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My Photo: If Geese Could Talk

Okay, when I took this photo shot, an idea formed. I wondered, What if I add a few words. My first try on a short comic about these four geese that looked lost.

If geese could talk, this is what they would say. Creative Commons License A Short Conversation Between Geese by V. Rose Demet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If geese could talk, this is what they would say.  I might have to redo the fonts for the second sentence, which should read. “Of course, keep going south.”


Okay, I think this photo shot came out okay, as for this short comic I might keep this short comic or put it aside for a while. But never know with me. Sometime a little laughter is needed, for a rough day.


Have a great weekend.  🙂




My Writing: Epilogue

Okay, I have to admit when I first started writing this rough draft on post I was not sure I would finish editing it. Well, I proved myself wrong. After months of writing and editing this rough draft, I finally finished. Little sad to see this story end(for now that is.) And happy to be finally finish with this part.


Deep in a cavern a mist formed. A hooded man appeared. “She is in Sherwood.”
Hiss came from the dark corner. “My followers will find her and the keys.”
He bowed to leave. He hated this place and time.
“Is there more to report?”
“A younger woman appeared.”
Fiery eyes opened. “Who?”
“I do not know. I sensed darkness within her.”
“Her?” It hissed.
“Yes. A teenager with strange sword skills.” He cautioned.
“Her name?” It hissed furiously.
“Goes by Raven.” He replied.
Grr.. Came from the corner. “Find her.”
Okay, I will admit one thing the hooded man may or may not be Arthur. (Work in progress.)


Now, my next step is to leave this draft alone for a few days or weeks. Then read over and edit again. But never know with me.  I might decide to add a few other work in progress.
Oh, so many photo shot to choose from. This one was taken back in 2013.

No matter what others say. Always follow your dreams… 




My Writing: Chapter 21

Okay, after going over this chapter about three times, I can finally move on to the next chapter. For now I will leave this  chapter alone.

Chapter 21: Vampire Mistress
“I do not believe this!” Bailey roar. “Haven’t Modron done enough damage! ”
“You know of this person?” Arthur kept his eyes on Verona.
“Yes, he was a dark one.” Bailey said with a sober tone, “He disliked my clan and the supernatural.”
“Vampires tried to capture him for centuries.” Mordred said.
“Who is he?” My right forearm was hot.
Arthur gasped.
Dark flames rose before my eyes, images of men, women, and children in rags were a large cage. Something held me from seeing what made the eerie scream. Behind my back.
“You’re not supposed to be here, Verona!” a male voice echoed. 
My heart race, I turned to see two familiar faces. Lancelot and Bors stood in front of me.
“Beware of…” They trail off and faded away.
“Verona!” Arthur grabbed her arms. (Okay, this paragraph I will be looking over again. I want to show not tell.)
Arthur’s words did not break the strong force that pulled me towards a cobblestone door with Runic symbols.
“You must awaken your power, Princess.” a child with long straight brown hair said to me.
I heard familiar voice. “Let her go!”
My life flash before my eyes from my childhood to my adult life. I blinked and stared into familiar dark eyes.
Aaron entered the office with news, he came to a halt. Something with higher power as his drained her spirit.
No, not again! He summoned his inner beast.
Who is he? I noticed a dark purple dragon shield him.
I stood in this an ancient garden with a young brunette woman; she wore an elegant sea green gown. We resembled. “You must save us, Verona.”
The dark serpent appeared and sink his claws into her body. A sharp pain shot throughout my entire body. His red eyes were upon me.
“One of the guardian of Avalon here.” My hand shot with pain.
“I have plans for you, Verona. This time you won’t get away.”
My vision cleared now. “He took…” I met the stranger who stared. “Why is it icy in here?”
Bailey sensed a higher power one of old an ancient and glanced towards the stranger. He felt uneasy.
Aaron seen the dark aura behind her. “Mordred, you have company.”
My senses became alert, my hand went up, “What is in this office be shown to me.” 
Bailey knew the spell she spoke of, but she was forgetting one important thing.
“D****t Verona.” he roared, “You need a protective field.” His guardian hid them from this danger.
The aura became a five foot eight, a full figure brunette woman, clan in a long black leather dress. A ruby stone necklace shape as a bat nested on her black v shirt opening.
“Hmm, we meet again, Verona.” She tried to pinpoint on who Verona with no luck.
I stared towards her, whom I met at Huntingdom manor. What was her name?
“Adora.” Mordred said to the woman, whom betrayed him and those he loved.
Remember who she was to us! A voice echoed in my mind.
“Oh Mordred, I should have known you were going soft for this woman.” she replied.
“You turned him into what he is!” My right hand stuck her across her face leaving a red mark.
Her eyes widen with pain. “Who are you!” She hissed showing her fangs.
Mordred stepped in between them. “What do you want here?” 
“Why should I tell you what Geoffrey told us.”
Mordred many talents could sense beings crossing through time. The traitor was hiding on Moon Isle. “If you do not I might let Verona give you another mark or find your faith as old Maggie
Her eyes widen! “So, the rumor is true!”
Mordred grabbed her arms. “What was true?”
“Morganna enchantment spell is fading off, no thanks to her.”
An image of Morganna tied up in the tower appeared before my eyes. My eyes narrowed. “She was lying. Nicholas!”
The dark shadow appeared next to Mordred with a golden dagger, I pushed him away. A blue mist formed around me as I vanished.
Adora let out an evil laughter, “She’s his at last.”
Bailey shield vanished, his eyes met the brunette woman who destroyed his sister those many years ago. 
“She will never be his.” Aaron stepped forward, Adora vanished.

