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My Writing: Oh, No Missing Chapters!

Okay, after a few minor setback in my writing, I think I can get back to my Chapters.  As for minor setback. Picture editing a few chapters and suddenly realize two important Chapters are missing.

Oh yes, this happened to me.  I told myself not worry, I have it in my rough drafts folder on my computer.

I opened  this  folder went through the chapters. Now, I was starting to worry,  I could not find it nowhere.  I did eventually find the rough draft copy.

It was the last place,  I  did not want it to be in. Now, I am glad I do not empty my recycle bin often. Or I would not be a happy camper.

Anyway, here is a recap of  Chapter 3,( I rewrote this chapter about four times now. However, this is the last time I will posting it. Unless I find something wrong again. But never know with me.

A recap of Chapter 3 : Rivals
A knock came at the door,  Merlin  stood with a small jar in hand. His eyes glance my way only for a moment.
Was that a spark of interest? I thought shaking the idea. His face became red with fury.
“What is this?” Merlin roared out. Never in his years of knowing Elaine had she ever done something so childish as this.
“The clothing Lady Guinevere said to bring.” she said bluntly. 
“Ah, I see.” His eyes went astray towards her chest, turning towards Elaine. “This is not  a proper outfit for a young maiden from a respectful family, nor is she a tavern maiden, Elaine!” His blue eyes met her eyes,  she backed away suddenly. “Now be gone.”
Her eyes matched his glare before heading out the door.
Pig headed fool! “Y-yes oh, great one.” she bowed, hurrying away. Nearly bumped into Lancelot.
“Hey, Lana wait up.” Lancelot said, puzzled, carrying velvet green dress, with a well dress woman. “Look who I found.”
“Oh, Duchess Joan, this is an honor.” Merlin said, placing a kiss on the side of her face.
“Merlin.” she said flatly.
Her tight mouth held a disapproving  gaze towards Merlin. She did not seemed old, her facial feature revealed, a youthful face and something else, I could not place.
Look deeper my Dear. A woman’s voice said.
“Oh wow, I mean. Who brought you those clothing, dear cousin?” he asked stunned.
“Lady Guinevere thought it would be nice on me.” I said tightly and uncomfortable now as the older woman stared at me or was it my necklace.
“I think these are much better, dear,” she said with a kind smile.“Hmm…,my dear granddaughter does not know nice clothes when she sees it.”
And do you! A female voice echoed in the distance of my mind.
A look of puzzlement cross her face, “Oh, Thank you my Lady.” I mumbled.
“You’re welcome.” the Duchess said, “I will be honored to have you for tea this afternoon.”
I could not help noticing  Merlin and Lancelot looked surprise.
“If she is up to walking, that is?” she asked glaring towards both men.
“Oh yes, will you have tea in the garden?” Merlin asked warmly.
 What was going on! The room was freezing! I glanced towards Merlin, who kept his gaze on the Duchess.
“Hmm, the garden will nice.” she said smoothly.
Why was he protecting me? I notice Lancelot glance his way now. There was something odd about him or was it that he reminded me of my… I cannot remember whom.
“That does sound good, since she has been up here for a whole  day.” Lancelot said, “But will your ladies in waiting wonder about my cousin bruises?”
“Oh no, I will make sure Lady Veronica and Maria act ladylike.” she said frankly, “However, you how teens like to act. I will leave you now, dear.”
“Let me see your hand.” Merlin said boldly, his eyes however, roamed towards  my chest.
Obeying, I gave him my hand as he passed the ointment over my bruised, the smell of mint and menthol. I felt like I was drifting back to sleep.
“Easy Verona,” he said concern now. “Lancelot tell the cook to fix some food and tea for your cousin.”
“I will.” Lancelot said, “While I am at it, I will find out what was bothering Lana.”
“This outfit is why she was upset.” Merlin said, “Guinevere has no respect for your cousin’s reputation.” Pausing, “You know her grandmother will spread rumors around.”
Lancelot knew that tone in his old friend’s voice and  was ready for anything from a frog or a cat. His friend  two favorite spells However, his friend would not do any of this in front of this young woman.
He knew right off, what his friend was thinking and pondered a spell of coldness.
I was waiting for  fists to be thrown.  Lancelot’s brown eyes met Merlin’s  blue eyes, the room became icy. My skin pickle up. ( I will Have to change this part.)
“I could not help it, Merlin.” he said, stressing out, “The duchess asked about Verona .”
“That old nosy, b….” Merlin mumbled for my ears only. “Then I guess we will have no choice to meet with her at tea time.”
“You’re kidding, right?” Lancelot asked at the door, “You know how she is about extra guests to her little party.”
“Oh yes, I know.” Merlin said with his hands still on mine.
Oh, he had known of the duchess reputation with her tea parties and powerful in dark magic she was.
But mine is stronger.
Merlin gave me an odd look. Had he heard also?
“I would never leave my love in the same room with her and her young girls.”  It was just tea, Right?
“No need to worry, I will be there, Merlin,” he said with this charming look towards me, in the doorway now. He knew this would surely get his friend in an uproar, he did not care. “Your food and tea will be up soon, my dear sweet cousin.”
Merlin shot Lancelot a pair of eyes. That could have been two darts, Merlin’s  hands waved towards the doorway and shut in Lancelot’s face, which, he did not offense Lancelot.  (I think I will be looking over this sentence once more.)
“A good one Merlin.” Lancelot said laughing.
I heard him laughing.
“D…. Merlin!” Lancelot mumbled.
Okay, this is the last of Chapter 3 for now.
  ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014





