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My Very Short Halloween Story

Okay, since it is Halloween I decided to write this short story, which probably have some errors.  I might post two other stories. Never know with me.


The day he  moved into the white two story house, he noticed young child near swing. She gave him a smile and waved. He found it odd for a child so young to be out alone. He was going to asks who she was; however, when he returned outside she was gone. The only house on the block was a few yards away.

Odd. Coming the last of the boxes into the dinner room.
However, no one did not what was to come.
The very next morning He got up out of bed and went into the kitchen, he notice the plates on the dinner table, his brother, who stayed to help unpack, gave an odd look. “You set the table?”
“Who set the table?”
A voice from the kitchen, “Are y’all ready for breakfast?”
Wide eyed they both stepped away from the kitchen entrance, walked out the front door like to scared cats.
The little girl in a white dress was swinging. “Ya’ll need to leave here.”
If this did not say something was wrong.
They did not need no convince now. What took them two hours to bring into the house. Took thirty minutes. With a note in the door to the landlord. Keep the rent I am out of here.

He glanced towards the top window, as they drove away.  There stood a shadowy  figure behind the waving child.


Here is a photo shot, I took in 2006. I would have loved  to have taken this photo shot on Halloween night. I think it came out okay. I still have no idea to what the white smudge was or what was on the house.  It could have been the flash…..   I think.


Family Cemetery That Looks Spook At Night.

Family Cemetery That Looks Spook At Night. Southeast Louisiana.


 Okay, I am being brave and asking  everyone out there. What was your most scariest Halloween Story? Ever went into a real Haunted House?



My Writing: A Short Story

Okay, I am taking a break from my writing to post this short story idea, I thought of a few days ago that just kept popping up.  This is an unedited short story that I felt I had to post for today.


Words Cannot Explain How I felt Writng this. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Words Cannot Explain How I felt Writing this Short Tale . ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014


 He walks the quiet lonely rice field with his shovel over his shoulder, each day and evening.  He checks for overflows, run off and leaks in the rice field levees.

Those who seen him says he looks the same, as the day they first meet him. In his straw cowboy hat, he even worn the same faded blue long sleeves wrangler shirt and jeans. And of course, not to forget his green hip boots, for walking in the muddy water of the rice field.

Only now a days he doesn’t speak, maybe to those who can see him on a lonely sunny day.

From what I know a few have seeing him walking in the distance fields with his shovel over his shoulders and some have even heard the old John Deere’s smoke pipe whistle, while plowing away, at dust in rice fields, that haven’t been planted in years.

For strangers who happens to meet him, will have a tale to tell about their visit to Southwest Louisiana.

To be continued…. Maybe? 

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Okay now, I am going back to editing my Chapter 1 and 2.





My Writing: Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Okay,I am going to write about something a little different but it on writing.  Today, I was going to start on my Chapter 9 but things did not go as plan.

For one thing my computer decided to act up when I say act up I mean, it shut off while I was editing chapter 9.  No, I was saying to myself. But lucky  it came back on and I was able to get back to editing.

Oh, I think I need to make a chart on how long I spend on editing  my Chapters. Something I should have done a few months back. But no I had to wait just like my outlining, which is giving me a headache. But I am getting there.

Well, Back to editing and Chapter 9.

My Writing: Day Twelve

Okay, I was busy editing and redoing Chapter two and Three and have come to a halt.  While I was typing I found that my word count on my first chapter had more than two.  Now I have delete some more words from my Chapter Two. But I am not bothered about the whole rewriting thing.  It will give me another chance to look over anything I may have missed.