Okay, in this chapter I wanted to shake things up a little with Verona disappearing act. It seems that Verona cannot stay in one place for long.  

Now, to the next chapter, before I decided  to delete one or two paragraphs. 


My Writing: Chapter 19 Finally

Okay, after reading and editing this chapter I can finally move to the next the chapter.  I felt like I was going round in circles. For one thing  five paragraphs were giving me a headache. I had to delete and rewrite  the paragraphs.

Anyway, I think I am finished with this Chapter for the time being. But never know with me, I might decide to add or delete sentences.


Chapter 19: Present Time
While Verona rested in his private office, Mordred and his acquaintance were in a deep conversation in his chief office. Where he met with his business colleague. 
“You haven’t said who this woman was, Mordred.” The hooded male said with a strong, rugged accent. 
His cloak may have covered his facial expression now but Mordred knew his allied was frustrated.
“My real mother,” Mordred met his black eyes. “Aaron, you’ve known her as another.”
His eyes widen slightly in surprise. How did he know this?  His connection to Verona was a well kept secret.
“Mordred, there’s trouble in your secret office.” The blond haired male said from  the door, “Geoffrey is with your friend.”
Who granted him entrance to my private office? “Da***t!  Come on, Tristan.” Mordred said, “Aaron, find out why Modron appeared in Sherwood.” He realized his mistake too late.
Grr! A low growl came out from him. No one never dared to give him orders since his existence. Those whom knew of him feared his presence. His eyes darken, he’ll make an exception this one time. (Okay, this paragraph is still  bugging me after reading once more. But I’ll leave it alone for now.)
My heart thumps faster, I had to leave this icy dark tunnel. How do I get it out? I thought, light breeze on my arm. A child with dark wavy hair appeared before me.
“You must discover the truth.” The child said. Her eyes were a dark charcoal color. “And the oath they have  lived.”
A very cold mist formed I now found myself in this strange courtyard. Huntingdon Manor?  Would Merlin hear me. I questioned. Merlin help me.
“This is not Nottingham, Verona.” The youngster said beside me. “But you know this place.”
I glanced around my environment, a mahogany flag with a black griffin was flapping in the current of air. Pure hot pain shot through my right arm, my breath quicken. I peeked towards the oak trees.  Something dark and sinister was lurking there. I moved in a little closer, a crowd was gathering there now.
Three well established men with swords by their side entered the courtyard with a middle aged auburn haired, she wore an elegant sea green ball gown which looked disheveled. I sensed something strong within in her.
 My eyes widen in disbelief. There in the front of two well dressed couple stood Modron. How in the world..
“Listen and watch closely.” The child whispered.
The wind up as the knights brought the woman in front of Modron.  He did not speak, the furious five foot seven, medium well-built blonde-haired, bearded man in the stylish dark color clothing did.
“I’ll ask you once more Grandmother,”
 I noticed the dark aura settle within him. He’s under a spell.
No, his kind was pure evil. the child said sadden
 “Where is the stone?”
 “As I said before I will never tell you, John,”
“Foolish woman.”  A young blonde woman said.
“No, you are the foolish one.” She gave her an icy stare. “For those who marry into this family shall be cursed.”
I could not help notice the bright aura around this woman.
“Your words hold no significance to me, Grandmother.”
“Oh, it should, John.” There was power in her voice.  “For each night haunting green eyes shall visit you.”
“We have our mystic to break any curse, Grandmother.”
“No mystic can break this curse,” The aura which surrounded her shone brightly, “Only those connected to me shall break this curse.” She gave Modron a cold glare, “You’re power is unless in this time.
“Enough. Get rid of her!” He roared, then towards Modron. “We can find the stone without her.”
My eyes widen. No, they weren’t going to..
The hood man came forwards, his expression was acidic  as he placed the noose around her neck.
 The bow and arrow were in my hands, I took one deep breath, eyed the rope over her head and shot. The arrow ripped through the air, piercing the rope. A thick mist form around her as she vanished, leaving the couple stunned. Modron turned quickly towards my way. I meet his shock green eyes, before I heard someone calling me in the distance.(Okay, this paragraph is still bugging me. I wanted to do more showing than telling. But I will leave it alone for now.) 
