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My Writing: Huntingdom’s Manor

I will try to post updates on my writing twice a week, if the internet allow me to. Not fun when it goes out. ☹



Huntingdom’s Manor

Remember me as I am not what I have become, my sweet love.

His words echoed in mind, as I stirred from a deep sleep.

Tick! Tick! Snap! What in the world? I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar


Bells shriek in my head. Where am I?

Someone stirred in a mahogany chair near the fireplace.

Curious, I slipped off the bed.

Wow! I glanced towards the handsome dark-haired stranger asleep in a

sitting position.

Who is he? Fear spread over me. Did we?

No, my gentlewoman.” His roguish blue eyes met mine.

Why does his accent sound odd? light-headed and weak, I grabbed the chair.

Two strong arms wrap around my waistline. “Easy, you were injured in the


What forest?

No matter how hard I could not remember.

W-where am I?”

We are in Huntingdom manor.” His blue eyes met mine.

Huntingdom?” A chill rushed through my arm

Yes, are you not familiar with the manor?”

Remember! A voice command.

Pain spread through my head. “Ouch!”

I will get old Merlin.” He informed. “He will check your wounds.”


Strange, she does not recognize him. He gazed towards her Why did she

arrive here?

Sure.” My eyelids felt heavy.

Blurry images and voices surrounded me.

You need to remember them! A male stated.

My sweet goddess!” A stranger stated.

My eyes fluttered open.

Blue eyes met mine.

She is beautiful. “Do you know her?” He asked the other stranger.

No, should I?”

I kept my eyes lower and quiet.

Lancelot!” He resents his friend sarcastic remark.

He met someone. Ouch! I shrank.

Who did he meet? A gruff male voice answered.

Oh my, her energy is disappearing. “You are in pain?” He acted fast.

His icy fingers touched my temple, I straighten.

I am checking for pain.” He pointed out. “I found it.”

Warmth surrounded me.

A dark aura appeared and hissed.

Leave here!” He commanded.

In seconds, the aura disappeared.

Memories raced through my mind.

Oh my goodness the whirl! My heart skipped a beat.

I will find you, Verona.” A familiar voice echoed

Your thoughts returned, my beloved child.” He proclaimed.

Sorcery?” Lancelot glanced towards her.

Where the stranger from earlier?” I inquired.

Da–! She remembers.