My Writing: Editing Chapter 2

Okay, after editing  Chapter Two  for the fourth time. I think  I am ready to move on to the next Chapter. But never know with me. If I read it again, I might find something wrong with the first paragraph.  (This paragraph I wrote twice since last week) Even though I did edit this Chapter I may have miss some words.


Chapter Two: Here And Now

It was late afternoon and raining when I left the cottage William had rented.“If I never hear or see you again, it will be for the best, Mr. Scotts!” I exclaimed furiously, running out the door and into the thick trees. I was so ticked off, to notice how heavy it started to rain or the coldness around me.My clothing was plastered to my skin, making me shake a bit.
“Do not go out there, my Love.” I heard him shout, but too late, I was already half
on the wooden bridge with tears in my eyes, I did not notice the sign, only a woman calling my name on the side of the bridge in the water.
“I did not understand.” I said, confused feeling a little shaky to my shoulders and soft lips over mine. However, I could not open my eyes just yet.
“I know only another true sorcerer who studies under Merlin and he will know that you know this also, my dear child.” she said, “Take heart and fear him not.”
Why was she sleeping and breathing hard? He silently thought with his hands on her exposed shoulder, her skin was soft and smooth. As he glanced down her pale face that had an even tan from wherever she had come from. If he really wanted to see he could use his magic to see, however, there was too much dark magic in this area, for him to focus right and he sure did not want his enemies to realize there was an outsider from a different time here.
My eyelashes blink as whoever lips descended onto mine or was it also a dream.
No, it is not, my sweet love. A male voice echoed in a distant in my mind now.
I open my eyes to find Merlin icy stare towards the strange curly blonde haired woman with green eyes at my side. I recognized her instantly and felt pure hatred for what she had done to me. No, Guinevere. I silently thought to myself.
Do not deny who are you, child. A male’s voice said in a far off distant.
“Oh Merlin,” the blonde haired woman said in a sorrowful tone, “You did not say she was injured badly. Just look at that bruise on her forehead a right hand.”
I stared in disbelief towards the blonde haired woman for only a moment before Merlin’s hand came over the top of my right hand, where there was a nasty bluish color. A sensation shot through my body as I glance towards Merlin, who kept his expression unreadable now. “Ouch, that hurt.” I said as he let go of my hand suddenly now.
“Is her hand broken?” the blonde haired woman asked with concern, however, her green eyes had this sinister look.
Why should this bother her? I wondered to myself as I saw concern in Merlin’s blue eyes before it became cold again.
“No, Guinevere.” he said puzzled. Why had I missed these marks, “I have some salve in my room.”

“Why don’t you fetch it for our guest? Guinevere said innocently , “I will keep our guest company.”  (Okay, I had to re word this sentence.)

If he refuses, then she would know what he knew about her and would ruining everything.”I will be right back,” he said soberly.


Okay, in the last paragraph I wanted to show a little tension.  Now,  onto my next Chapter. Hopefully, I do not decide  to re edit the whole Chapter again.




My Writing: Rewrote Prologue Once More

Oh yes, I rewrote my Prologue once more. Like before, that one paragraph is bugging me.  I wanted to show the reader the sight and sound of the festivities that was around my main characters.

So, here I go again. Like I always mention I may have missed some errors.

Prologue: Forgotten Past

I stood behind the festivities, in the great hall of the castle. No one took notice of me, in my velvet green cloak that covered my face or the sword on my right side. I held it tightly as I scan the crowd for someone. My eyes wander towards the throne, where the royal family stood. A familiar stir came over me as bluish eyes met mine. Who was he? I wondered. The dark haired, handsome tanned, young man stood with a blonde haired full figure woman, whom worn a sea green gown. She looked canny and sinister with the smirk on her face. Why did I want to rip her into tiny pieces? My eyes then travelled to the dark haired, evenly tanned, skin tone teenage boy. I felt my right hand tingle sudden. (It’s this paragraph that is bugging me.) 

