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My Life Experience: A New Blog Post Title

I have a new title for my blog posts. But I am hesitant. It will be different from all the posts I have written. I like to apologize ahead of time.
Yes, it is will be on a difficult subject, which changed how I have seen things.
Some of my family members will disagree with my posts. But it is my life. I am taking a big step with my new title. I am also taking it slow and editing a lot of my writing.


The most difficult thing is realizing the truth I found out the hard way.


Always hugs those who are special to y’all🌹



My Writing: My Final Poem

Okay, I have to admit as sudden as my poetry writing mood appeared, it suddenly faded away. Until next time…

Last but not least. A poem about fear.. In my case job hunting.

Last but not least. A poem about unknown fear..

~~Her Fears Into The Unknown~~
She enters the dark forest with fear
Each steps she takes, she hears
Screams and echoes, “Don’t go!”
“You should not be here.”
But she keeps going farther
Into the dark forest
A mist forms around her
She hears a very low sound
She steps into the center of the forest
Everything is quiet now
Has she found what she’s
Been searching for at last?
She reaches a crystal case
There, a young maiden sleeps
She hears a weep as the crystal case
Melts from the touch of her fingertips
Now, she sees the fair maiden’s face
And recognize herself.
Her eyes open, the dark forest
Turns into a golden forest.
She has overcome her deepest fears
Into the unknown…
©V. ROSE DEMET ™2016

Have a great weekend.   🙂


My Writing: An Awful Day

Okay, I have a question, Ever woke up thinking  today Is the day I will finish this Chapter and half  done everything goes dark. computer screen.  In a panic state Oh no I fried my desktop computer! Only to realize it is not the computer.  It’s the power that went out. And then worries sink in, for not one hour but four hours. This question comes to mind.Did I save my last Chapter?


Now that that is What I call an awful day. But lucky my Chapter I was typing did save.

As for the power going off. There was a cold front that made its way down to Southwest Louisiana yesterday. I can say Winter came for a visit again. And here I was getting ready to plant a vegetable garden. Now, I remember why my Dad would plant his garden in late May.

Here is a rough draft synopsis of my second manuscript I writing in Camp Nano

Verona Hunters always knew she had a wild imagination. But she never thought of Time traveling or mystical creatures  being one of them! Nor being the key to saving a forgotten Camelot from an ancient evil presence that can destroy everyone she loves. Can she and the great Merlin save Camelot and keep their feelings to themselves? Or will a dark evil presence rule Camelot and destroy their love in the process.            

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

This is only a rough draft I am trying out. I have too many ideas for the dreadful Synopsis I have heard so much about and read about.



Here is a photo shot of the newest Rose bud. If anyone cannot tell I like Roses.



My Writing: Day 29 and 30

Okay after some serious thinking I decided to use numbers instead of writing the words out for this post.

Now back to my writing which have been a little slow lately, but here a little update to where I am in my editing of my chapters.

After going over my first seven chapters, I realized that the only way I would be sure that I did not have any more errors, was to have someone look over it, which someone did and this weekend I was redoing the first two chapters again. which was not to fun. I had a few typos and grammar errors.

Oh boy, I thought I was finish with adding new paragraphs, but I decided to add just one sentence. Now I just hope there is not any grammar mistakes or missing words by doing this.  But this will not  bother me one bit.

Well, onto my next two chapters.

My Chapter 8 and Ideas

Okay, I looked over this Chapter and found that there are some part that is really bugging me but I could be wrong. I looked over this chapter more than any other, I may have over looked some errors and grammar mistakes.

Chapter 8: Old Crush (Okay I may change this title I am not sure yet.)

A second later Stephanie entered the quiet garden, this should have made her worry. But no,she walked until she came to the bench on the south side of the house; where a large oak tree stood. Sadness and loneliness came over her. She came alert and glanced towards the pinkish sky from the sunset, for a moment, she saw a young brunette curly-haired woman in a velvet purple gown staring back towards her in the distant. In a blink of an eye she vanished.

The atmosphere become unsettled and she turn without noticing the shadow behind her.

“Oh my, what do I have here?” a male voice asked in crisp southern drawl, “Why it’s a fair maiden?” Pausing, “Have you come to rescue me from my boredom?”