Who?” Merlin stated. “No, I know the person.”

~~~End of Chapter One ~~~


The name is Huntingdom’s Manor . I  am using a different  name  but auto-correction seems to think it’s Huntingdon  with letter  n.     🤔


My Writing: A Short Preview

My Writing: A Short Preview
After many hours of delete paragraphs and rewrites. I decided to share a short sample of my work -in-progress.  Now, I will admit I disliked deleting paragraphs but it had to be done.  Anyway, here is a short sample I checked in Grammarly and ProWritingAid for now I am leaving this Prologue a lone.

Prologue: Trap

In silence, I studied the royal family who mingled with aristocrats and their spouses.

Somebody is a traitor. But who? I held my weapon hilt beneath my cloak.
A large full whiskered, black-haired aristocrat darted my way.Who is he?
You must protect him. Answered, a woman in my consciousness.
A nauseous sensation rose up from my stomach. I gazed towards the ceiling.
Fiery eyes met mine. We meet once more, Princess.
My heart stopped.
Grr! A low revolted from my colleague.
A whirlwind encircled us.
“What is transpiring?” My fingers slipped from his.
“I will search for you, my Love!”
“A-! ” The cyclone dragged me from my companion’s forearm.

Oh yes, I have a cliffhanger for my characters.

Of course, I could not leave without introducing my new four legged friend.  I took this photo with my webcam. I think this photo came out okay. He’s twice that size now.

Puppy love

This little pup can bring a smile to a person’s face and cheer them up. Meet my little four legged friend Bandit.


Have a wonderful week ☺

My Writing: Epilogue

Okay, I have to admit when I first started writing this rough draft on post I was not sure I would finish editing it. Well, I proved myself wrong. After months of writing and editing this rough draft, I finally finished. Little sad to see this story end(for now that is.) And happy to be finally finish with this part.


Deep in a cavern a mist formed. A hooded man appeared. “She is in Sherwood.”
Hiss came from the dark corner. “My followers will find her and the keys.”
He bowed to leave. He hated this place and time.
“Is there more to report?”
“A younger woman appeared.”
Fiery eyes opened. “Who?”
“I do not know. I sensed darkness within her.”
“Her?” It hissed.
“Yes. A teenager with strange sword skills.” He cautioned.
“Her name?” It hissed furiously.
“Goes by Raven.” He replied.
Grr.. Came from the corner. “Find her.”
Okay, I will admit one thing the hooded man may or may not be Arthur. (Work in progress.)


Now, my next step is to leave this draft alone for a few days or weeks. Then read over and edit again. But never know with me.  I might decide to add a few other work in progress.
Oh, so many photo shot to choose from. This one was taken back in 2013.

No matter what others say. Always follow your dreams… 




My Writing: Chapter 21

Okay, after going over this chapter about three times, I can finally move on to the next chapter. For now I will leave this  chapter alone.

Chapter 21: Vampire Mistress
“I do not believe this!” Bailey roar. “Haven’t Modron done enough damage! ”
“You know of this person?” Arthur kept his eyes on Verona.
“Yes, he was a dark one.” Bailey said with a sober tone, “He disliked my clan and the supernatural.”
“Vampires tried to capture him for centuries.” Mordred said.
“Who is he?” My right forearm was hot.
Arthur gasped.
Dark flames rose before my eyes, images of men, women, and children in rags were a large cage. Something held me from seeing what made the eerie scream. Behind my back.
“You’re not supposed to be here, Verona!” a male voice echoed. 
My heart race, I turned to see two familiar faces. Lancelot and Bors stood in front of me.
“Beware of…” They trail off and faded away.
“Verona!” Arthur grabbed her arms. (Okay, this paragraph I will be looking over again. I want to show not tell.)
Arthur’s words did not break the strong force that pulled me towards a cobblestone door with Runic symbols.
“You must awaken your power, Princess.” a child with long straight brown hair said to me.
I heard familiar voice. “Let her go!”
My life flash before my eyes from my childhood to my adult life. I blinked and stared into familiar dark eyes.
Aaron entered the office with news, he came to a halt. Something with higher power as his drained her spirit.
No, not again! He summoned his inner beast.
Who is he? I noticed a dark purple dragon shield him.
I stood in this an ancient garden with a young brunette woman; she wore an elegant sea green gown. We resembled. “You must save us, Verona.”
The dark serpent appeared and sink his claws into her body. A sharp pain shot throughout my entire body. His red eyes were upon me.