My eyes slowly open.
 “Hey there, my sweet.” A friendly male voice said.
My eyes widen, What was my employer William Scotts doing here?  I  glanced around the office. The dark brown leather sofa was unfamiliar to me. The solitary illumination from the window blind behind the large antique desk said it was day time.   “Nicholas.” I said, bewildered. “What happened to me?
He kept his face expression unreadable, “You had an accident, my dear Verona.” The lie came easy. He was a master of manipulation, this woman would be no different from the others.
Oh, you got to be joking!  I met his dark eyes. William Scotts never once called me his dear. My right hand tingled a bit, “Why am I not in a hospital?”
“This place was closer.” Why hadn’t she gone under his trance.
My eyes narrow, “Who or what are you?” Pure energy shot up from my hand.
 “What the h…!” He jumped an inch away from her. “You’re one of them?”
The door flew open, Mordred and two huge heavy-armed, well-built men, entered. I could not help, noticed the sword, they carried. One was of a wolf and the other was of a griffin.
“Well, looks like we’re just in time for the party.” the  blond  haired male with blue eyes said with a strong Irish accent.
 “Careful Tristan, she has fire.” the dark haired, male mumbled.
“Geoffrey, it’s not a polite to take, something that is not yours.” Mordred’s eyes were glowing a golden color. “You know the rules if we find food we all share.”
My eyes widen, his two companions gave a dumbfounded expression.
Don’t you dare faint Mother. M-Nicholas eyes warned.
“Oh no, I will not.” I answered back, “I suggest y’all back off. Unless y’all what to be burnt toast as the old hag in Sherwood Forest.”
No, she was not talking about Maggie? He narrowed his eyes, “What did Merlin do to her?”
“Watch it Mord, she has flames within her.” Tristan said.
She will not harm me. I heard him say.
“Oh no, not Merlin.” I said, “It was this mysterious woman.”
“What did she say?” Tristan asked softly. He knew his enemies’ method of manipulating and confusing its’ victims. But this woman was not impressed by his ability. No, there’s something powerful within her.
My eyes glared towards him, “Why should I trust you?”
“You can, my lady.” He said in a quiet, almost whispered tone.
“Anyone who comes to the Forest Spirit will be vanished by its guardian.” The flame rose within my hand. Pain shot through my arm, making it hard to breathe.
Merlin where are you?
He cannot hear you in this time. Mordred’s eyes seemed to say.
Geoffrey formed a black smoke and disappeared.
“Da…”  another stranger cursed, while his two friends glanced towards the woman, whom wore a familiar cloak. If she was, whom she claimed to be all was not lost.
“Breathe Mother.”Mordred said coming next to me.
“How can I?”I felt the fire all at once. “I am not trained in magic.”
“Sh**!” Without thinking he placed his cold hands upon her right hand. He’ll either become a roasted duck or turn into ashes. But instead, he felt a cool breezes surrounding them.
In a golden meadow an imagine of a woman, in a turquoise blue dress appeared. “Those whom connected to my child shall be protected by my guardian.” A griffin appeared before him.
The blue flame subsided my palm. “Nicholas.” There was a warm glow around us.
“Mord, are you okay?” Tristan asked, next to him. “Lady, if you have harm my dear old friend, me and my two cousins will …”
“Do not mess with her, Tristan.” the one with jet black hair said staring towards me. “Look at her stone in her necklace.
“My goddess!” Tristan exclaimed.
“Depending on whom you think I am.” I glanced towards the two men “Besides, why should I trust y’all?”
“She is.” Mordred interrupted her.
I felt pure energy surrounding him, his disguised was well shielded, as the other men.
“Then that would make her..” Tristan trailed off, his older friend stepped forwards.
“Lady Guinevere.” His green eyes held sadness, “You are as beautiful as your mother, Sarah.”
I glanced into his weary paled face, my hair on my arm rose up.
Remember a forgotten memory, Dear child. A distance voice said.
“Guinevere, you must always know whom to trust.” the younger male said to me.
“Oh, Uncle Gibson.” I heard myself say, “You will always be my truest friend.”
“Someday, you will think differently my dear.” he said with a faraway look.
I slowly turned towards the dark forest, a dark hooded figure was forming.
“You cannot save them, Verona.” An eerie voice echoed.
Mordred felt a distance presence in his office. He placed his hands on Verona shoulders, she did not respond.
“Verona Rose snap out of it this instant!” a male voice said in the door entrance way. doorway.
“You.” Tristan glared towards the strange with piercing blue eyes.