Hawk Millsom was ready to leave for his own home, when a full figure, mysterious young brunette woman, in a velvet green short sleeve dress slip out from
the side door. Nobody used this door in years and this intrigued him.
Without saying a word, he watched her from his spot near the huge oak tree. She froze in place and started to back away. He just had to meet her.

Her face went red, she recognized the southern drawl of Hawk Millsom, her best friend’s older cousin, and her crush.
Oh, heaven help me. Taking a deep breath, she took to face him now.
Sure enough, five foot five, medium built, even tan, sandy brown-haired stood there with mischief in his dreamy blue eyes.

That innocent sweet smile of hers shook him to the core. It was familiar but he could not place her.
Did they meet in Locksomville or even on Moon Isle few years ago.
Her blushing brought back a forgotten memory, of a
shy, short-haired brunette teenage girl with brown eyes,which turned a golden color when she was rile.
His brows rose,“Stephanie?”He never predicted the girl, no – woman of his dreams, ever return, to him or here tonight.
No, he could not be nervous? Hawk Millsom never become nervous in front any young woman.

Do not judge him that way, Stephanie Rose! A voice answered back.

Stephanie ignored this, “Yes, Mr. Millsom.” His facial expression went blank.

Her voice was music to his ears.But since when she called him, Mister? His mother and Aunt popped up in his mind. When did you start calling me, Mister?” he asked.
“Oh, it’s out of respect.” she said bluntly, “You know respect those who are older.”

Is she calling him old? She was avoiding eyes contact and fretting with her bracelet? This meant one thing.
She is nervous.“Are you saying I’m old?” he asked with this serious frown on his face.
Her face is burning now. “Of course not!” She pushed her bangs from her face.“It is a habit.”
Well, let see if I can break her habit. He glanced towards her ruby-red lips, and stepped to her side. “Hmm..,I believe you, Stephanie Rose.” he said inches from her lips. “But if you had meant it, I have to prove you wrong, Sweetheart.”
Her mouth went dry as she visualized him taking her into his arms and kissing her. No, this cannot happen!
Hawk Millsom always thought of her as his younger cousin best friend and the town lowlife.He was never interested in her and realize he is playing a game.
“Oh, how Mr. Millsom?” she asked teasing, before turning to leave. He is.. Trailing off as large strong tanned hands reach for her slim waistline and swung her around,
this made her braid rest beside her left breast, for a moment his blue eyes rested there.
“This way Sweetheart.” he said pulling her against his hard lean built chest and kiss her mouth.

Honey came to mind, when his mouth touched hers; it lingered for a moment as her lips parted. An electrical jolt pass through them, this broke their contact or maybe the sound of footsteps. ( Okay, this is the part that is bugging me, I might have to take another look over this scene,)

“What are you doing with my fiancée?” Rosa Abbott exclaimed with hidden smirk.
Modified. No way, he cannot be engaged ! Her whole world came crashing, with a straight face; she glanced towards Hawk and ignored the younger brunette woman’s comment.
“You’re..” She trailed off as cover her mouth and gave him an accused look.Without waiting for his reply, she hurried off, before she made bigger fool out of herself.

“Wait Stephanie !” he called out.
“Oh, she is rude.” Rosa Abbott said bluntly.

“What the hell are you doing?” he roared out, “You and I never been engage?”

In total disbelief, Rosa stared at the spot Hawk once stood. Pure hatred came over her at once.


“Are we still on for tonight?” she asked in a low tone, “Yes, I know the risk .”
She rolled her eyes towards the ceiling now, “Yes of course, bye.” she hung up the phone.

The stranger stood outside the bay window and plotted. With an evil grin, he walked towards the dark forest, which lead him to his hiding place.

Okay, when I wrote this part I wanted the reader to get a sense of shock and mystery. I also wanted the  stranger to make another appearance.

My Chapter 7 and Ideas

Okay, after looking over this chapter again I feel okay with the editing and grammar. But I may have miss some words.  I put my little notes were I feel it may need some changes.

Chapter 7: The News (Okay, I might have to change this title. Until I change it i will leave it alone for now.)

Reynolds’ ranch

It was quarter eight then a call came to the fair-skinned, sandy brown-haired, five foot five, young rancher, “What do you mean Maria St. Rose has not returned yet!” he exclaimed in a strong southern drawl, into his cell phone. “Yes,she can take care of herself.” Pausing, “Look, when she checks in let me know, William.”With this, he hanged up, his cell phone and glanced out the bay window towards the western sky, which was turning a pinkish and purplish color. Sadness settled over him.  (I think I might have to either look over this part again. For some reason I find it is too long and the sunset description does not show how he really feel.)   