“One of the guardian of Avalon here.” My hand shot with pain.
“I have plans for you, Verona. This time you won’t get away.”
My vision cleared now. “He took…” I met the stranger who stared. “Why is it icy in here?”
Bailey sensed a higher power one of old an ancient and glanced towards the stranger. He felt uneasy.
Aaron seen the dark aura behind her. “Mordred, you have company.”
My senses became alert, my hand went up, “What is in this office be shown to me.” 
Bailey knew the spell she spoke of, but she was forgetting one important thing.
“D****t Verona.” he roared, “You need a protective field.” His guardian hid them from this danger.
The aura became a five foot eight, a full figure brunette woman, clan in a long black leather dress. A ruby stone necklace shape as a bat nested on her black v shirt opening.
“Hmm, we meet again, Verona.” She tried to pinpoint on who Verona with no luck.
I stared towards her, whom I met at Huntingdom manor. What was her name?
“Adora.” Mordred said to the woman, whom betrayed him and those he loved.
Remember who she was to us! A voice echoed in my mind.
“Oh Mordred, I should have known you were going soft for this woman.” she replied.
“You turned him into what he is!” My right hand stuck her across her face leaving a red mark.
Her eyes widen with pain. “Who are you!” She hissed showing her fangs.
Mordred stepped in between them. “What do you want here?” 
“Why should I tell you what Geoffrey told us.”
Mordred many talents could sense beings crossing through time. The traitor was hiding on Moon Isle. “If you do not I might let Verona give you another mark or find your faith as old Maggie
Her eyes widen! “So, the rumor is true!”
Mordred grabbed her arms. “What was true?”
“Morganna enchantment spell is fading off, no thanks to her.”
An image of Morganna tied up in the tower appeared before my eyes. My eyes narrowed. “She was lying. Nicholas!”
The dark shadow appeared next to Mordred with a golden dagger, I pushed him away. A blue mist formed around me as I vanished.
Adora let out an evil laughter, “She’s his at last.”
Bailey shield vanished, his eyes met the brunette woman who destroyed his sister those many years ago. 
“She will never be his.” Aaron stepped forward, Adora vanished.

Okay, in this chapter I wanted to shake things up a little with Verona disappearing act. It seems that Verona cannot stay in one place for long.  

Now, to the next chapter, before I decided  to delete one or two paragraphs. 


My Writing: Chapter 18

Okay, I have to admit this Chapter had to be rewritten, which is still bugging me a bit.  However, for now I will keep this Chapter.  But never know with me . Also, I may have overlooked some grammar and spelling error.

Here is a question, Ever had one of those days, When one or two paragraphs just did not fit into the scene or just stare at the computer screen and nothing comes to mind.  Well, that’s how the past few weeks have been for me.


Chapter 18: Friend or Foe 
He entered the Runic circle, which was hidden between Sherwood Forest entrance way and the only way to reach Mystic Lake. He felt the powerful presence each day. A temptation he had to resist each time he entered Sherwood Forest. However, he now knew the truth of his birth. He would fight Morganna all the way with one dangerous being by his side.  (Okay, it’s this paragraph that’s been bugging me for the past few weeks. I wanted to show more.  For now I will keep this paragraph.)
The mysterious, evenly tan, dark hair stranger with a mystical dragon’s eyes tattoo, on his back, was in a trance. His dark eyes opened to the sound of dead leaves. Something was heading their way.  He glanced towards Mordred then towards the forest. He felt The darkness moving closer than ever before. It was on the hunt. (Okay, this paragraph will be rewritten I want to show more. 
His eyes narrowed by the sight of the figure, whom wore a green cloak running out of the forest.  What was Robin… No, it cannot be! He left his spot quickly.
With dull pain building up in my left side, I kept on running and jumping over dead logs without glancing back. Once I made it through the forest, I found myself in a golden field with flowers surrounding me. I felt a strong pull towards pure energy, I glanced towards the source. There stood Mordred and a mysterious dark haired male, in a stone circle.  
Grr!!  Sounds and running came from behind me.
“Nicholas help me!” I screamed tripping over a log, tired I closed my eyes   the darkness took hold of me.
Where’s Merlin? Mordred was slow to reach her, as her legs gave away.  His old friend wasn’t, now he held her tightly within his arms. 