Okay, I wanted to make this chapter a little intriguing with more clues to Verona’s identity, which may  surprise to Merlin, when he decides to make an appearance. I also wanted to add a new character, who knows a lot about Verona and Merlin.


Now, I am saying good-bye Chapter 19.  Onward towards my next chapter, before I find something wrong with this chapter and start deleting paragraphs again.


Have a great weekend.  🙂


My Writing: Chapter 17

Okay, after reading this Chapter once more , I decided  to rewrite the whole chapter. The first paragraph gave me a headache, it still does. If I read it once more, I might delete the scene. I will leave the first paragraph alone for now.  But never know with me.

Chapter 17: An Old Enemies Reappear
By nightfall we were well deep into dark forest, I heard unknown creatures growling and in the distance someone calling for help.  I glance towards Merlin whom kept on going without looking my way.
Oh great, he’s probably tick off. I wonder, bumping right into his back once more. “Oops, I am sorry..” I met his hard cold stare. If I did not know better, I would think he intentionally did this on purpose. 
Merlin turned, his mind went blank, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes moved towards them fast.  He kept calmed, “Why must you think I am angry with you, Verona?” He placed had her hands in his now.
“You were a bit quiet.” My hands were hot.   I tried removing my hands away from his. Only to be pulled into his arms, what I saw in his blue eyes were pure fear. Nothing I have ever seen in his eyes before.
“Don’t move, Verona.” His voice was barely a whispered.  “You must do as I say, Verona.”  His eyes spoke silently now. I want you to run east, get to the lake. Hopefully Vivian is still there.
 “Well, what do we have here.” a sinister male voice said, “My two old favorite foes.”
I saw Merlin’s jaw tense up.“Modron.”
I turned towards the male voice. There stood a 6’5 heavy built, evenly, tanned blond haired man, an evil smirk appeared on his face now. There was something familiar about his dirty blond hair. Then reality struck he resembled my fifth grade teacher Mr. Morris.
Oh my heavens! How did he get here? My eyes widen in shock.
“Ah, I see you remember me, Verona?” Modron said, “Hmm, odd to see you here. But no matter, my master will be pleased to have both of y’all.”
Careful child, he is a manipulator, plays with your emotions. A distant voice echoed.
Oh, this is bad! I noticed the dark aura surrounding him, the same aura, I witness in the tower.
You think, I do not know that, Verona. Merlin’s eyes said to me now. “Last I heard you had a fall out with the Fairy King.”
Fairy King? I glance towards him now.
“My fallout with Alfred is none of your business.” he said, “Y’all will be joining him and the others soon.”
An image of a cave with great darkness flash though my mind, people were in cages. Oh my heavens! Fear came over me.  I felt Merlin tight grip on my wrist. You must run without looking back here, my love.
I was about to comment when suddenly.
“Hey Modron, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Lancelot said from behind Modron. He had a very large sword in his hand.  The design had Celtic and Runes Stones symbols.
“What are you doing here!” Merlin exclaimed furious. This would ruin everything.
“Saving you from making a big mistake.”  Lancelot said.
Modron turned towards face Lancelot, “Oh, I have been looking forward to this meeting.”
“Can’t say I have.” Lancelot grinned before adding, “I’ll sit this one out and let my two friends battle out with you, Mod.”
“No matter.”  Modron said, “I have my friend here also.”
 I saw a dark shadowy figure began to form around him.
Oh my heavens! I have seen this figure before in.., I could not remember. Something was blocking the image.
I glanced towards Merlin, who looked grim. Did he know what this figure was?
Yes, this is our worst nightmare. My Love. He silently thought. In a low voice not be heard. “I want you to run, while Lancelot distract him. ” he said, “I can protect you but its power is stronger than both of us.”
My eyes widen, I will not leave without you. I thought.
You must Now go! “I can only keep him busy for a minute. I will find you.”
A heavy feeling came over me. I could not shake it. I did a doubt take as a large hooded figure appeared with Bors. 
“Lancelot!” Merlin mumbled, “You’re not supposed to be here.”
“Well, tough Merlin. You are not the one who choose faith!” Lancelot exclaimed.
What was he saying!  I glance towards Merlin.
Lancelot met my eyes. “Run Verona.”
I caught a glance of movement in the corner of my eyes. There stood a huge dark beast.
Without thinking, I ran deeper into the forest. Only then did I realize Merlin had not place a protective shield around me.

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter to be more intriguing with a little twist surrounding Verona and Merlin.  Oh yes, Lancelot just could not stay put. It seems he knows something also.  Now, I am heading to the next Chapter before I decide to rewrite the last three paragraphs.




My Writing: Chapter 9

Okay, after rewriting some paragraphs  about three times , I finally decided to go back with the original paragraphs for now.  But never know with me, I might decide to rewrite this chapter again.

Ever had one of those days when the characters did not seem to fit into some scenes. Well, that’s how this Chapter was for me.


