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My Writing: Oh, No Missing Chapters!

Okay, after a few minor setback in my writing, I think I can get back to my Chapters.  As for minor setback. Picture editing a few chapters and suddenly realize two important Chapters are missing.

Oh yes, this happened to me.  I told myself not worry, I have it in my rough drafts folder on my computer.

I opened  this  folder went through the chapters. Now, I was starting to worry,  I could not find it nowhere.  I did eventually find the rough draft copy.

It was the last place,  I  did not want it to be in. Now, I am glad I do not empty my recycle bin often. Or I would not be a happy camper.

Anyway, here is a recap of  Chapter 3,( I rewrote this chapter about four times now. However, this is the last time I will posting it. Unless I find something wrong again. But never know with me.

A recap of Chapter 3 : Rivals
A knock came at the door,  Merlin  stood with a small jar in hand. His eyes glance my way only for a moment.
Was that a spark of interest? I thought shaking the idea. His face became red with fury.
“What is this?” Merlin roared out. Never in his years of knowing Elaine had she ever done something so childish as this.
“The clothing Lady Guinevere said to bring.” she said bluntly. 
“Ah, I see.” His eyes went astray towards her chest, turning towards Elaine. “This is not  a proper outfit for a young maiden from a respectful family, nor is she a tavern maiden, Elaine!” His blue eyes met her eyes,  she backed away suddenly. “Now be gone.”
Her eyes matched his glare before heading out the door.
Pig headed fool! “Y-yes oh, great one.” she bowed, hurrying away. Nearly bumped into Lancelot.
“Hey, Lana wait up.” Lancelot said, puzzled, carrying velvet green dress, with a well dress woman. “Look who I found.”
“Oh, Duchess Joan, this is an honor.” Merlin said, placing a kiss on the side of her face.
“Merlin.” she said flatly.
Her tight mouth held a disapproving  gaze towards Merlin. She did not seemed old, her facial feature revealed, a youthful face and something else, I could not place.
Look deeper my Dear. A woman’s voice said.
“Oh wow, I mean. Who brought you those clothing, dear cousin?” he asked stunned.
“Lady Guinevere thought it would be nice on me.” I said tightly and uncomfortable now as the older woman stared at me or was it my necklace.
“I think these are much better, dear,” she said with a kind smile.“Hmm…,my dear granddaughter does not know nice clothes when she sees it.”
And do you! A female voice echoed in the distance of my mind.
A look of puzzlement cross her face, “Oh, Thank you my Lady.” I mumbled.
“You’re welcome.” the Duchess said, “I will be honored to have you for tea this afternoon.”
I could not help noticing  Merlin and Lancelot looked surprise.
“If she is up to walking, that is?” she asked glaring towards both men.
“Oh yes, will you have tea in the garden?” Merlin asked warmly.
 What was going on! The room was freezing! I glanced towards Merlin, who kept his gaze on the Duchess.
“Hmm, the garden will nice.” she said smoothly.
Why was he protecting me? I notice Lancelot glance his way now. There was something odd about him or was it that he reminded me of my… I cannot remember whom.
“That does sound good, since she has been up here for a whole  day.” Lancelot said, “But will your ladies in waiting wonder about my cousin bruises?”
“Oh no, I will make sure Lady Veronica and Maria act ladylike.” she said frankly, “However, you how teens like to act. I will leave you now, dear.”
“Let me see your hand.” Merlin said boldly, his eyes however, roamed towards  my chest.
Obeying, I gave him my hand as he passed the ointment over my bruised, the smell of mint and menthol. I felt like I was drifting back to sleep.
“Easy Verona,” he said concern now. “Lancelot tell the cook to fix some food and tea for your cousin.”
“I will.” Lancelot said, “While I am at it, I will find out what was bothering Lana.”
“This outfit is why she was upset.” Merlin said, “Guinevere has no respect for your cousin’s reputation.” Pausing, “You know her grandmother will spread rumors around.”
Lancelot knew that tone in his old friend’s voice and  was ready for anything from a frog or a cat. His friend  two favorite spells However, his friend would not do any of this in front of this young woman.
He knew right off, what his friend was thinking and pondered a spell of coldness.
I was waiting for  fists to be thrown.  Lancelot’s brown eyes met Merlin’s  blue eyes, the room became icy. My skin pickle up. ( I will Have to change this part.)
“I could not help it, Merlin.” he said, stressing out, “The duchess asked about Verona .”
“That old nosy, b….” Merlin mumbled for my ears only. “Then I guess we will have no choice to meet with her at tea time.”
“You’re kidding, right?” Lancelot asked at the door, “You know how she is about extra guests to her little party.”
“Oh yes, I know.” Merlin said with his hands still on mine.
Oh, he had known of the duchess reputation with her tea parties and powerful in dark magic she was.
But mine is stronger.
Merlin gave me an odd look. Had he heard also?
“I would never leave my love in the same room with her and her young girls.”  It was just tea, Right?
“No need to worry, I will be there, Merlin,” he said with this charming look towards me, in the doorway now. He knew this would surely get his friend in an uproar, he did not care. “Your food and tea will be up soon, my dear sweet cousin.”
Merlin shot Lancelot a pair of eyes. That could have been two darts, Merlin’s  hands waved towards the doorway and shut in Lancelot’s face, which, he did not offense Lancelot.  (I think I will be looking over this sentence once more.)
“A good one Merlin.” Lancelot said laughing.
I heard him laughing.
“D…. Merlin!” Lancelot mumbled.
Okay, this is the last of Chapter 3 for now.
  ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014