“Why was your mother’s pet after her.” His eyes glowed was fury. He needed to hear the truth, “Where the he** was Merlin? “(Okay, some words I spell out but not in my posts.)
Mordred glanced towards Morganna’s pet, whom once was a human. Now, cursed to live as a werewolf. The huge beast appeared in the clearing only to step back into the forest.
The creature, let out a long and eerie howl alert the others.
Six figures appeared, he glanced towards the one whom, held Verona protectively. “We need to get her out of here now, Aaron.”
Mordred had never used his real, which meant Mordred knew  how serious this was. Their only escape from this evilness was to summon an ancient power. He had to work fast, ” I need to put her…”  He noticed the woman with auburn hair, in a sea green dress standing near the lake.  “So, you make an appearance again.”
Mordred glanced towards the woman, whom been his enemy for years came forward.
Her green eyes meet his. “I will help you, Mordred.” She said then to Aaron, “Keep her safe, Ancient One.”
 An ancient one! Mordred met his allied sober expression.
With these words they were transported to a different time and place.
Merlin felt the strong energy towards the Lake as he, Lancelot, Bors, and the mysterious stranger battled the six  huge Creatures. Modron had escaped once more.
From the distance a howl was heard. The creatures left.
“Where did they go?” Bors asked to Lancelot.
“Come on we need to get to the Lake….”  A sharp pain went within his side. The dagger had reached its mark.  His brown eyes met his friends, then the owner of whom held the dagger.
An evil smirk appeared on her face, meeting his shocked expression. “At long  last your interference is done for at last.” With this she mysteriously vanished.
The wind became violent with fury as he fell to the ground only he did not touch the ground. Instead, he vanishes.  (Okay, I may have to look over this sentence once more. It’s bugging me.)
“No!” They screamed in unison.
It took a few seconds for the shock to sink in.  “We lost a good friend”  Bors broke the silence..
“No, he is not lost.” The Hooded figure with an accent said, “Only in another time.”
“But that dagger.”  Bores said, glancing towards his friends sober expression.
“All in good time, you’ll know the truth.” A woman’s voice echoed.

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter  a little more intriguing with  a new character, whom has connection with Verona and Merlin’s past.

Now, I am heading towards the next Chapter, before I decide to rewrite the third to last paragraph once more.





My Writing: Chapter 17

Okay, after reading this Chapter once more , I decided  to rewrite the whole chapter. The first paragraph gave me a headache, it still does. If I read it once more, I might delete the scene. I will leave the first paragraph alone for now.  But never know with me.

Chapter 17: An Old Enemies Reappear
By nightfall we were well deep into dark forest, I heard unknown creatures growling and in the distance someone calling for help.  I glance towards Merlin whom kept on going without looking my way.
Oh great, he’s probably tick off. I wonder, bumping right into his back once more. “Oops, I am sorry..” I met his hard cold stare. If I did not know better, I would think he intentionally did this on purpose. 
Merlin turned, his mind went blank, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes moved towards them fast.  He kept calmed, “Why must you think I am angry with you, Verona?” He placed had her hands in his now.
“You were a bit quiet.” My hands were hot.   I tried removing my hands away from his. Only to be pulled into his arms, what I saw in his blue eyes were pure fear. Nothing I have ever seen in his eyes before.
“Don’t move, Verona.” His voice was barely a whispered.  “You must do as I say, Verona.”  His eyes spoke silently now. I want you to run east, get to the lake. Hopefully Vivian is still there.
 “Well, what do we have here.” a sinister male voice said, “My two old favorite foes.”
I saw Merlin’s jaw tense up.“Modron.”
I turned towards the male voice. There stood a 6’5 heavy built, evenly, tanned blond haired man, an evil smirk appeared on his face now. There was something familiar about his dirty blond hair. Then reality struck he resembled my fifth grade teacher Mr. Morris.
Oh my heavens! How did he get here? My eyes widen in shock.
“Ah, I see you remember me, Verona?” Modron said, “Hmm, odd to see you here. But no matter, my master will be pleased to have both of y’all.”
Careful child, he is a manipulator, plays with your emotions. A distant voice echoed.
Oh, this is bad! I noticed the dark aura surrounding him, the same aura, I witness in the tower.