His cousin’s detective disappearance made matter worse. Where can she be? He glanced towards the clock now. They were suppose to be at Alice Millsom’s dinner party.“No, telling what she will say,” he mumbled walking towards his desk.
At the entrance to the study, the eighty-nine years old woman heard her nephew and came up with a plan. She walked in and said in her grandmotherly voice, “Hank, we do not need to go anywhere tonight.”
At the sight of his grand-aunt pale weary face,Alice Millsom vanish and replaced with concern for his aunt. “Are you feeling well, Aunt Cassandra?” he asked next her.
“Of course.”she said smiling.”I am just tired.”

“I am sure Alice Millsom will understand.”He doubted this, the woman is trouble.
I careless what she thought! Alice Millsom was
beginning to annoy her “Of course.” Cassandra mumbled “Has Maria return yet?”
“No, she has not return yet.” he said calmly,“You know how afternoon, traffic can be.”
“Oh yes.” she said.
You will never see her again, Cassandra Rose! female’s voice said echoed in her conscious.
She is stun still for a moment.
“Are you feeling okay, Aunt Cassandra?” he asked noticing her pale face.
“Oh yes, “she said bravely, “My old bones are aching.”
He came to her side now, “Do you need help?”
“Oh no, child.”Smiling to her nephew, “Good night.”
“Goodnight.” he said following her to the stairs, and waited until she reached her bedroom door.

A minute later in his study again, “How soon can you get here?” he asked in a sober tone in his cell phone, “Good.”


(Okay, I might keep some sentence in the next few paragraphs but I have not made up my mind yet.  Good thing I am looking over this paragraph again. If I had not I would not have found two paragraphs copy twice. )

The short-haired brunette seen everything. Now, she hurried to find her sister and fiancé. Without knocking on the den door, she found them in a heated kiss.. “Oh, don’t y’all know how to lock the door!”
“Rosa!” they both exclaimed, moving apart to the far end of the sofa.

“We were just kissing.” the fair-skinned, slim figure flat chest blonde said, smoothing her hair and black leather mini skirt.

Yeah right. Ignoring her sister’s murderous glare. She glance towards his piercing green eyes now, “Your aunts are making a scene,” she said.

“So, what is new?” he asked.

Unbelievable!she took this very seriously and spoke
up, “Catherina.”

“Oh, do not worry,Rosa,” her older sister said casually, ‘‘They can be outrageous for their ages.”
“What happen?” Jake asked curious now.
“Oh, someone gate crashed the party.” Rosa said, “She told Mrs. Alice how snobbish she is.”

“What!” Catherina Abbott exclaimed, she had witness the older woman wrath first hand and stayed out of her way.
Who is she? A deep empty pitted feeling form in his stomach now, he ignored it altogether. Nobody have enough nerves. Well one person.Ms Josette? “Who is this person?”

“Oh someone name, Stephanie Patterson,” she said casually, “Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Helen were talking on her mother, then things broke loose.” She paused, “Allen Soulet isn’t the bookstore owner.”

Catherina Abbott notice Jake’s facial expression, turn grim, “Is something wrong, sweetie?” she asked worried.

“I am fine.” He glance towards Rosa “Are you sure that is her name?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Why was he so interested in this strange woman?

“So, what were they saying ?” Catherina asked curious now.

“They are gossiping on her late mother.” Rosa said.
Jake nearly choked on his drink. “No way.”
“Jake, who was this person?”Catherina said noticing a mix emotion in his green eyes.

How can he explain Josette Pattersom relation to him.She was the only person who cared for him after his own mother and father died in a freak boating accident fifteen years ago. “I’ll tell you later, Cat.” He left the study.

Okay, I think I am ready to go on to the next Chapter. 

My Chapter 6 and Ideas

Okay, I had to  edit a little more in this Chapter.  I did find a few errors with some grammar and missing words. I am beginning to think this will be another rough draft.

Oh boy, not again I thought I was finish with the rough draft. I guess I am not.

Chapter 6: The Shock

Helen Wheeler pale complexion face became red as a red pepper, surely not!
“Oh my sweet heaven,” Mary said cheerfully taking her hands, “It’s really you, Stephanie Rose.”