My Writing: Editing Chapter 2

Okay, after editing  Chapter Two  for the fourth time. I think  I am ready to move on to the next Chapter. But never know with me. If I read it again, I might find something wrong with the first paragraph.  (This paragraph I wrote twice since last week) Even though I did edit this Chapter I may have miss some words.


Chapter Two: Here And Now

It was late afternoon and raining when I left the cottage William had rented.“If I never hear or see you again, it will be for the best, Mr. Scotts!” I exclaimed furiously, running out the door and into the thick trees. I was so ticked off, to notice how heavy it started to rain or the coldness around me.My clothing was plastered to my skin, making me shake a bit.
“Do not go out there, my Love.” I heard him shout, but too late, I was already half
on the wooden bridge with tears in my eyes, I did not notice the sign, only a woman calling my name on the side of the bridge in the water.
“I did not understand.” I said, confused feeling a little shaky to my shoulders and soft lips over mine. However, I could not open my eyes just yet.
“I know only another true sorcerer who studies under Merlin and he will know that you know this also, my dear child.” she said, “Take heart and fear him not.”
Why was she sleeping and breathing hard? He silently thought with his hands on her exposed shoulder, her skin was soft and smooth. As he glanced down her pale face that had an even tan from wherever she had come from. If he really wanted to see he could use his magic to see, however, there was too much dark magic in this area, for him to focus right and he sure did not want his enemies to realize there was an outsider from a different time here.
My eyelashes blink as whoever lips descended onto mine or was it also a dream.
No, it is not, my sweet love. A male voice echoed in a distant in my mind now.
I open my eyes to find Merlin icy stare towards the strange curly blonde haired woman with green eyes at my side. I recognized her instantly and felt pure hatred for what she had done to me. No, Guinevere. I silently thought to myself.
Do not deny who are you, child. A male’s voice said in a far off distant.
“Oh Merlin,” the blonde haired woman said in a sorrowful tone, “You did not say she was injured badly. Just look at that bruise on her forehead a right hand.”
I stared in disbelief towards the blonde haired woman for only a moment before Merlin’s hand came over the top of my right hand, where there was a nasty bluish color. A sensation shot through my body as I glance towards Merlin, who kept his expression unreadable now. “Ouch, that hurt.” I said as he let go of my hand suddenly now.
“Is her hand broken?” the blonde haired woman asked with concern, however, her green eyes had this sinister look.
Why should this bother her? I wondered to myself as I saw concern in Merlin’s blue eyes before it became cold again.
“No, Guinevere.” he said puzzled. Why had I missed these marks, “I have some salve in my room.”

“Why don’t you fetch it for our guest? Guinevere said innocently , “I will keep our guest company.”  (Okay, I had to re word this sentence.)

If he refuses, then she would know what he knew about her and would ruining everything.”I will be right back,” he said soberly.


Okay, in the last paragraph I wanted to show a little tension.  Now,  onto my next Chapter. Hopefully, I do not decide  to re edit the whole Chapter again.




