I fear my fate
That I maybe too late
This is why I hate
To Say it out loud
Or in crowd
So I whisper it low
For he does not know
I love him so.
V.Rose Demet

I guess I could say this poem at one time meant something to me. However, like a saying goes that’s water under the bridge.

Now, I am going back to editing my chapter, which is going very slow.




My photo: A Big Thank you!

Okay, yesterday morning while catching up on reading posts I follow, I seen that little orange dot in the corner. I clicked on it and to my surprise, which I can say was the best surprise ever. As of yesterday, I have over 201 followers.   🙂

I would like to say  Thank you, to all my followers out there and to those who had just started following my post.

Now, here are some of my favorite photos from past posts.  Of course I have my favorite flowers. These photos were taken at different times within the past few years.


A pink Rose before it turn white. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

A pink Rose before it turn white.


Hummingbird in Mamou Tree ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree


Flowers, roses, white, roses, Southwest Louisiana

They always look beautiful no matter which time of year.TEXT COPYRIGHT©V.ROSE DEMET ™2013.


Not bad for my first Moon  shot!

Not bad for my first Moon shot!

Oh yes, I had to add my favorite photo shots of the moon.




Fly Away ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Fly Away ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Rain, storm

A beautiful rainbow

To me a rainbow is a very good luck.


Snack Time, Where was no escape for this poor crawfish.

Snack Time, Where was no escape for this poor crawfish.


Burning of Rice Field After The Second Crop.

Burning of Rice Field After The Second Crop.


Again Thank you!

Hope everyone have a wonderful week.   🙂

My Writing:Chapter10

Okay, after going over this chapter about five times I can finally move on to the next. This Chapter felt like I was going round in circles once more. For one thing  two paragraphs were bugging me.  Anyway, I think  I am finished with this Chapter for the time being. But never know with me, I  might add or delete sentences.  As for grammar errors, I might have over looked some words.