“Easy Verona.” A hard, stern male voice inside now. “Watch and listen.”

“I condemn those associated with the Earl of Huntingdon.” the king said boldly.

His words brought anger to me. Why was he condemning this Earl? I listen more for clues.

One of his loyal servants asked, “But why, Sire?”

“Silence, the king has spoken.” The bearded, dark haired stranger in a black robe said sternly.

I felt pure hatred towards him.

“What do you see around him?” my companion asked.

A dark shadow appeared around him and the blonde woman. I felt fear.

“He is as evil as she is.” I whispered to him and felt the pure energy surrounding us.

“You’re correct, my dear.” he said, taking my right hand now, “It’s time to remember this young king.”

This was a dream, right? I silently thought to myself, as we moved backwards.  I felt a strong pull towards the young king..

His blue eyes reminded me of someone. I felt sadness in them now.


I am not her. I silently thought afraid now, as the elderly man held my hand with a firm grip.

“Do not let go my dear.” he said soberly, “You must not deny your destiny.”

“What destiny?” I asked confused. My only comforted now, was my birthstone necklace, which held a griffin in the center of it. “I have no destiny here.”

“Ah, but you do, my dear child.” he said, “Look towards the teenager and remember what should have been.”

As he said this, I glanced towards the boy, who met my brown eyes. He knew I was there.

In an instant I was in bed-chamber, where a young brunette haired woman, in a long velvet green gown paced by the huge cobblestone window. Here I could see luscious green hills and trees. I glance back towards the woman now. A newborn baby boy slept soundly, in her arms. I had this sudden urgent of gentleness. But there was something in the way she paced from the huge wooden door to the window, She was waiting for someone or something. I thought, feeling a pressure in my chest.

“Her lover.” a female’s voice answered into the wind that started to blow furiously, as dark clouds approached.

I knew she was right, for I felt it in my heart as tears came to my eyes. Where was he? I wondered. “Careful on what you ask for, My sweet.” he said, “Focus on this scene, Verona.”

My eyes narrowed as the dark presence disguised as the blonde from earlier entered the room carrying a tray, with the greenish goblet on it. I felt a sudden fear come over me. Something was wrong here.

“Oh, Queen Guinevere,” the blonde-haired woman said with a sorrow expression. Her green eyes held none. “I just heard the news of our dear King and his men.”

This brought the brunette woman’s attention and narrowed her brown eyes ready “What happened to them?” she asked.”Or should I say what have you done, Morganna?”

I wanted to swipe that smirk off her face. “Oh, They will not be coming back to Camelot and Merlin gone forever,” she said with an evil laughter.

I glance towards my companion in shock. I could not make out his facial expression from the black cloak he wore over his face but I did hear a growl.

“What you do to him, Morganna?” she asked boldly. “Oh, he is sleeping somewhere.” she said, stepping up to her now, “Now give me, Mordred.”

I notice the flash in her brown eyes of anger by that name, “His name is Nicholas Arthur Robin as his Father and his grandfather,” she said flatly. “I will never allow you near him.”

“Foolish child, nobody knows this, for you will not live to see or tell.” Morganna said using her amulet. “And you lost your amulet, as a child. Your mother cannot help you now.”

I saw something dark formed around her amulet. “Fear not, we are only witnessing of what happened,” he said, holding my hand tightly now. “Now hand over the newborn, Guinevere.” Morganna said forcefully, “Never, you may use your dark magic on me, but I swear someday, I shall return and hunt you. Nicholas will know his true name.” she said. Her eyes rolled back into a trance state and handed her child to this woman.

I wanted to cry for the baby as I watched in disbelief.

The shadow formed around Guinevere and without trying to fight it, she took the goblet into her hands and drank the red potion.

The minute I saw her fall on the hard cobblestone floor I felt pain. The huge wooden door flung open by a knight with a falcon on his shield.

“My goddess! What did you do, Morganna!” he exclaimed, kneeling next to her. He touched her neck for a pulse.Only I knew she was gone

“But not lost, My Dear.” my companion said, his eyes glowed dark.

“She is dead.” he said with disbelief.

“And so are you,” she said.

I could see the dark haired bearded knight with green eyes consumed by the dark shadow. Before it could attack him, I noticed a familiar ring around his neck attached to a black leather rope.

I wanted to call out, but I knew better.












My Writing: An Awful Day

Okay, I have a question, Ever woke up thinking  today Is the day I will finish this Chapter and half  done everything goes dark. computer screen.  In a panic state Oh no I fried my desktop computer! Only to realize it is not the computer.  It’s the power that went out. And then worries sink in, for not one hour but four hours. This question comes to mind.Did I save my last Chapter?


Now that that is What I call an awful day. But lucky my Chapter I was typing did save.