My Writing: Editing Chapter 1

Okay, I am glad to say that I am finished editing Chapter One first draft for now that is. Never know with me, I might find something wrong with it.


Chapter One : Distance Time

“Now the truth was known.” he mumbled as chanting began.

My life passed before my eyes. I began to stir from my sleep, I had tears in my eyes. Oh, what a dream! I silently thought. The thought of being in a castle and Queen Guinevere being poisoned. Made me shiver. “That was what I get for watching old movies before bed.” I mumble, to myself, dragging myself out of bed. Why do am I so drained? My feet touch the stone floor and heart skipped a beat.  I became aware of the unfamiliar stoned wall room and this bed.

A huge fireplace was on one side while a huge chair was on the other side. How in the world did I get here! I thought. For the first time in my life, I did not know how I got here. I tip toed near a chair where  a handsome bearded, dark haired man slept. He was sexy as sin.

Wow! Was I still dreaming?

“No, you are not dreaming, my lady.” the young man with piercing blue eyes said this strange accent. He sat up straight.

His words were of old English and clothing’s were out of date. I stepped back and felt light headed suddenly. Before I even realized it, he jumped off the large mahogany cushion chair.

“Easy.” he said, guiding me back, to the large Victorian bed with red drapes around it. “You have taken a nasty fall when I found you in the forest.

What forest? I glanced into his blue eyes and saw something familiar in them. Blurry imagines began to form. I manage to find my voice now, “W-where I am?”

“You’re at Huntingdon Manor,” he said with this puzzled look.

No way- could I be in England? Sure, I have always wanted to visit Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. As a child. I once pretended that I met the legendary Robin Hood, who brought me to visit a strange manor guarded by griffin. I even imagine doing spells with the famous Merlin.

My imagination was the reason I did not have a boring childhood with the… What were their names.

Are you sure it was your imagination, Verona? A tiny voice answered in the distance.

“You are foreign, maybe French?” he asked boldly.

How could I say yes when I did not remember? “Ouch!” I said as my hand went to my forehead, a sharp pain shot through my head.

Without knowing what was happening, I felt my feet come off the floor and back into the bed. “I will get old Merlin,” he said with this worried glance.”You stay here.”

Merlin? I thought this was Nottingham. I stared towards the knight, whom gave me a strange stare. “Sure.” I said, feeling the room start to spill. I held my stone necklace for comfort.

“Oh my!” a stranger exclaimed.

Wide awake now, I met a bearded man with dark blue eyes staring towards me now. Before I could speak, he turned towards the blond haired knight.

“Do you know who you have here?” His sharp and suspicious voice made me jump.

“No, should I?” he asked boldly.

I could tell the young man annoyed him with this comment by the glare that passed them. I kept silence in hope this was still a dream. “Of course, Lancelot,” he said in a loud irritated voice, I flinched in pain.

“Are you in pain, dear child?”

Lancelot, but he was the one who found… I silently thought as a sharp pain came. Why was my head hurting so much?

Whom did he find? A male voice asked in my mind as a foggy image came to me now.

As fast as the image came in was gone, leaving me stunned and drain. Who was he? I jumped when icy fingers touched my forehead. His touch was gentle and soft; yet felt familiar. His brown eyes met mine with a suspicious glance.

“Fear not child, I am only checking for a pain,” he said in a calm voice. “Ah, this should do well.” His hands became warm suddenly and my head started to pound faster before it subsided. “Out of thee, and into thy pure air.” he said chanted. A dark aura appeared, then it vanished into the air leaving me fatigue.

This was no way to spend my vacation in England. I thought as bit and pieces of memories came back to me now. I was here searching for something or someone .. I wondered if it was with the man I left behind? I got my answer when an electrical shock that passed through my hands, which made him jump in surprise something passed in between his eyes only for a second it was gone now.

“Ah, you are remembering who you are, my dear child.” he said frankly, “You may talk freely now.”

“How did you know I could not say anything?” I asked remembering the spell. It was foggy, but I remember these words.

“Only a true sorcerer will know this enchantment spell, Verona.” the auburn -haired woman with sea green eyes said, “And it’s time to confront him again.” With a kind smile now, “I know you are brave enough to face him once more.”