Chapter 9: Poisoned  
I was disappointed when Merlin mysteriously left me. I have hope to see him  again. However, as evening approached, Merlin was nowhere in sight.
Now, I watched from the corner of the great hall as the newcomers.  I watched the well-dressed men and women sitting around, the large wooden table, where ale and foods were being served. I noticed the Earl of Huntingdon seated beside his daughter and the young sandy brown haired, bearded man with blue eyes, whom eyes kept staring back towards me. (I know will have to rewrite this paragraph)
Oh my. I  quickly turned towards  Lancelot and Elaine whom, came towards me when young Galahad who seemed curious.
“My sweet cousin, please join us at the main table with Arthur and Guinevere.” Lancelot said cheerfully.
No, this was not right. I felt the strange  pull of strong energy.
“Oh, Lancelot, let your cousin enjoy herself.” Elaine said dully, “There is Bors with Brisen.”
Something was not right here, I felt this evil presence and saw a dark aura come across the whole room. Oh Merlin where are you? I silently thought
Somewhere you will never find, Princess. An evil voice snared towards me as I glanced around at the crowd. A dark figure lurk in the corners. 
“Have some ale?” Elaine said, handing me the goblet. 
I was thirsty and it would be rude to refuse this offer. “Thank you.’ I said as I lifted it to my mouth, I met the young king’s shocked glance, I swallow the liquid that tasted funny; however, I did not say anything as I was offered more.
I was thirsty and it would be rude to refuse this offer. “Thank you.” I lifted it to my mouth, I met the young king’s shocked and furious glance. The liquid tasted funny, I did not say anything as I was offered more.
Be very careful, Verona. A voice echoed in my mind.
I am through being careful!  Feeling bitter and discourage, I had no idea why I felt this way, then it hit me. Within minutes I felt light as a feather. My throat began to burn hot. No, there was something in this drink! My stomach began to churn, I cover my mouth suddenly now.(Okay I will be rewriting this part. I want to show not tell.)
“Are you okay?” Lancelot asked, noticing my face that probably looked pale now.
I shook my head, I hurried out of the great hall and into the garden and right smack into Breuse who had a servant in his arms. Before anyone could say or do anything a wave of nausea came over  in the fine garden roses. (I will write a better description to this part.)
A second later, Breuse and his young woman rushed over to my side, however, the man did not come to show concern.
“What do you think you were doing coming out here like this?” He asked furiously now. “The duchess will hear of this.”
Oh, his attitude was getting me pissed off by the minute, I narrow my brown eyes and said, “No one tells me, where I cannot go or where to be sick at, Mister.”  A wave of nausea came over me once again. “Oh my, not again.”
“What is the meaning of this?” A tall, dark haired man with dark brown eye asked furiously, just as I made a fool of myself once more in the flowers garden again. “Oh, she is ill. Get Merlin at once!”
Before I could say another word I went side way into the darkness again.
No! A stranger exclaimed grabbing the young lady. 



Okay, I wanted to make these last two sentences mysterious and intriguing. I also wanted to introduce this mysterious stranger, whom a few secrets and surprises as well. Now, onto the next Chapter, before I start deleting a few paragraphs.


 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014

My Writing: Chapter 7 (When Chapters Goes Wrong)

Okay, this Chapter was bugging me a bit. I could not figure out the problem, until I realized I listed the Chapter titles wrong.  Oh yes, I goofed up on the Chapter titles and page numbers. I am not perfect.

Ever have one of those days when everything is going well, then everything goes haywire all at once. Well, that’s how my day is going right. It’s no fun to rewrite chapter titles or page numbers, but that doesn’t bother me.


Chapter 7: Duchess’ Claws  (I might change this title.)

A minute later I stood in this gloomy, dark color room. The only light the shined was from a window, facing the forest. My senses were on high alert, an uneasy feeling came over me. I waited for the duchess and her two companions to enter the room. 

“Oh, here you are.” Duchess Joan said. Two petite women, blonde and brunette haired girls, whom looked curiously towards me, “Girls, this is Sir Lancelot’s cousin Lady Verona.” (I will have to reword this paragraph.) 

The way she stressed my name made me realized she was suspicious of whom I am too. On top of that, there was this strange, deep, evenly tanned, dark haired man with green eyes that glare my way at the entrance. He was dressed like a pirate. I did not trust him a bit.

“Please have a seat, Lady Verona.” The Duchess said, “Breuse, please send for my tea.”

“Yes, my lady.” he said, stepping out of the room.

“So, you’re Lancelot’s cousin?” the blonde with blue eye asked.(I will be adding more description to the young lady’s outfit.)

Watch what you say, Verona. A voice echoed deep into my mind now.

I said, “Yes, we are distant cousins.”

