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My Every Day Life: I Have Returned

I am have returned. Oh, how I missed reading blog posts. But, with no internet it was hard. I did not stop writing. I have new blog posts, that may surprise many and shock some. I am not one to write about my private life. But things changed, and I am unsure on how long the internet will be back.

Anyway, a lot has happened, since May. But I will not go into details. I am just happy to be writing this post.
One thing I can say for the past two in half years I have been struggling with my eyes and being stubborn to visit an Eye doctor.

Yes, I was scared of what the doctor might have found. But not anymore all is well with my eyes.



I have not been smiling lately. Try to use a webcam to take a photo shot is difficult.

Until next time.

Have a wonderful weekend.🙂

Always give a hug and smile to those who means everything to you






My Photo: Seven Days Photo Challenge

Okay, I never did any photo challenges before, which mean it is my first photo challenge in black  and white. I will try to post a new photo shot in black and white each day.

Anyway,  here is my first black and white photo shot of  my Mom’s white Rose,  bush, which is finally blooming. All summer long  I waited for these Roses to bloom.

Finally Bloom

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

My Photo: Visit From A Photo Gone By

Okay, I am going through of some of my photos from my past posts and one photo dropped by to visit. This was my third photo shot I took using a digital camera. Of course, this is a photo shot is one of my favorite flowers.

I could not leave this post without adding one of my favorite flower. This summer the Roses isn’t blooming as the year before.  Have a great week😊


I am slowly returning to my normal routine.



My Writing: Goals For 2017

My goals and plans for 2017.
• Write a post on a subject I never mention. But needs to be written.
• Take vacation without informing family members until the last-minute.
• Write more poems.
• Finish editing my book.
• Have patience and motivation when editing. (Don’t Delete file by mistake again. I will always check Recycle Bin.)
• Write one post on a tough topic. Later, in the year.
• More photo shots.
• Research my family history, which is a mystery.
• My education In my younger years, I had to put off furthering my education. Now, I want to learn new things.
• Job hunting again. Apparently, not many appreciate honest help. (Maybe, a future post on this subject. Never know with me.)

I think my list for 2017 will be simple or maybe not. But never with me.



Last but not least, a few photo shots I have taken in the past years. (Photo shots not in order.)

As it went down I snapped shots of these nice

sunset, frost, winter, Southwest Louisiana

A Beautiful Southwest Louisiana’s Winter Sunset.. 2014

Getting Close To Lunch Time

Getting Close To Lunch Time


Beautiful, sunny day, winter, cold, Southwest Louisiana;

The last time there was an Ice storm was  back in January of 1997.
Jan. 27, 2014

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Have a wonderful week. 🙂


My Photo: Favorite Photos Countdown

Oh yes, I am looking through my photo album for my favorite photos. Since its New Year’s Eve I have decided to share my many favorite photo shots from past years.

Beautiful, sunny day, winter, cold, Southwest Louisiana;

Frozen in time. January 2014, was very cold..

A Winter Evening

A freezing January evening ~2014~

I have so many favorites photos, these are my best photo shots.

I Never Know What To Expect.....

I Never Know What To Expect….. ~2015~

When Writer's Block Take Over Find Something To Eat.. Then Start Writing!!!

When Writer’s Block Take Over Find Something To Eat.. Then Start Writing!!!

Oh yes, the photo shot of the fudge is  also a favorite.

A quiet peaceful May evening ~2015~

A quiet peaceful May evening ~2014~


Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Last but not least, my favorite flower. Of course I have to add these photo shot from this year.

Lovely Red Roses on a quiet Saturday morning... Sept.30,2016

Lovely Red Roses on a quiet Saturday morning…

A beautiful Red Rose on a Autumn day...

A beautiful Red Rose on an Autumn day…



Have a great weekend! Happy New Year! Best wishing to everyone, in coming year.  🙂


My Writing: 14 Years Ago Today

Okay, this little essay was written a few years back, Today it’s a dedication to my Dad, who was a rice farmer for fifty something years before retiring.  14 years ago we lost my Dad (Heart attack. That’s all I will say for now. That was the first upside down and nightmare.)