“You mean she was under a spell?” Lancelot asked impress now, “And I saved her. Oh, it’s my lucky day.”

I glanced towards him in confusion now since he was not the same man who sat on the chair next to the fireplace earlier. “You’re not the one who was here earlier.” I said suddenly.

Merlin glared towards Lancelot frozen smile, “Who was in here with her?” he asked boldly, “No, need I know who was in here.”

Was it my imagination or did Lancelot give this older man a dirty look. No, my eyes are playing tricks in this dim light from the fireplace. “We were a bit curious to whom she was?” Lancelot said boldly then to me with a gentle smile, “What is your name milady?”

I looked uncertain towards Merlin, who blue eyes shot me a curious glance, “My name is Verona.” I said calmly, “I am from a distant place.”

“No, you are my love Guinevere.” a male voice echoed in my mind now, which I ignored.

“Your clothing says a different time.” Merlin said soberly.

His piercing blue eyes roam over my clothing for only a second but something deep inside of me stirred, puzzled I had to turn my glance towards Lancelot, who kept quiet. “Where is here?” I asked boldly which brought Lancelot attention as he came near my bed.

“This is Nottingham.” Merlin said boldly, “We are here for the Earl of Huntingdon’s daughter nuptial to Arthur Plantagenet.”

No, something is not right. I thought to myself. I do not remember anywhere in the history books of An Arthur Plantagenet marrying someone from Nottingham. This was a joke, Right. Alternatively, was it a dream? This thought made me begin to giggle suddenly. This made both men stare at me strangely.

“Is she still bewitched Merlin?” he asked, confused and stepped away.

“No, she is in shock.” Merlin said with this concerned glance towards me now, “You must rest now, Verona.”

“I am sorry. I did not mean to be rude.” I said, feeling sleepy, suddenly I glance towards Merlin. Why did you put a charm on me? I silently thought to myself  Sleep came over once more.

No, Not my doing, but I would like to put you somewhere, my dear. His blue eyes seemed to say, which made me feel uncomfortable now.

How did she know? He turned towards his best friend now “See if anyone has something for her to wear, Lancelot.” Merlin said soberly never leaving his eyes off her sleeping form. “We do not want anyone to think she is a spy or something worse.”

“Of course, Merlin.” he said flatly, “I will send Gwen up here.”

“No, keep her and her grandmother out of this room.” Merlin said seriously now. “Tell her and everyone else Lady Verona is your cousin and had the misfortune of losing her garments in the yesterday rain storm.


I will say this again , I am not perfect in editing and I may have miss some words.




My Writing: Late Night Creepy Sounds

Okay, I know one thing when writing a story and not correcting it. It slowed me down in writing my blog. Plus my ideas has come to a halt since November first. But  a new idea for my blog came to me the other night.

It’s call what goes bump in the night or in my case  run scared at every little noises outside late at night. (1:00 a.m.)

Oh yes, I will admit it late one night, Actually, one in the morning. I am dog-sitting a puppy that choose that time to go outside.  We were in the yard after her business was done and she decided she wanted to play, it was when I  heard the creep night sounds coming from the trees a mile away. Could not describe what it was at that time I was too sacred. I grabbed my little four-legged friend and hurried back inside.

With questions like what could it be? I was thinking about it the next morning  when I ventured outside.  Sure enough I heard that sound again. I looked up and saw an owl flying from my oak tree to another tree across the highway. I felt really foolish at that moment.

Well, I was glad it was just an owl.

My Writing: Day 34 and 35

Okay, I never knew writing this much for three days would be so hard. Every time I went to a new page I wanted to go back and correct it. First days I wanted to do this. Today I just typed with out looking for errors.  Now, I just I have to remember not to correct while I am typing.

Oh boy, here I go on to the next pages.

My Writing: Day 32 and 33

Okay, ever have one of those days that nothing ever goes right .Well, that how yesterday felt. Okay, let me explain. I am editing my Chapters and also typing my outline for my other story idea, which is getting a little better. I did not realize that I place my edited chapters in my outline notepad page. I had two notepad  open.

Oh boy, I should have known better to do two things at once.  After a few minutes I was back to editing, copying and pasting my correction in the right notepad.

Next time I will pay more attention to what I am doing.  But never know with me.

