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My Every Day Life: I Have Returned

I am have returned. Oh, how I missed reading blog posts. But, with no internet it was hard. I did not stop writing. I have new blog posts, that may surprise many and shock some. I am not one to write about my private life. But things changed, and I am unsure on how long the internet will be back.

Anyway, a lot has happened, since May. But I will not go into details. I am just happy to be writing this post.
One thing I can say for the past two in half years I have been struggling with my eyes and being stubborn to visit an Eye doctor.

Yes, I was scared of what the doctor might have found. But not anymore all is well with my eyes.



I have not been smiling lately. Try to use a webcam to take a photo shot is difficult.

Until next time.

Have a wonderful weekend.🙂

Always give a hug and smile to those who means everything to you







My Writing: Huntingdom’s Manor

I will try to post updates on my writing twice a week, if the internet allow me to. Not fun when it goes out. ☹



Huntingdom’s Manor

Remember me as I am not what I have become, my sweet love.

His words echoed in mind, as I stirred from a deep sleep.

Tick! Tick! Snap! What in the world? I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar


Bells shriek in my head. Where am I?

Someone stirred in a mahogany chair near the fireplace.

Curious, I slipped off the bed.

Wow! I glanced towards the handsome dark-haired stranger asleep in a

sitting position.

Who is he? Fear spread over me. Did we?

No, my gentlewoman.” His roguish blue eyes met mine.

Why does his accent sound odd? light-headed and weak, I grabbed the chair.

Two strong arms wrap around my waistline. “Easy, you were injured in the


What forest?

No matter how hard I could not remember.

W-where am I?”

We are in Huntingdom manor.” His blue eyes met mine.

Huntingdom?” A chill rushed through my arm

Yes, are you not familiar with the manor?”

Remember! A voice command.

Pain spread through my head. “Ouch!”

I will get old Merlin.” He informed. “He will check your wounds.”


Strange, she does not recognize him. He gazed towards her Why did she

arrive here?

Sure.” My eyelids felt heavy.

Blurry images and voices surrounded me.

You need to remember them! A male stated.

My sweet goddess!” A stranger stated.

My eyes fluttered open.

Blue eyes met mine.

She is beautiful. “Do you know her?” He asked the other stranger.

No, should I?”

I kept my eyes lower and quiet.

Lancelot!” He resents his friend sarcastic remark.

He met someone. Ouch! I shrank.

Who did he meet? A gruff male voice answered.

Oh my, her energy is disappearing. “You are in pain?” He acted fast.

His icy fingers touched my temple, I straighten.

I am checking for pain.” He pointed out. “I found it.”

Warmth surrounded me.

A dark aura appeared and hissed.

Leave here!” He commanded.

In seconds, the aura disappeared.

Memories raced through my mind.

Oh my goodness the whirl! My heart skipped a beat.

I will find you, Verona.” A familiar voice echoed

Your thoughts returned, my beloved child.” He proclaimed.

Sorcery?” Lancelot glanced towards her.

Where the stranger from earlier?” I inquired.

Da–! She remembers.