You think, I do not know that, Verona. Merlin’s eyes said to me now. “Last I heard you had a fall out with the Fairy King.”
Fairy King? I glance towards him now.
“My fallout with Alfred is none of your business.” he said, “Y’all will be joining him and the others soon.”
An image of a cave with great darkness flash though my mind, people were in cages. Oh my heavens! Fear came over me.  I felt Merlin tight grip on my wrist. You must run without looking back here, my love.
I was about to comment when suddenly.
“Hey Modron, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Lancelot said from behind Modron. He had a very large sword in his hand.  The design had Celtic and Runes Stones symbols.
“What are you doing here!” Merlin exclaimed furious. This would ruin everything.
“Saving you from making a big mistake.”  Lancelot said.
Modron turned towards face Lancelot, “Oh, I have been looking forward to this meeting.”
“Can’t say I have.” Lancelot grinned before adding, “I’ll sit this one out and let my two friends battle out with you, Mod.”
“No matter.”  Modron said, “I have my friend here also.”
 I saw a dark shadowy figure began to form around him.
Oh my heavens! I have seen this figure before in.., I could not remember. Something was blocking the image.
I glanced towards Merlin, who looked grim. Did he know what this figure was?
Yes, this is our worst nightmare. My Love. He silently thought. In a low voice not be heard. “I want you to run, while Lancelot distract him. ” he said, “I can protect you but its power is stronger than both of us.”
My eyes widen, I will not leave without you. I thought.
You must Now go! “I can only keep him busy for a minute. I will find you.”
A heavy feeling came over me. I could not shake it. I did a doubt take as a large hooded figure appeared with Bors. 
“Lancelot!” Merlin mumbled, “You’re not supposed to be here.”
“Well, tough Merlin. You are not the one who choose faith!” Lancelot exclaimed.
What was he saying!  I glance towards Merlin.
Lancelot met my eyes. “Run Verona.”
I caught a glance of movement in the corner of my eyes. There stood a huge dark beast.
Without thinking, I ran deeper into the forest. Only then did I realize Merlin had not place a protective shield around me.

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter to be more intriguing with a little twist surrounding Verona and Merlin.  Oh yes, Lancelot just could not stay put. It seems he knows something also.  Now, I am heading to the next Chapter before I decide to rewrite the last three paragraphs.




My Writing: Chapter 6

 Okay, after a long two months looking over Chapter 6 and reading over Chapter 7,  I finally was able to finish editing both Chapters.  But never know with me. I can always find something wrong with one sentence or add a new paragraph.

 Chapter 6: Garden Of  Mist  (I might have to change this title)

Careful Verona! A distant voice warned. Images began to play out.
A very tall white-haired bearded man and a young sandy-haired boy with blue eyes stood in front of me.This was all wrong for the child was not really a child.
They were in a circle that had ancient Celtic and Rune symbols on it. Moreover, saying a chant I swallowed hard as I stared into space at the image while Merlin held my hand tightly, “She can control fire, the griffin protect her.”
Another image came to me of this cavern and an auburn haired woman holding a child and a curly dark-haired man, this scene was going too fast to understand it, until I saw the woman throw out her arms and the cavern went in.
My breathing became fast,I wanted to hold on to this image. I heard her say,“You must keep her safe, Will!”
“Snap out of it Verona.” Merlin exclaimed, shaking me lightly, “I call upon the ancient ones  to show me, the truth of her visions.”
“Only, if you are ready to admit to her who you are.” A woman said in a low tone.
Dammit, you know I cannot do that with… Merlin silently thought.  “At least show her my true self.”
“I cannot.” she answered, “You must get her out of this place soon.”
My breathing had returned to normal. My eyes came upon, the silver aura that was next to Merlin. I recognize her from my dream. Who are you? I silently thought.
I am a very close and dear friend, my child. She said before she vanished.
“Are you up for a walk?” Merlin asked like nothing happens, maybe he did not see her.
“Sure.” I said, getting up from the chair and realizing that he had my hands still and pulled me into his arms and quickly kissed my lips before releasing me. “Why must you do that?”
“Because I find you very striking every second,” he whispered as he pulled me out into the corridor before I could make a comment. “Look, what is lurking here.”
