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My Cherish Memories: 17 Years Went By Fast

Okay, this post has taken  me a long time to write not because it’s a long post. It’s actually a short post. Anyway, since no other family members never made a short dedication to my Grandmother, I decided to share a photo of her and my Grandfather.




17 years today

My Grandfather Aristile Demet Apr. 20, 1911- Dec. 28, 1989 and Grandmother Lydia Bourque Demet Jan. 6, 1916-March 3,2000.


I  cannot believe how time goes by fast? It’s already 17 years of my grandmother passing. All I can say about her, she was something else.



Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂








My Cherish Memories: Life Of The Party

Okay,I wrote this post a few months back and after reading it. I decided to add a bit more to it. This is a dedication to my cousin.

The question was Write about the  most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

I have lost a few precious things and love ones in the past years , however, today I will write about my first cousin. Two years hard to believe you have been gone that long. You always could put a smile  on everyone’s face. You were the  life  of the party or any family events. He had this way of making people laugh and crying  at the same time.  Cry in a good way for his jokes could make someone laugh so hard that they start to cry. He was something else and I miss him dearly. Maybe because he had me spoiled rotten as a child and took up for his youngest first cousins.

But sadly, we lost him two years ago from kidney failure .Nothing been the same at family get together. Only the memories of t good times we all had with him.

I sometime wonder what he would have said about my blog.  He would have probably been very happy and asking me to write a short story about him.

So, here to my cousin Billy S.  45 years old was too young to leave.  That’s all  I am saying on the subject.


Flowers, roses, white, roses, Southwest Louisiana

They always look beautiful no matter which time of year. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2013.