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My Writing: Day Ten

Okay, after looking over Chapter Two I decided  to redo some parts and add a little more description to my main character’s home and shorten some paragraphs. Hopefully, it will not take me that long to redo. And then onto Chapter 3.

Chapter Two and Ideas

Okay, I thought this would be the last of my editing, and  going  to my next chapter, I was wrong. In the first paragraph I found a few error with description. I seem to always put more description in paragraphs.

CHAPTER TWO: Home Again( I finally have a title that fits  this chapter)

It took Stephanie Patterson three hours to get to her hometown of Estherville and another hour to unload her stuff from her car and into her childhood home, a peach color, three-bedroom house with white window trimming. Something she has to paint soon. For now, everything looked the same. (Okay, the description of the house is  bothering me a bit. I feel I need to make this part shorter or give less details.)

The cool air-conditioned living room made her smiling, as promised her friend Allen Soulet had gotten in touch with the electrical company for her, before heading back to his home in Valentines last Friday.
With the last box in her spare bedroom, this will be her office. She plugged in a cordless phones and the base in her living room. Glancing around the large living room , she forgot how dull and boring it look without any pictures on the forest green walls.  Her mother’s ivy plants absent on the bay window’s sill had an effect.
Oh well, I guess I could find houseplants.  Glancing towards the stretch of gravel road, which lead towards farmland, and fields that were private.
With a sigh, the only person missing is her mother, who passed away four years ago.

This was same time the local college rejected Stephanie’s application.But no sooner did this happen, another college accepted her with no question asks.  From that day, she never looked back towards Estherville.  Within a few months after her fall semester started, her mother moved there herself.

Their reunion short-lived for a week later her life ended in tragic, which still this puzzled Stephanie.She made a promise to herself to finish her major in business and open a bookstore, which turned out to be a successful.

Stephanie Patterson is no failure and going to show everyone how wrong, he and she had been.  Oh, the older folks will dislike her bookstore sign: Mystic Red Rose.

She named her store after her grand-aunt Josephina Soulet’s art gallery, on the riverfront of Valentines.  Her grand-aunt had been delighted and the design the logo.
Red Roses in circlet of green leaves with Celtic design was perfect for her store style. ( Okay this part I may keep or delete it. I am not to sure yet.)

Beep! Beep! A black car pulled into her driveway.
It took her a second to recognized, the 5 foot 5, curly haired brunette woman who came out of her car with a basket in one hand. (Okay I might have to redo the height description of this character.)
A second later Stephanie hugged her mother’s friend, Nancy St. Pierre.  “Oh, Ms. Nancy, you never change.”

“Of course not, dear.” she said with a southern, “I bought Pecan Praline fudge.”