There was a dark shadow around us; however, it back away when we came down the stairs. “Why have I not seen this before?” Merlin mumbled with flicked of his finger tiny light aura shot around them now.
I heard a commotion of people when we came to the last step. I glance up to see Merlin looked older. Was that a disguise spell? I silently thought as he winked his eye before turning sober.
“Say nothing to no one of where you are from,” he said in a low tone, “And furthermore watch out for those shadows.”
Why are there some many dark auras? I silently thought, feeling something dark around us.
Morganna is up to her old tricks it seems. Merlin silently thought. Maybe I can make a little charm to keep her confused a bit on your identity.
I nodded as we entered the large room where people were busying preparing food. I notice one little medium height, brown-haired person glancing our way and smiled. She reminded me of my friend Emily Soulet, whom introduced me to her cousin, William Scotts.
“Well, look who finally puts in an appearance.” she said in a kindhearted voice, “I see Lancelot’s cousin is well now.”
“Oh yes,” Merlin said uncomfortable, “Lady Verona this is Emma.”
“Hello.” I said.
“What a strange name.” she said suspiciously now, “But then again our dear Lancelot is a bit odd.” Pausing, “I heard the Earl’s mother- in-law is having tea outside.”
Was I on trial? Meeting Merlin disapproving glance. Something was fishy here I knew it.
“Yes,” Giving my arm a tug forwards. “We’ll be on your way to the garden now.”
“You will be at the feast tonight?” she asked. There was something in her green eyes, the kitchen became cold at once.
“Of course.” His eyes read things are not what is seems to be.
A second later we were walking into a large room, where servants prepared the table for the feast. I could hear some whispering by my appearances, we made our way through the great hall, until we were in this beautiful garden which appeared to be empty for now.
“What do you see around us, my dear?” he asked in a low tone.
I glanced around the large area that had flowers everywhere and oak trees from the eyes could see. I could see no sign of life or hear any birds chirping; however, I felt fear of something dark watching deep in the forest. On the other hand, was it a cry for help? “Where are we really?” I asked meeting his blue eyes, “this is not Nottingham.”
“Why do you say that?” he asked puzzled now.
“It does not feel like Nottingham.” I said, puzzled and wondered how I knew this, for I have never been there before.
I was about to say more when Lancelot and Elaine came our way now, the dark aura was around Elaine; however, it was not around Lancelot. “Oh, that is odd.” I mumbled as Merlin glanced towards the couple now.
She was bewitched. Merlin silently thought, disappointingly “I see we are on time for the tea party.” Merlin said.
“Sorry to break the news, the Duchess decided to take her tea in her private parlor.” Lancelot said, glancing towards me with a smile, “I am glad to see you are well, cousin.”
“As well as she can be, Lancelot.” Merlin said in a jealous tone.  I  notice the younger woman jealously subsided.
“I will bring Lady Verona to the duchess quarters.” Elaine said.
Whatever happens, I will be with you. Merlin silently thought.
“Come now, Lady Verona.” Elaine said boldly, “We do not want to let the duchess wait on us.”
I could help notice both stared towards us as we left.  We were entering the large hall when I looked back to see Lancelot lecturing Merlin. Lancelot  then slapped Merlin behind his head
“Why did you let her go, A-Merlin?” Lancelot asked a minute later.
“I had to.” he said, glaring towards his friend, “Since when has the Duchess been in cohort with m- Morganna?”
“I have no idea.” Lancelot said, “What are we up against, Merlin?”
“Something very evil.” he said.
You must not get involved! A wind gust echoed.
Merlin’s skin pickle, he turned towards Sherwood Forest. A dark shadow with Red eyes stared back.
Merlin help her! A female’s  voice exclaimed. 


Okay, I wanted to add a little mystery in the last two paragraphs and reveal something about Merlin.

Well, I am heading now to Chapter 7, before I decide to start cutting out sentences.

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014



My Writing: Chapter 5

Okay, I finally finished with my Chapter 5, I just could not leave this Chapter alone. First I cut and then I rewrote the original paragraph.  Hopeful, I am I finished with this chapter for now, but never know with me.  As for any errors I may have over look some words. 
 Chapter 5: Dangerous Encounter  (I think I will be changing the title for this chapter.)