Chapter 10: Forgotten Memories (I have to rewrite this title Chapter) 
“Remember steady and aim true.” The tall bearded dark haired man said kindly.
“Like this.” I heard myself, the arrow went flying into the oak tree a few feet away.
“Yes Guinevere.” His brown eyes sparkled towards a younger version of myself. “Your mother would have been proud of you now.”
“She is, Father.” A warm feeling came over me.
Nothing is want to seems Verona.  Remember this.My eyes opened, brown eyes met mine. A warm cloth was on my forehead, a hand held in my hands tightly.
Merlin, where are you? I silently thought. An imagine of a blonde woman in his arms play out. I felt sleepy once more.
He is a fool! Answered a familiar voice.
“No, do not leave us again, my dear.” the earl said seriously.
I could see the concern in his eyes and something else. Why stay when I was not wanted or needed.
Was that a dragon in his aura shadow? I silently thought. “I am so sorry for being sick in your garden.” I mumbled just as the chamber door open. I did not care who came in as I slipped into darkness.
No, I will not let it happen again Guinevere! A familiar male voice exclaimed in the distant.
A very large cold hand felt my forehead, I moan in pain. Why was I on fire?
“My omen she is burning up.” Merlin said with his hand on my forehead.
I could still hear him but I walked towards a golden meadow filled with lilies and the smell of sweet basil and honeysuckles. I was standing in the middle of a golden field filled with all kinds of flowers from roses to periwinkle and oak trees, there a little dark headed boy, he had on a blue shirt and tan pants. with piercing blue eyes sat on a swing, made of ivy leaves. A young auburn haired woman in this beautiful golden gown was next to him.(Okay, I will have to rewrite this paragraph I want to tell not show and a better description on the young woman’s dress.)
I  walked towards them now, “I can I stay here?” I did not have to see Arthur- I- I meant Merlin again. I silently thought.
The woman’s green eyes widen in disbelief, “My goddess, you are not suppose to be here yet.” she said, “You have so many things to solve in the past and future, my dear child.”
 “Verona!” A voice called out.
I saw him as I turned towards the woman now, “Why is William Scotts here?” I asked feeling a pulled towards him now.
“You must leave here now,” she said sadly, “Remember both past and present.”
I turned towards William and saw Merlin instead, “What happen to William Scotts?” I asked in confusion now.
“I am here with you, my beloved.” Merlin said pulling me into his arms.
No, you’re not! A brown cloak figure with violet eyes exclaimed. 
One moment I was in this field the next I was being sucked backwards, I saw     my life passed me by.
I saw myself in green velvet gown drinking from a goblet and pushed into a lake, while an elderly man went straight into a magic stone by a dark haired woman with a strange stone necklace. I heard her evil laughter. It was not Morganna. (Okay I might have to reword this paragraph again.)
“Both my enemies are gone and no one will ever find you Merlin or Guinevere.”
I became aware of someone trying to make me swallow some liquid when I took a deep breath and pushed it away suddenly. “No, I am okay.” I said with my eyes open now to meet Merlin hard cold eyes.
Do not be stubborn Verona! “Drink it, Verona.’ he said soberly.“It is anise my secret tea. It will help your stomach.”  
I did not argue with him as I drank the tea that to my surprised tasted good and like the tea my newly founded grandfather had given me this for my lighted head two days ago. 
Nevertheless, I could not remember what had caused it. Then it occurred to me, it had been my necklace electrical shock. I silently thought he had asked about it and I told him, how I was giving it by a mysterious auburn haired woman, at a fair in my home town of Moon Isle.
“Verona says something to me?” Merlin asked in a worried tone.
Why? Gwen isn’t good enough for you? No, wait Morganna? I wanted reply my mind. I never felt doubt cross. This was the way I felt when William told me,
He was marrying me to keep safe from my adopted parents’ cruelness. “What happened?”
Before he could answer the chamber door open,the earl walked in carrying a tray of bread and honey. “Has the fever broken Merlin?” placing the tray on the little side table.
“Yes,” he said, “Who prepare this bread and honey?”
“Tuck and John brought it in when they heard.” the earl said, “Is she m… well?” Daughter? I thought I heard him say.
“Yes, I got her in time. The poison is all out.” Merlin said boldly while rubbing my hands.
I noticed that the earl eyes narrow a bit the gesture; however, he did not comment. “What do you mean I was poison?” I asked in disbelief.
“Someone slipped a deadly tonic in your drink.” Merlin said then towards the earl of Huntingdon. “It seems that the in-law was hoping Lady Verona would be your new interest, Robin.”
“That’s unreasonable ….” he said, “I would never have agree this.”
Not, when I know who she was. He silently thought. There was no doubt this was his real daughter.
“If you dislike her so much, why have her here?” Merlin asked soberly.
“It was not my idea.” he said soberly, “Guinevere wanted her here.” I noticed something flicker in his eyes when, “Tell me child did she happen invite you to one of her tea parties?”
“Yes,” I said  puzzled, “Does  this have something to do with my illness?”
Both men glanced towards each other with this look that said it all.
“Did you drink or eat anything?” the earl asked there was something in his eyes that looked grim.
“No, Merlin and my brother, my cousin and William Scarlett arrived just as they were serving tea.” I said turned towards Merlin now, “They were a little too nosy about my necklace and said it resembled Lady Sarah’s necklace.” I noticed the earl glanced towards my necklace, “Who is this Lady Sarah?
“May I see your necklace Lady Verona?” Robin asked soberly while keeping his facial expression unreadable. 
I glance towards Merlin, who nodded. “Be warned the last one who tried touching my necklace got a shock.” I said flatly, as I pulled my necklace over my head and into my right palm. I noticed the fade symbol of a sword that was placed there by an auburn hair woman.
“My omen! This was my mother’s necklace.”  He glanced towards Merlin’s sober expression. “ Guinevere lost this, as a child when she fell into the lake” Pausing,  “Who gave this necklace to you?” 
That was when it happened. A female voice exclaimed.
“It was given to me at a fair by a fortune-telling woman when I was twelve years old.” I said noticing how Merlin kept on staring at my palm.
“A gypsy.”Robin said boldly, “Can you say how she looks?”
“Oh, I’ll try, but she was no gypsy.” I said, “She was taller than I and had long wavy auburn hair to her waistline and worn a very deep purple color dress with this pendent of a dragon, her eyes were green with a spark of mystery.”
The image of the woman I dreamed of appeared in my mind and wonder if she was the one from the fair.
“Vivian?” Merlin asked, surprised. However, his eyes looked in disbelief.
You actually met her in your time?
Yes, I think I did. I silently thought then added, a rude remark. Was she not your mistress? No wait, I do not want to know. I turned towards the Earl, who eyed my necklace, then towards Merlin.
If I had a mistress, you would be the first and last to know, Lady Verona. Merlin silently thought. His eyes dare me to comment.
“You need to get her out of here before Joan  take an interest in her or  worse Guinevere recognize this necklace.” he said in despair. “This part of the manor is not bewitched, but the rest was.” Pausing, “I would never have said this, if I had not seen the sword in your hand, my dear sweet child.”
“The sword of truth, I see Vivian had her hands busy.” Merlin said, “Do you know who bewitched this place?”

Okay, I wanted to make the last two paragraphs intriguing and reveal something about the marking in Verona’s hand.  Now, I’m heading to the next Chapter before I start deleting paragraphs.