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My Life Experience: Living with Secrets

“Secrets can tear a person apart or make them stronger in determination.”
Sometimes, it is better to keep secrets. But other times, it is beneficial to let it out.

Now, I realize some will disagree with me on my secret and topic. Many will doubt and look the opposite way.  I am okay with this truth. Everyone has their personal view about the title.  (I know I repeated on the subject of disagreement, that’s  how difficult it is for me. But I have let it out.)

What is my secret?  

Sorry, my secret is painful to write or talk about. But it is time for me to go for now. Until my next post the reveal of my secret. If I do not chicken out.


Always remember to hug those you cherish the most.


My Life Experience: A Brief Summary

Someone suggested I share my life experience with a few people. I hesitated, I am not one to share my life story with just anyone. My few friends do not know of my life experience or the secrets I keep.

But how does one write about their life experience?

When there were so many things, I did not experience. But should have in life.  The joy of meeting someone special or parenthood.

Anyway, I have decided to write a short post. Not too short or long.

 I have seen sorrows, disaster, and dishonesty. But I kept pushing forward.

  I have seen sorrows, disaster, and dishonesty. But I kept pushing forward. 

Until next time…  Have a nice weekend.

Remember to hug those precious to you.



My Life Experience: A New Blog Post Title

I have a new title for my blog posts. But I am hesitant. It will be different from all the posts I have written. I like to apologize ahead of time.
Yes, it is will be on a difficult subject, which changed how I have seen things.
Some of my family members will disagree with my posts. But it is my life. I am taking a big step with my new title. I am also taking it slow and editing a lot of my writing.


The most difficult thing is realizing the truth I found out the hard way.


Always hugs those who are special to y’all🌹