Who?” Merlin stated. “No, I know the person.”

~~~End of Chapter One ~~~


The name is Huntingdom’s Manor . I  am using a different  name  but auto-correction seems to think it’s Huntingdon  with letter  n.     🤔

My Every Day Life: Very Patience

Okay, Here is a question. Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?

Well, that’s how last week went for me, for four days there was no internet in my home. Was not a Happy Camper 😦

But I did finish writing in my journal. I decided to hand write my story ideas in notebooks, (9 notebooks .)

Oh, the joy of Back to School sales on 70 pages notebooks last month was worth it.  🙂

Anyway, I am glad to be back online.



I waited patience for this photo shot.

I waited patiently for this photo shot.


Of course, I have to post this photo shot of my favorite Roses. This year the Roses is not blooming as often as last year.





My Photo: One Crawfish’s Adventure

Okay, I took this photo shot a few years back. After looking at this photo again. I think a short story idea formed from this photo shot.

Mister Crawfish had no idea his luck was about to change nor the outcome..

Will Mister Crawfish be dinner or Have an unusual adventure?  



My thoughts on this photo

An Unsuspecting Crawfish.. Mister Crawfish had no idea, his luck was about to change nor the outcome.


Have a great weekend!







My Writing: My Final Poem

Okay, I have to admit as sudden as my poetry writing mood appeared, it suddenly faded away. Until next time…

Last but not least. A poem about fear.. In my case job hunting.

Last but not least. A poem about unknown fear..

~~Her Fears Into The Unknown~~
She enters the dark forest with fear
Each steps she takes, she hears
Screams and echoes, “Don’t go!”
“You should not be here.”
But she keeps going farther
Into the dark forest
A mist forms around her
She hears a very low sound
She steps into the center of the forest
Everything is quiet now
Has she found what she’s
Been searching for at last?
She reaches a crystal case
There, a young maiden sleeps
She hears a weep as the crystal case
Melts from the touch of her fingertips
Now, she sees the fair maiden’s face
And recognize herself.
Her eyes open, the dark forest
Turns into a golden forest.
She has overcome her deepest fears
Into the unknown…
©V. ROSE DEMET ™2016

Have a great weekend.   🙂


My Writing: Surprised Another Short Poem

I guess I am in the poetry writing mood. For another short poem that took me by surprise.

I don't usually write poetry but I am going with the flow.

I don’t usually write poetry but I am going with the flow.


Her Darkest Secrets

She has secrets she never told

She holds those dark secrets deep within

People says she is cold-hearted

They do not know  how she weeps in her sleep

Nor the secrets she keeps

If only they knew her darkest secrets

Okay, I will be rewriting this short poem again. But I will leave it alone for now.


Have a great weekend.  🙂

My Writing: Poetry Takes Over Part 2

Okay, I have to admit once I started writing my ideas, I could not stop until I had three more short poems written down.  The only thing bugging me now, is the fonts size and color in my photo I used.

Another short poem...

Another short poem…

Secrets She Hides
Before you judge her
Glance deep within her eyes,
If you see sadness and loneliness
Then you’ll know the secrets she hides

My Writing: Old Memories

Okay, I posted this a very short story a few months back, I wanted to re post this short story again this year mark ten years my life turned upside down. I learned who were my true friends and who were not my friends.(This went for family members also. That is all I am saying..) Anyway, I still  cannot read  articles that mention Hurricane Rita or think about September 22 -25,2005.. I might be brave and post a photo shot of my childhood home. But never know with me.


Her name was Rita  
Her eye was cold and hateful. Her voice was as furious as the wind.Her movement brought destruction in her path and feared by all. She brought sadness and left nothing untouched. She took what she wanted from those in her way.She took my home, she took my belongings, she took what I kept close. The One thing she could not take away from me, my childhood memories. This I shall treasured  close to my heart for all time. That’s all I will say.


Okay, I will give an idea of the area I live in.(Still do but  a mile away from my childhood home.)  My family and I were two-miles or maybe less from the Coastline and the Gulf Of Mexico.  
Oh, The Sweet Smell Of Roses!

Oh, The Sweet Smell Of Roses!

Of course, I cannot leave out my favorite Rose bush,

this Rose Bush went through a lot ten years ago, from heavy rain, wind and flooding(Salt water from the Gulf Of Mexico.)  At one point My Mom thought this Rose Bush was a goner, since the other two Rose Bushes did not grow back.  But, the Rose Bush is it here, in a huge flower-pot.



My Writing: A Short Dedication

Okay, this short little essay was posted a year ago, however, after reading the essay once more. I decided to add some photo shots to this short essay.


Each morning and evening, he walks the quiet lonely rice fields, with his shovel over his shoulder.  Checking for overflows, leaks and runoff on the rice fields’ levees.
Those whom have known him says, he haven’t aged one bit, since the day they’ve first met him. Oh, he still wears his old straw cowboy hat, faded blue long sleeves shirt  and jeans.  Of course, he also still wears his green hip boots, for walking in the muddy water of the rice fields.
 Now a days he doesn’t speak to anyone, maybe to those whom seen him checking the rice fields, in the early morning hours,.
From what I’ve heard some have seen him walking, in the distance rice fields with his shovel over his shoulders. Some have even heard an old John Deere’s whistle at dust, while plowing away, in rice fields, that haven’t been planted in years.  