As for the power going off. There was a cold front that made its way down to Southwest Louisiana yesterday. I can say Winter came for a visit again. And here I was getting ready to plant a vegetable garden. Now, I remember why my Dad would plant his garden in late May.

Here is a rough draft synopsis of my second manuscript I writing in Camp Nano

Verona Hunters always knew she had a wild imagination. But she never thought of Time traveling or mystical creatures  being one of them! Nor being the key to saving a forgotten Camelot from an ancient evil presence that can destroy everyone she loves. Can she and the great Merlin save Camelot and keep their feelings to themselves? Or will a dark evil presence rule Camelot and destroy their love in the process.            

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

This is only a rough draft I am trying out. I have too many ideas for the dreadful Synopsis I have heard so much about and read about.



Here is a photo shot of the newest Rose bud. If anyone cannot tell I like Roses.



My Writing: When Everything Goes Haywire

I will start off by asking this question. Has anyone ever had one of those days where everything is not going right?

Well, that is how my day is turning out to be from waking up with a stuffy nose and watery eyes to accidentally deleting some edited paragraphs. Oh, yes  I deleted some parts to my manuscript again. When I say again  I mean this was not the first time or the last time.

Here is an idea for the description of my manuscript.  I was told to make the description a little short.

Without thinking too much I came up with this one.

A young woman moves home and learns shocking secrets

 Well, I am off to edit, make that try to edit. And take photo shots when I remember to put the camera battery to charge again. 

Oh, Here is a photo shot I that I thought would be nice.

kitten, yarn, cold;

Midnight ‘s Adventure

Mocking Bird, sky, southwest Louisiana

I thought it look so cute. TEXT COPYRIGHT©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

My Earliest Childhood Memories & With A Note

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.

My earliest memory would have to be waking one morning at my grandmother and grandfather’s home and looking out the window to see tall oak and pine trees in the backyard and hearing the sound birds in the trees, as for smell I remember smelling the roses and pine trees outside and inside coffee and my grandfather’s freshly bake bread and biscuits.

*** Special Note***

I am happy to say that this is my 100th post 🙂

When I first started posting I did not know how it would be or if I would keep on posting with everything going on in my life. I can now say this is the best thing I ever decided to do. Even though I have taken a little time off from my blog to look over my writing and take more photo shots.

But I will be post stuff on my writing again. Just need to pass the outlining part.

As for blogging in general it has been fun even though I am still learning about it.

My Writing: Late Night Creepy Sounds

Okay, I know one thing when writing a story and not correcting it. It slowed me down in writing my blog. Plus my ideas has come to a halt since November first. But  a new idea for my blog came to me the other night.

It’s call what goes bump in the night or in my case  run scared at every little noises outside late at night. (1:00 a.m.)

Oh yes, I will admit it late one night, Actually, one in the morning. I am dog-sitting a puppy that choose that time to go outside.  We were in the yard after her business was done and she decided she wanted to play, it was when I  heard the creep night sounds coming from the trees a mile away. Could not describe what it was at that time I was too sacred. I grabbed my little four-legged friend and hurried back inside.

With questions like what could it be? I was thinking about it the next morning  when I ventured outside.  Sure enough I heard that sound again. I looked up and saw an owl flying from my oak tree to another tree across the highway. I felt really foolish at that moment.

Well, I was glad it was just an owl.

My writing: Day Twenty-six and Twenty-seven

Okay, I finally went and sign up for National Novel Writing Month yesterday and right now I am thinking of my story idea that I will be writing.  But first I am trying to write out the outline and plot for it, which I am finding a little hard to do. After all I usually write my manuscript first then do the outlines and summaries.

Oh boy, this will be interesting and something I will enjoy.

My Writing: Day Twenty-two

Okay, Today I am going to talk about something different but it is still on my writing. Lately, I have been thinking and reading a lot about National Novel Writing Month and my thoughts on it.

First of all I have not decided yet but the more I read the more I like the idea. And why not? I told myself.  I could type out my story idea, I have been thinking about and see how many words I can type within a month.  But never know with me.

Well, back to  editing and rewriting my chapters.

My Writing: Day Eighteen

Oh boy, it is one of those days that I am doing three things at once. Yes, editing, correcting my mistakes and looking for my next chapter page in my files. And not to mention everything going wrong with my characters.

It seems that one of my characters in chapter six has more details than the main character and this is bugging me. Why does this character have more details when I  only gave it a brief scene.

Oh boy,  Come to think of it this character do not last long in the next few chapters or I could keep this character. But never know with me.

I never thought Chapter Six would be the hardest Chapter to edit. When I edited it the first time I may have missed some details on two or characters. But now I am looking closely at my characters and their description. I hope I do not rewrite the whole chapter.

Well, on  to getting Chapter six done.