“Hello Mrs. Freds.”Ignoring Helen’s outburst. “How are you?”

“Good Dear.” Mary said smiling. My heaven, she is Anastasia’s granddaughter “And you?”

“I’m fine.” Stephanie said noticing how silent the other two women become.

No! Alice Millsom thought bitterly, as the floor beneath her feet opened and swallowed her plans.“Why Steffi, I did not recognize you,” she said in a sober tone, “I see you lost some weight.”

Stephanie smiled and returned the insult, “I see you have gained it Mrs. Millsom.”

Stunned, Alice face turned a deep shade of red. Before she could comment Helen found her voice.

“Who invited you to this private party?”she said loudly, the crowd next to the buffet table stopped and look.

Nancy St.Pierre known the moment her two-step sisters found Stephanie here; they show their claws and hearing the weight remark.The fire under the pot is getting hotter.
“I did.” Nancy Pierre said automatically from behind them.With her hand on her slim waistline, “You got a problem with this, Helen?”

Hm, I should have known! Alice glancing towards her half-sister, who was in a revealing sheer lace black shirt with a tank top beneath it and black jeans. The nerves, of her coming here in that outfit for her age!As pure jealously soared,“You had no right! Alice exclaimed with a cold-hearted glare.

The forty-nine years older woman just ignored her half sister, who was jealous of how she looked.”Of course, I have every right to.” Nancy said a smile spread across her face, while her blue eyes glared back with a challenged towards her half sisters.”Since Stephanie is the guest of honor” With this brilliant,smile now, “Is that right,dear?

Oh boy, Ms Nancy sure can stirrup a bee’s hive.Stephanie thought with confident; she glanced straight towards Alice and Helen.“You are right,” she said smiling,“I am the new bookstore owner.”
“That’s preposterous!”Helen exclaimed, “I have met Allen Soulet.”
“You and your mother were nuisance here.” Alice exploded now.

Mary Freds spoke up, “Now, Alice and Helen, we do not want to make a scene here.”

“Oh, be quiet Mary,” Alice said point- blank,
“This is my home I say what I want to whoever is here.”

In a flash her eyes darken a bit towards them and  the pin-up anger surface,

“No, you be quiet Alice Millsom. “You have no right to talk on my late mother that way.” Stephanie said boldly, “Y’all two are immature, snobbish, self righteous, jealous …” Her words hung in the air,  a couple of glance their way, surprised by the outburst. (Okay, maybe I added to many words in this part but I wanted to give an idea to what was being said. I might be cutting some words out of here.)
Regaining her control and Nancy’s approval smile, “Now, if y’all will excuse me, I need air.”

My goodness, she has grown out of her shyness. Nancy  realized she could handle the truth of her destiny. “Go right ahead, Stephanie.”
In the foyer entrance, Carrie had witness and sensed the strong vibes coming towards the spot where Stephanie Pattersom and the four women stood. Oh crap, she is one of them.

(Oh boy, it is when the last name is different from the one I was using in the beginning of my novel. Now I have to look again)

If only I can get my characters names right and I still have 14 chapters to go.

My Writing: Day Eighteen

Oh boy, it is one of those days that I am doing three things at once. Yes, editing, correcting my mistakes and looking for my next chapter page in my files. And not to mention everything going wrong with my characters.

It seems that one of my characters in chapter six has more details than the main character and this is bugging me. Why does this character have more details when I  only gave it a brief scene.

Oh boy,  Come to think of it this character do not last long in the next few chapters or I could keep this character. But never know with me.

I never thought Chapter Six would be the hardest Chapter to edit. When I edited it the first time I may have missed some details on two or characters. But now I am looking closely at my characters and their description. I hope I do not rewrite the whole chapter.

Well, on  to getting Chapter six done.

My Writing: Day Twelve

Okay, I was busy editing and redoing Chapter two and Three and have come to a halt.  While I was typing I found that my word count on my first chapter had more than two.  Now I have delete some more words from my Chapter Two. But I am not bothered about the whole rewriting thing.  It will give me another chance to look over anything I may have missed.

My Writing: Day Ten

Okay, after looking over Chapter Two I decided  to redo some parts and add a little more description to my main character’s home and shorten some paragraphs. Hopefully, it will not take me that long to redo. And then onto Chapter 3.