©V. ROSE DEMET ™2013


May 26, would have been my Dad’s 84TH Birthday. These photo shots are  Dedicated to My Dear Old Dad, Raoul Demet. A True Cajun, Rice Farmer and Gardener with a green thumb for planting vegetable, flowers, and trees.

He worked in the rice fields for many years and had a green thumb for planting vegetables, roses and trees.


My Dad Checking A Pump For The Rice Field

My Dad Checking A Pump For The Rice Field

He never noticed when I took this photo shot of him. Until I got the roll of film developed. His comment was, “Oh, Verna Rose!” and shook his head.  He wasn’t one to get his photo taken.

(This was taken with a 110 Kodak camera, I know the photo shot isn’t that great. )


He was checking to make sure the pump would stay on all night long till morning.


(Here’s a little secret I never could across that plank to go on the other side which was a levee. Under those planks was and still is very deep ditch.)

He still never notice me with my camera. Here he was opening or closing a pipe that ran to the rice field on the left.

He still never notice me with my camera. Here he was opening or closing a pipe that ran to the rice field on the left.

I know this photo is very old and not in the best condition. My Dad’s school photo. Taken back in 1941, he was 10 years old.

Raoul T-Bee Demet At The Age Of 10 years old 1941..

Raoul T-Bee Demet At The Age Of 10 years old



Last but not least a photo shot of his favorite flower.  We like the same flowers.  🙂

Simple Beautiful...

Simple Beautiful…

My Writing: Chapter 8

Okay, after looking over and rewriting some paragraphs, I am moving  to Chapter 9. I will leave this Chapter alone for now. But never know with me.

 Chapter 8: Old Friend
“Take her to him.” The auburn haired woman said, handed  a child with long brown hair to him now.
“I will not let you stay and face her alone, my dear sister.” A much younger Will Scarlet said.
What she had done next brought tears to my eyes as the cavern went in on her. As fast as the images came, they were gone. I meet his glance now and said, “She gave you her child to bring to her husband in the forest.” I said, feeling the cold air hit my face and Merlin’s grip my arms tightly. “But her grandmother gave her this necklace to send her to another place and time.”
Is this what I am supposed to remember? I wondered.
Yes, my sweet. A familiar voice answered back.
“She is a seer?” Bors asked puzzled.
“Merlin explains now!” William exclaimed, his facial feature  shown mixed emotions.
“She was found near Mystic Lake.” Merlin said, “Do not deny there is something amiss here in Nottingham.”
“Yes, Guinevere is not herself.” Will said, eyeing me now, “Another thing, I do not remember coming back to Huntingdon Manor. Nor being friends with the duchess.”
“That is true.” Bors said, “I was in the forest near Camelot when suddenly I am here.”
“Is this a spell we are under?” Lancelot asked.
“ We are not affected, But other are.” Merlin said boldly and then to me, “What do you think, Lady Verona?”
“The duchess is a b….” My temper soar up. I noticed Merlin’s brows rose a bit while Lancelot and the other two stood uncomfortably.  They all knew what she was! Why did Merlin let me go? I  gave him an icy glare. 
“I needed to know what she was up to and who she was cohort with.” Merlin said, turning to Lancelot and Bors, “Are you surprised to see Breuse here?” (This sentence might have to be rewritten.)
“Very, I thought y-Arthur banished him from Camelot?” Lancelot said glancing towards Merlin’s unreadable facial expression then towards me. “Breuse was a very dangerous person.”
“He did.  It seems he’s Duchess Joan  new plaything.” Merlin said harshly, then he turned towards me, “If I have known this, I would not have let you go there alone.”
Why did I have this feeling  he was hiding something from me. “The duchess said, I am to be presented to the Earl tonight at the wedding.”
“Wedding, is it not too soon?” Lancelot asked, glancing towards Merlin stormy face.
“I thought Guinevere and Arthur were to wed?” I asked, shocking all four men.
“Yes, in Camelot not here.” Merlin said harshly. His eyes grew darker.“I will not allow her meddling  or have Lady Verona be presented to Robin like a trophy.”
I notice dark clouds forming over the manor and glanced towards Merlin. His piercing blue eyes grew darker, were rage and something else.
Look closely Verona. A female voice echoed. A silver aura appeared near him.
No, he could not be. I informed myself now, there was someone else whom was also a great wizard. however, he did not show many his true nature. Maybe that’s the reason why he’d lost me- her.
His blue eyes met mine and the cloud cleared a bit. “I must think,” he said, glancing towards Lancelot puzzled face, “Keep an eye on her like she is your very own sister or cousin.”
“You can count on me, Merlin.” Lancelot said grinning.
Do not steal her from me or I will not be grateful. Merlin eyes seemed to say as he turned towards me, “You will be safe with your dear cousin, my sweet.”
“I have no doubt about that.” My eyes asked in silent. When are you going to tell me your true identity ?
I will later, my beloved. Merlin eyes seemed to say as the circle was broken.
Disheartening, I slowly walked behind the other men, in silent with my head down.  I only stop when  Merlin pulled me behind a huge oak tree. I met his stormy blue eyes.  The kiss was quick and I did not have time to think.
“I will be near you at all time.” He mumbled before leaving me behind.
Oh my! I covered my heart, my hair on my arm pickle up. I glanced towards the dark eerie forest.
You will never find him!  A sinister voice echoed into the wind. 
Find who?  I thought a chill came over me. 


Okay, I have to admit I did add that last sentence. I just could not leave without adding a little bit of mystery.