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My Writing: An Awful Day

Okay, I have a question, Ever woke up thinking  today Is the day I will finish this Chapter and half  done everything goes dark. computer screen.  In a panic state Oh no I fried my desktop computer! Only to realize it is not the computer.  It’s the power that went out. And then worries sink in, for not one hour but four hours. This question comes to mind.Did I save my last Chapter?


Now that that is What I call an awful day. But lucky my Chapter I was typing did save.

As for the power going off. There was a cold front that made its way down to Southwest Louisiana yesterday. I can say Winter came for a visit again. And here I was getting ready to plant a vegetable garden. Now, I remember why my Dad would plant his garden in late May.

Here is a rough draft synopsis of my second manuscript I writing in Camp Nano

Verona Hunters always knew she had a wild imagination. But she never thought of Time traveling or mystical creatures  being one of them! Nor being the key to saving a forgotten Camelot from an ancient evil presence that can destroy everyone she loves. Can she and the great Merlin save Camelot and keep their feelings to themselves? Or will a dark evil presence rule Camelot and destroy their love in the process.            

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

This is only a rough draft I am trying out. I have too many ideas for the dreadful Synopsis I have heard so much about and read about.



Here is a photo shot of the newest Rose bud. If anyone cannot tell I like Roses.