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My Writing: Old Memories

Okay, I posted this a very short story a few months back, I wanted to re post this short story again this year mark ten years my life turned upside down. I learned who were my true friends and who were not my friends.(This went for family members also. That is all I am saying..) Anyway, I still  cannot read  articles that mention Hurricane Rita or think about September 22 -25,2005.. I might be brave and post a photo shot of my childhood home. But never know with me.


Her name was Rita  
Her eye was cold and hateful. Her voice was as furious as the wind.Her movement brought destruction in her path and feared by all. She brought sadness and left nothing untouched. She took what she wanted from those in her way.She took my home, she took my belongings, she took what I kept close. The One thing she could not take away from me, my childhood memories. This I shall treasured  close to my heart for all time. That’s all I will say.


Okay, I will give an idea of the area I live in.(Still do but  a mile away from my childhood home.)  My family and I were two-miles or maybe less from the Coastline and the Gulf Of Mexico.  
Oh, The Sweet Smell Of Roses!

Oh, The Sweet Smell Of Roses!

Of course, I cannot leave out my favorite Rose bush,

this Rose Bush went through a lot ten years ago, from heavy rain, wind and flooding(Salt water from the Gulf Of Mexico.)  At one point My Mom thought this Rose Bush was a goner, since the other two Rose Bushes did not grow back.  But, the Rose Bush is it here, in a huge flower-pot.