“Maria mind your manners,” the Duchess said in a disapproving tone now, “Or you will be sent to the servants”

“Of course, my lady.” She glared toward me.

“Pay no attention to her, Lady Verona.” The duchess said, eyeing my necklace,“Such A lovely necklace.”

“Oh, it looks like the one Lady Sarah has once worn.” the dark haired  girl said,“But, somehow the design is different.”

“Veronica,” the duchess said with fury in her green eyes now, “You must excuse her rudeness.” Glancing towards me, “Where did you come by this necklace?”

Be very careful, Verona. A voice echoed in my mind now.

“It was a gift from my grandmother.” I said as an image of an elderly woman with long auburn hair came to my mind now.

“When she is older she’ll know her true gift,” she had said to a medium height woman with dark auburn hair and eyes of emerald with a babe in her arms.

I blink the image away Duchess Joan glanced towards me in confusion.

“Y..- your grandmother must be proud of you?” she asked with a harsh tone both young ladies jumped and glance my way.

I was about to answer, when Breuse returned with Elaine and another young woman wearing a long colorful dress.

My instinct told me something was seriously wrong here.

“Ah, Elaine please put the tray on the table.” the Duchess said, “Lady Verona, I do not suppose you have heard of my granddaughter and young Arthur of Camelot will wed tonight?”

“I have heard there were to be a wedding when the hunting party returned.” I said uneasily now. Why did I feel sad now? I silently thought.

“Yes, they will be back shortly and you will be presented to the Earl of Huntingdon.’ the duchess said harshly now, “Who will enjoy your company isn’t that right, Brisen?”

“Oh, she will do perfectly…” she trailed off as my right hand went up; her smile froze in place she backed away. “What in…”

Her smile sent a cold chill over me, I felt a pulled of some kind, I had trouble trying to breathe, the door to the quarter flung opened, Merlin and Lancelot with two new faces I did not know entered. (Okay, I will have to look over this sentence, which is bugging me.) 

“Ah, the tea party has started without us.” Lancelot said cheerfully, “Hello girls, my lady.”

“Oh, Sir Lancelot and Sir Bors.” the duchess said puzzled. “Sir William.”

I noticed Breuse stiffen a bit by the sight of these men who met his cold glare.

There was pure jealousy in his eyes and something else.

Sir Bors was slightly taller than my 5’5 and wore his black hair, to his shoulder length and probably ten years older than I.

“Duchess,” The older curly dark haired man said, narrowing his brown eye towards the other man, “Breuse? I had no idea you were here. Did you not go with the hunting party…”

“I have only arrived this morning and was a little curious about Sir Lancelot’s cousin.”

“You mean my little sister.” Bors said soberly as he gave me a warm familiar smile.

The aura around him a pure white like Merlin and the other man called William.

I heard both girls gasp in disbelief. “Oh, why did you not say you were Sir Bors’ sister.” they said quickly backing away.

The duchess icy glare towards the other man. “We would have prepared a huge meal.”

Why did this feeling like I seen this before? I thought silently

Maybe you have in a different time, my love. Merlin‘s eyes seemed to say.

Be careful of illusions, Verona!

“Yea, “the duchess said coldly, “Would you be joining us for tea?”

“Actually, we must pass.” Sir William said, unable to take his eyes off me, “The Earl would like to speak to Lady Verona.”

I felt a sudden change in the older woman’s face and her tone now, “Oh, well then she may leave.” she said boldly, “Come along girls.”

Merlin took my arms and rushes me out of the room behind; Lancelot, Bors and William, I noticed Breuse stare hard towards us as we left.

Was that a growl! I heard from him.

We quickly ran from stairs and outside, There was  a difference in the air. I felt a strong vibe now.


He is sleeping, only you can awaken him. A voice whispered into my ears.

Who is sleeping? I wondered Merlin glanced towards me now.

“You heard that also?” Merlin asked, keeping his hold on me.

I only Nodded.

“Merlin, who is she?” William asked in a sober tone.

I notice he stressed Merlin’s name  this puzzled me.

“Before I say let me cast an enchantment spell.” Merlin said, “What is said in the circle remain here for no one or presence to hear now. So may it be.”

I had not noticed  the large circle, until I felt pure energy shot through the ground and glance up towards Merlin, who place a finger on my lips.

“Wait a minute.” he said, “Do you see anything out of the ordinary here, Verona?”

Something was different! I glanced around people were speaking  in the distant and the smell smoke of food cooking. There was no dark aura around us. “This is Nottingham and there is no sign of  darkness.” I said puzzled, “Why does the garden feel different Merlin?”

Careful Verona! A tiny voice exclaimed in the distant, I chose to ignore it.

“Ah, very good we are where we should be.” he said, “Verona, this is William Scarlet and the one who is suppose to be your older brother is Borus.”

No way, William Scarlet! I silently thought to myself.


Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter a little intriguing with new characters. Also, a little more about Verona.  Now, Merlin may have a few surprises coming his way.  I think I am finished with Chapter 7 for now. But never know with me. Also, I may have over looked some grammar errors.






My Writing: A Short Story

Okay, I am taking a break from my writing to post this short story idea, I thought of a few days ago that just kept popping up.  This is an unedited short story that I felt I had to post for today.


Words Cannot Explain How I felt Writng this. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Words Cannot Explain How I felt Writing this Short Tale . ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014


 He walks the quiet lonely rice field with his shovel over his shoulder, each day and evening.  He checks for overflows, run off and leaks in the rice field levees.

Those who seen him says he looks the same, as the day they first meet him. In his straw cowboy hat, he even worn the same faded blue long sleeves wrangler shirt and jeans. And of course, not to forget his green hip boots, for walking in the muddy water of the rice field.

Only now a days he doesn’t speak, maybe to those who can see him on a lonely sunny day.

From what I know a few have seeing him walking in the distance fields with his shovel over his shoulders and some have even heard the old John Deere’s smoke pipe whistle, while plowing away, at dust in rice fields, that haven’t been planted in years.

For strangers who happens to meet him, will have a tale to tell about their visit to Southwest Louisiana.

To be continued…. Maybe? 

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Okay now, I am going back to editing my Chapter 1 and 2.





My Writing: Second Draft

Okay, after reading the first draft I found some many error I decided to change a few things and one character on the Prologue page.

Here is the edited version from my first draft.  Hopefully, when I read it once more, I won’t decided to rewrite the first paragraph. But never know with me. As for grammar errors I found a few but I may have missed some.


Prologue: Forgotten Past

I stood behind the festivities, in the great hall of the castle. No one took notice of me, in my velvet green cloak that covered my face or the sword on my right side. I held it tightly as I scan the crowd for someone. My eyes wonder towards the thrown, where the royal family stood. A familiar stir came over me as bluish eyes met mine. Who was he? I wondered. The dark-haired, handsome tanned, young man stood with a blonde haired full figure woman, whom worn a sea green gown. She looked canny and sinister with the smirk on her face. Why did I want to rip her into tiny pieces? My eyes then traveled to the dark-haired, evenly tanned, skin tone teenage boy. I felt my right hand tingle suddenly.   

(The top paragraph was rewrote about five time before I felt satisfied with it. But it may be change again.)

“Easy Verona.” A hard stern male’s voice said beside me. “Watch and listen.”

“I condemn those associated with the Earl of Huntingdon.” the king said boldly.

Why was he condemning this Earl? His words brought anger to me.

One of his loyal servants asked, “But why, Sire?”

“Silence, the king has spoken.” The bearded, dark-haired stranger in a black robe said sternly.

I felt pure hatred towards him.

“What do you see around him?” my companion asked.

A dark shadow appeared around him and the blonde woman. I felt fear.

“He is as evil as she is.” I whispered to him and felt pure energy surrounding us.

“You’re correct, my dear.” he said taking my right hand now, “It’s time to remember this young king.”

This was a dream right? I silently thought to myself, as we moved backwards.  I felt a strong pulled towards the young king..

His blue eyes reminded me of someone. I felt sadness in them now.


I am not her. I silently thought afraid now, as the elderly man held my hand with a firm grip.

“Do not let go my dear.” he said soberly, “You must not deny your destiny.”

“What destiny?” I asked confused. My only comforted now, was my birthstone necklace, which held a griffin in the center of it. “I have no destiny here.”

“Ah, but you do my dear child.” he said, “Look towards the teenager and remember what should have been.”

As he said this, I glanced towards the boy, who met my brown eyes. He knew I was there.

In an instant I was in bedchamber, where a young brunette haired woman, in a long velvet green gown paced by the huge cobblestone window. Here I could see luscious green hills and trees.

I glance back towards the woman now. A newborn baby boy slept soundly, in her arms. I had this sudden urgent of gentleness. But there was something in the way she paced from the huge wooden door to the window, She was waiting for someone or something. I thought feeling a pressure in my chest.

“Her lover.” a female’s voice answered into the wind that started to blow furiously, as dark clouds approached.

I knew she was right for I felt it in my heart as tears came to my eyes. Where was he? I wondered. “Careful on what you ask for, My sweet.” he said, “Focus on this scene, Verona.”

My eyes narrowed as the dark presence disguised as the blonde from earlier entered the room carrying a tray, with the greenish goblet on it. I felt a sudden fear come over me. Something was wrong here.

“Oh, Queen Guinevere,” the blonde-haired woman said with a sorrow expression. Her green eyes held none. “I just heard the news of our dear King and his men.”

This brought the brunette woman attention and narrowed her brown eyes ready “What happened to them?” she asked.”Or should I say what have you done, Morganna?”