My Writing: Day 29 and 30

Okay after some serious thinking I decided to use numbers instead of writing the words out for this post.

Now back to my writing which have been a little slow lately, but here a little update to where I am in my editing of my chapters.

After going over my first seven chapters, I realized that the only way I would be sure that I did not have any more errors, was to have someone look over it, which someone did and this weekend I was redoing the first two chapters again. which was not to fun. I had a few typos and grammar errors.

Oh boy, I thought I was finish with adding new paragraphs, but I decided to add just one sentence. Now I just hope there is not any grammar mistakes or missing words by doing this.  But this will not  bother me one bit.

Well, onto my next two chapters.

My writing: Day Twenty-six and Twenty-seven

Okay, I finally went and sign up for National Novel Writing Month yesterday and right now I am thinking of my story idea that I will be writing.  But first I am trying to write out the outline and plot for it, which I am finding a little hard to do. After all I usually write my manuscript first then do the outlines and summaries.

Oh boy, this will be interesting and something I will enjoy.

My Chapter 9 and Ideas

Okay,  I have rewritten do some part and place little notes near part that I find that I will  look over once more. Yes, I know another rough draft. I just hope I do not decide to rewrite this Chapter.

Chapter 9 :Unexpected Visitor (Another title that fit this chapter)

A minute later driving towards her home, Stephanie felt hurt by her behavior with Hawk Millsom. Oh no, she had to be curious to see how his reaction to her teasing which backfire. The thought of his tender kiss made her blush. But the brunette woman crossed her mind again.(For some reason this part needs more details. Oh no, I am thinking of rewriting this part again.)

Well, she will push him aside and focus on her new bookstore Mystic Red Rosé; which open next Monday. She pulled into her driveway; Stephanie choked, at the sight of a black, four door, tinted window truck. She narrowed her brown eyes and turned off her car engine.

Oh, just what I needed to end this miserable night. She glance around for the owner, who is on her side porch’s swing with his hands folded behind his head with no care or worries in the world.

Of course the thirty-five years older did not have to worry, he’ d inherited his late father’s security/ detective agency, at the early age of twenty-one years old. which became the most successful agency in the states and with the local police departments and one of Locksomville most eligible bachelor.

Good evening Stephanie,” he said in a deep southern drawl .

Hello Marcus.” she said, “Or should I say Uncle?’

One moment he is leaning back on the swing, next he jump up making him lose his balance, he grabbed the arm rail of the swing. Stephanie wanted to laugh .

Damn, who told her! He had no plan in telling her until, his latest case is solve. He narrowed his brown eyes towards her now. “Who told you?”

Aunt Josephina.” Waiting for an explanation but none came.

Oh sh**! His aunt usually had reasons for saying things that is kept a secret. He ran his hand into his dark brown hair, “What brought this up?”

My bracelet.” she touch the silver tone gemstone bracelet on her right wrist. “It somewhat slipped out.”

Nothing kinda slip out with Josephina Soulet, unless she wanted  too. His hands became sweaty(Okay, I might reword this part.). 

Stephanie remembered that day. They were discussing the logo design for her business cards when she notice the design resembled her bracelet. So, out of curiosity she asked of her bracelet history.

There are six jewels that dates 1900’s.” Her aunt said, “Why not asks your Uncle Marcus …”

Her aunt’s facial feature went pale as she realized what she just said.

Stephanie questioning her aunt, she filled in a few unanswered question. But the most important one is  Marcus to explain.

What did Aunt Josephina tell you?” he asked calmly.

Oh, I know why Grandmother Margaret Blanchard hated you. “She told me, of six gemstone with the similar design.”Stephanie said unaware of his discomfort now, “ and you have one of them. Is it true?”

Did Aunt Josephina say who had the others?” he said with ignoring her question.

No,” Stephanie said. ” She did say something odd.”

What ?” he asked boldly.

Moon Isle had a battle, in the early 1800’s.”  Alight breeze touch her arms now.

Battle? He never heard of any battle.  “Is this everything Aunt Josephina mention?” 

“My bracelet stone and the others can open secrets.” Eying him, “Know what it means?”

(Oh boy, Now I wonder why the spelling checker is marking eying wrong?  It is going to be one of these early morning hours to start looking over the spelling again.)