The door swung open once more  and Merlin  appeared in the chamber. He froze by the sight of me. I was in the process of braiding my long brown hair now when he came to my side and stop me.
(Okay, this paragraph is really bugging me and after reading it over. I think I will be cutting it once more.) 
 “No, let me.” he said lowly into my ear. “Your hair is as satin silk.”
Stunned,  for a moment those were the exact words…Oh, why could I not say his name.
“You resemble a Princess,” He said, retrieving a silver mirror from inside his robe pocket, “See for yourself.”
A golden crown with a blue stone appeared on my forehead, I felt fear raise within me. I frowned handing the mirror back to Merlin. 
“Is something wrong?”
“Oh no, it is beautiful, Merlin,”  I said avoiding his eyes.
“Why do you deny the truth, Verona?” he asked, “Maybe, I should show how beautiful you really are.”
“Why not cast spell to sent me back home?” I asked. He looked surprised and hurt by my out busted. But only for a moment.
He was about to comment when a knock came, Lancelot entered with a younger dark haired boy. carrying tray entered.
He cannot send you back! A female’s voice echoed, I glanced from Merlin then towards Lancelot.
“Sorry, I took so long.” Lancelot smiled, “A better gown, Lady Verona,” He ignored Merlin cold glare. “Where do you want this, Merlin?”
“You can place it on the bench,” he said soberly.
The young dark haired, slim built boy stared towards me with a nervous glance.
There was something about him, that reminded me of  my  second cousin, Tim.  I also noticed the resemblance between Lancelot and him. I glanced towards Lancelot, who was watching me, “Dear cousin who is this?”
He glanced towards Lancelot.
“This is Galahad, my boy.” He said proudly, “Your second cousin, Verona.”
I thought Lancelot did not know of Galahad being his son. I was puzzled, Merlin  gave me a questionable look. “Hello.” I said smiling.
All things are not what it seems, my Sweet. A familiar male voice echoed.
“Lady Verona,” He had this charming grin, “Nice to meet you.”
“Same here and Thank you.” I said, glancing down at the bowl. “What is this, Lancelot?”
“Peas and potato soup with some of my herbs.” Merlin said, “This tea is mint and basil for your headache. It’s from my herbal garden”
How did he know I used basil to made tea. I met his eyes that said, “I know more about you than you think, Verona.”
“We’ll leave you now, my dear cousin.” Lancelot said, “Merlin a word with you.”
“Go ahead and eat, Lady Verona.” Merlin said, “I will be right back.”
I sat in the huge chair which had more cushion than a regular chair.If I had been paying close attention, I would have wondered why a modern chair was here in this time. However, I was to hungry to think straight.  I took a small sip of the soup. To my surprise, the potato soup was well seasoned with salt and I did taste a hint of basil. (I will be changing the food description also.  )
This was not bad for medieval times. I blinked in disbelief was I actually in a different time? 
“Are you sure?” Merlin asked loudly from the half closed entrance door.
I heard Lancelot said “yes.”
Merlin cursed violently.
“I won’t have that.” Entering the chamber again.
I glance towards his red face, something burn into his eyes before it faded.
“Is something wrong?” I asked, worried.
“Oh no, the hunting party is returning,” Merlin said frankly, “The Duchess wants to present you to her son-in-law, the Earl of Huntingdon.”
Say what! My eyes widen in disbelief, “Are you serious?”
My heart was beating fast. This was similar to the time I meet my real parents and grandfather. I started to shiver. 
The memory of that day came flowing back. I saw myself walking into a well kept, estate behind, a sandy haired, handsome built young man with blue eyes.
Entering the well decorated living room, which was filled with five well dressed stranger enjoying a conversation until we walked in. Everything became quiet; the only sound was the housekeeper gasp and a tray falling to the floor, the elderly man and woman glance my way. From their expression, I was a surprise to them all.
As sudden as the vision came it was gone, leaving bits a pieces of my life. I remember working for a detective agency that located missing children and people. However, why was I with Nicholas Scotts on the strange estate…  England? I blinked.
“Where did you just go, my dear?” he asked, holding my hands in  his. “Is it possible for you to…. No, I should not think of that.”
Taken aback, I asked, “What do you mean?”
“One moment you were sitting here, the next you was fading away.” Merlin said, “Could it be you’re remembering something? Tell me.”
