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My Writing: When Poetry Appear

Okay, like I mention before I am not a poet. But when an idea takes form into a poem, I won’t hesitate to write it down.  It’s a work in progress and a rough draft, which I will rewrite for a later post.

His Memories
She waited for him throughout time
As the months flew by
With no sign of her love in sight
She realizes now, it’s time to take flight
As his memories fades into the night
With a heavy heart she shows
no sign of a broken heart
Nor the tears she cried each night.
For he is now a memory 
I am doing something different with my photos.

I am doing something different with my photo shot. I might keep on adding poems. But never know with me. 



My Photos: Beautiful October Evening In Southwest Louisiana

Okay, When I was going through all the photo shots of  sunsets I took in the past year and I came across these three photo shots I took back in October.

Evening, Southwest Louisiana; sunset, Cajun country, sunset

A Beautiful Twilight.

It was a beautiful evening and had enough sun light to capture these photo shots.

sunset , Southwest Louisiana; sunset, Cajun country,

Just Simply Breathtaking. TEXT COPYRIGHT©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

A left side view.

Sunset, Twilight Fall, sunset, Southwest;

Everything Has A Surprise Sometime.

I think this one came out a little blurry and was getting a little dark.