Anyway, after reading this essay and editing once more, I  can say I am finish with this essay… Unless, I find something wrong. But never know with me.


Haunted Fields

From dawn to dust

He walks the lonely fields, each day,

With his shovel over his shoulder.

He checks for anything amiss in the fields.

 Those whom seen him says,

He hasn’t aged since the day

They first met him.

He, still wears his old straw cowboy hat

Blue faded long sleeves shirt and jeans.

Of course, he still wears his green hip boots.

To walk in the murky water of the rice field.

Now, a days he does not speak to many.

Maybe to those whom seen him in the per-dawn hours.

From what I have heard.

He walks in the distance rice fields.

They know it’s him by his shovel

over his shoulders.

Others seen him on John Deere tractor

plowing away in a field

and mysteriously vanish by their presence.

The only sign of him, ever being there

is the lonely distance sound

of a John Deere tractor’s whistle

fading into the sunset.

No one knows why he walks the fields.

 If they did, they would have tears in

the eyes.

Maybe someday his search will be over

and he’ll finally rest.

 Haunted Fields ©V. ROSE DEMET ™2013



Maybe next year, I will write about that day.

Maybe next year, I will write about that day.

Last but not least a new little Rose bush is blooming.. Roses was my Dad’s favorite flower also.  He could take a Rose branch and plant it in the ground and a few months later. The Rose bush would be growing. He had a green thumb for gardening.


Red Roses Series

Red Roses Series


My Photo: Red Roses In Bloom

Okay, a few days ago I was up early, which meant I got a chance to take some photo shots of these lovely Red Roses. 🙂


Lovely Red Roses on a quiet Saturday morning... Sept.30,2016

Lovely Red Roses on a quiet Saturday morning…

A beautiful Red Rose on a Autumn day...

A beautiful Red Rose on an Autumn day.

I am always amazed by my photos appear. I had a good angle shot.

I am always amazed by my photos appearance. I had a good angle.

I think these photo shots came out okay. But that’s only my opinion.

My Photo: A Visit From A Rose

Okay, I was looking through my posts, I decided to post my very first photo shot I took with my digital camera. Now, I was not sure how my photography skills would turn out, since I always used a regular camera with roll of films.

Anyway, from 3 years ago to now, I would say I have improved a bit. But that’s just my opinion.


A White Rose on a hot September day.

A White Rose on a hot September day.

My first photo shot. Once I learned how to use my digital camera, I was ready to capture the evening sunset and everything around me.



Last but not least My Mom’s newest addition to her Roses. One of my younger sibling transplanted  this beauty earlier this year.


Lovely Red Roses on a quiet Saturday morning... Sept.30,2016

Lovely Red Roses on a quiet Saturday morning…


Have a wonderful weekend!  🙂

My Writing: A Personal Essay Visits Again

Okay, I told myself, I would not post this essay again. But as the days got closer to the upside down day, (11 years ago.) I decided to edit and rewrote this essay once more.


Her eye was filled with coldness,

 Her voice was furious as the wind.

Her movement brought destruction and fear to all in her path.

She brought sadness, left nothing untouched.

She took what she wanted from those in her way.

She took my home, my belongings, and  what I kept close.

 The one thing she could not take from me, is my childhood memories.

This, I shall treasure close to my heart for all time.

Rita ©Verna Rose Demet ™2015


Everyone had their own personal thoughts on that day. I have my own also. I have not written about it. (I won’t go there yet. ) Perhaps, in a few years, I might write more on Sept. 23, 2005 and those days, which followed.


Last but not least the only Rose bush that went through a lot.

 A White Rose


My Photo: Lovely Roses

Okay, I took these photo shots of my favorite flowers a few years back. Right now I am waiting for the Rose bush to grow back.


Beautiful Roses. I am waiting for the Roses to bloom this year.

Beautiful Roses. I am waiting for the Roses to bloom this year.

Spring time 2014

Last month we had to pruned the Rose brush, to transplant the bush to another spot in the front yard. Now, I am watching the branches on the Rose bush grow back.    🙂