Careful to what you say! A voice warned.
“I was searching for a missing child with my employer.” I said,  “I  was being shown a piece to  a puzzle.”
Yes, a puzzle but I will not I lose you once more, my beloved. His eyes seemed to say to me.
“I am not your beloved.” I said as his hand dropped down from mine suddenly, in confusions. “ I need to know why and how came to be here.”
“Yes, I know my dear.”  Meeting my eyes, “ But I said this in my mind for you not to hear.”
“Oh, I…” Lost in word my face felt very hot from embarrassment.
“Hmm, I wonder what else you have heard.” With a grin before it turned into a frown. “Tell me, what were you dreaming about when I came in with Guinevere?”
I cannot say in here, Merlin. A dark aura lurks across the room. “I do not remember.” He must have sensed something, his glazed went towards the wall.
“Well, I’ll be.” Spreading his hands out, “What came into this chamber be gone, by the purest of light.”
The aura vanishes The ray of a bluish light appeared. Merlin piercing blue eyes met mine.
“Were there any when you admit of hearing my thoughts?” Taking my hands in his now.
Watch it, He will play you!
“No, it crept in when you said Gwen.” I said using the nickname and glance towards the walls.
“Ah, I had a feeling that was who sent the spell.” he said rubbing my right hand.
“She can cast a spell?”
An image of a young girl came to mind.
For all I knew, she was one of my imaginary friends, from my childhood.
Okay,I wanted this to sound intriguing and add a bit more pieces to Verona’s past. It’s seems like Verona has a few surprises for Merlin, whom may have some surprises also.
Now, I will leave this chapter alone for awhile and head towards Chapter 6.


  ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014





My Photos: A Colorful Sunset In Southwest Louisiana

Okay, I took these photo shots Wednesday evening. I think these photo shots came out okay.  But that is only my opinion.

Once I Began Shooting I Did not Stop Until, There Was No Light. - Oct.8, 2014

Once I Began Shooting I Did not Stop Until, There Was No Light. – Oct.8, 2014

As I glance to the western sky I thinks of a distance place.....

As I glance to the western sky I thinks of a distance place…..

Wow! Is All I Can Say.

Wow! Is All I Can Say.

Breathtaking View Always!

Breathtaking View Always!

Okay, Last but not least this little Garter Snake was near the steps. My Mom would have a fit if she’d known about this. She’s terrified of snakes.

A Little Garter Snake Is Feared By My Mom!

A Little Garter Snake Is Feared By My Mom!



Hope everyone have a great weekend.   🙂

It’s My One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today I posted my first post. At that time I had no idea what I was going to post and I was very nervous to post something. But after I thought of ideas, none came to me. Until I saw this on here.

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

I came up with School Memories. This title soon began  My Cherish Memories. And my blogging adventures began.

Here is my first post I ever written on here. However, I add a few more details.

My heart was pounding with nervousness the moment, I stepped off the school bus in front of this huge  brick building. I walked into the air condition building as kids were going into the gym. I passed the  grey water fountain.  I can tell you this I did not like the taste of the ice water.  Nervous, I went sit down in the stands like everyone else. When it was time to go to the classrooms the teacher blow the whisper and lined everyone up to leave the gym. I stared and became afraid for everyone was leaving the gym. No one teacher even asked who I was or which class I was in. From what I remember I had no idea who my teacher was or which class to go to.  I knew no one  there. Oh, but they all knew me and who my family was. (Something about living in small community  people stuck their noses in other people businesses. But that is all I am saying on that subject.)

The only one who  seen me standing by the gym entrance was this older boy, who brought me to my new teacher. That day (33 years ago. To be exact),  I made a few new friends. 


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Here is some photos of different Flowers I took within the past year.



Butternut Squashes Flowers ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Butternut Squashes Flowers



Hummingbird in Mamou Tree ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Poinsettia flowers Christmas


flower, poison ivy



Flowers, roses, white, roses, Southwest Louisiana

©V.ROSE DEMET ™2013 Have A Nice Weekend…


Have A Nice Weekend.   🙂