Oh he knew want it meant but he would not tell her just yet. “Nope.” he said avoiding her eyes now.

Do not deny the truth! A voice echoed in the night sky. (Okay, I had to delete some part here for now. I need to read over it again.)

 she notice his pale face “Are you okay?” 

Oh, sure.” he said calmly. “Did you go somewhere tonight?”

Yeah, I went to a party .” Unlocking her side door and pass her hand on the light switches. The porch was now bright.

She sat next to her uncle now.

Do I detect  despair? Glancing towards her. “What happen?” he asked calmly.

Alice Millsom gone too far.” 

Hm…, that name sound so familiar?  As memories of her first college semester came to his mind. . “Isn’t she the one who….” Trailing off her eyes glared towards him now. “What did she say to you?”

“She and her sister Helen were bad mouthing mother,” she said boldly, “And I could not take their b.s. anymore.”

 “ Did you say something?

Oh,I just told her off.”

“Sound  interesting.” Oh man, she have her father’s temper.

Right, she is tick off at me.” she said frankly, “Which I do not give a damn.”

Oh crap, she is tick off.  He made no comment.

I discovered why Mom left”

His Brows rose instantly, “What?”

Alice Millsom has something on her.”

How?  Josette never let anyone get to involved with her family.

Tell me everything?” He disliked the woman by the second.

Well, remember how Mom came to Valentines very sudden and pissed?”  

How could he not, one week she is alive and the next week, a reckless driver runs  into her car, which kills her instantly. Leaving his eighteen years old niece, motherless and alone in this hard harsh world.

Oh course.” he said, “Go on.”

Something happen with her and the new sheriff.”

 “Do you know the sheriff’s name?”

Yes, I heard Alice Millsom say Troy Chase.” she said noticing her uncle go tense and his face turn this bright red. “What’s wrong?”

Troy Chase is here, impossible!  “Oh nothing.” he said in an evenly tone.

The last time he seen his ex- brother-in-law law/cousin,Was ten years ago in Portsomville, Marcus was investigating Troy’s employer, a prime suspect in a case,which caused an uproar with the loss of ta family member. 

Hm…, I wonder if Auntie Cassandra got him this job?  He realize there  no way he could stop his niece from  meeting Troy Chase in town nor discovering the truth. “What else did Alice Millsom say?” he asked soberly.

That was it.” she said, “So, who is Troy Chase?”

“ A  friend who worked for your Gramps.” 

Oh, I see now.” she mumbled, “In other words he is an agent at Starlet.” 

Marcus knew mentioning her step grandfather had made her stop questioning him, even though, she adored James St. Thomas. She careless for the detective agency, which she told him flatly. This did not bother him  as she long as she called him Gramps.

Right, he once worked there.” Marcus said dully, before changing the subject, “How would you like some company here for a day or two?”

“It depends on who it is.”

Me.” he said casually with this boyish smile, “I have business here and need a place to stay.”

Are you kidding me?” Stephanie asked, “Alice Millsom and Helen Whitney is…” 

 “Sure you can stay.” As she stood up to go inside her home. 

What are you up to, Stephanie Rose?” Marcus asked.
“Oh, nothing, Marcus.” Stephanie said sweetly, “You’re welcome to stay on two conditions.”

Oh great. With a sigh, he folded his arms now, “What are they?”

One you will  help me clean out the attic.” She stepped into her living room, “And don’t touch my kitchen!”

 “Deal.” he called out to her “This is going to be very interesting.”

 Oh, you do not know the half of it, Marcus Antoine. A voice echoed to him.

Okay, this part I want the reader to wonder what is going to happen next.

I might add more description or do a rewrite.

Oh well, on to Chapter 10.

My Writing: Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Okay,I am going to write about something a little different but it on writing.  Today, I was going to start on my Chapter 9 but things did not go as plan.

For one thing my computer decided to act up when I say act up I mean, it shut off while I was editing chapter 9.  No, I was saying to myself. But lucky  it came back on and I was able to get back to editing.

Oh, I think I need to make a chart on how long I spend on editing  my Chapters. Something I should have done a few months back. But no I had to wait just like my outlining, which is giving me a headache. But I am getting there.

Well, Back to editing and Chapter 9.