I wanted to swipe that smirk she worn off her face. “Oh, They will not be coming back to Camelot and Merlin gone forever,” she said with an evil laughter.

I glance towards my companion in shock. I could not make out his facial expression from the black cloak he worn over his face but I did hear a growl.

“What you do to him, Morganna?” she asked boldly. “Oh, he is sleeping somewhere.” she said stepping up to her now, “Now give me, Mordred.”

I notice the flash in her brown eyes of anger by that name, “His name is Nicholas Arthur Robin as his Father and his grandfather,” she said flatly. “I will never allow you near him.”

“Foolish child, nobody knows this for you will not live to see or tell.” Morganna said using her amulet. “And you lost your amulet, as a child. Your mother cannot help you now.”

I saw something dark form around her amulet. “Fear not we are only witnessing of what happened,” he said holding my hand tightly now. “Now hand over the newborn, Guinevere.” Morganna said forcefully, “Never, you may use your dark magic on me, but I swear someday, I shall return and hunt you. Nicholas will know his true name.” she said. Her eyes rolled back into a trance state and handed her child to this woman.

I wanted to cry for the baby as I watched in disbelief.

Whatever, the shadow  formed around Guinevere and without trying to fight it, she took the goblet into her hands and drank the red potion.

The minute I saw her fall on the hard cobblestone floor I felt pain. The huge wooden door flung open by a knight with a hawk on his shield.

“My goddess! What did you do, Morganna!” he exclaimed kneeling nest to her. He touched her neck for a pulse.

I knew she was gone.

“But not lost, My Dear.” my companion said his eyes glowed a midnight color.

“She is dead.” he said disbelief.

“And so are you,” she said.

I could see the dark-haired bearded knight with green eyes consumed by the dark shadow. Before it could attack him, I noticed a familiar ring around his neck on a black leather rope. (I might delete this part.)

I wanted to call out but I knew better.










My Writing: One Step Towards My Goal

Okay, I will say this all month long, I have been busy writing my second manuscript that I started in November for NaNoWriMo.  Yes, if anyone guessed it, I decided to try Camp Nano and I am happy to say I reach my goal in finishing  one part of my manuscript, which is shaping up a bit. But the outline still need some work and a lot of editing.


Okay, now here is a sneak peak of my second manuscript Prologue.

One thing I am doing a little different with this story. I am writing it in first person. Not sure if I will keep it in first person or go into third person.

Prologue: Clues To A Forgotten Past (This is my first unedited Draft and Camp Nano project that I finish Tuesday night.) 

I worn a velvet green cloak and stood behind a large crowd in the castle’s great hall, from  here I could hear their voices loud and clear. How I came to be here I did not know. I only knew someone was by my side, from where we stood nobody seemed to notice us, it was as if, we were invisible. But, I could smell the aroma of food and smoke in the large fireplace. I could even see the thrown and the young sandy haired handsome king speaking to his royal subject. A familiar stir form deep inside my stomach. Who was he? I had no idea nor did I know why the five foot five, petite, full figure, blonde haired woman, dress in a royal green gown, that match her eyes, gave me this uneasy feeling. There was also this young teenage boy with the same hair color as the king. I noticed there was no warmth in his eyes nor for the subjects in the room for a moment I felt sorry for the boy.

Something is not right with this scene. I felt a sting my right hand.

“Listen to what they say, Verona,” A tall white haired elderly man said.

His crystal blue eyes made me think of my grandfather.

“I condemn anyone who associate with the Earl of Huntingdon or his family members.” the king said boldly.

He words brought fear and anger to me, why this person was condemning an Earle, as I listened for more clues.

One of his loyal subjects asked, “But why, Sire?”

“Silence, the king has spoken and that was all ya’ll needed to know.” The bearded, dark haired stranger in a black robe said sternly.

I wanted to pull his hair for no reason and this confused me a lot.

“What do you see around that man?” the elderly man asked.

I stared towards him instantly, a dark shadow appeared around him and the blonde woman.

“He is as evil as she is.” I whispered to him and felt pure energy surrounding us.

“You’re correct my dear child.” he said taking my right hand now, “It time you remembered who this young king is or was.”

Was, this is a dream right? I silently thought to myself, as we moved towards front of the great hall, I felt a strong pulled towards the young king, who had to be in his mid-twenties or thirty.

His blue eyes reminded me of someone I once knew but could not think to who. I also felt sadness in them. It was almost as if I could hear someone asking,


I am not her. I silently thought afraid now, as the elderly man held my hand with a firm grip.

“Do not let go my dear.” he said soberly, “You must not deny your destiny.”

“What destiny?” I asked confused, holding my birthstone necklace that had a griffin in the center of it. Before I knew what I was saying, “I have no destiny here.”

“Ah, but you do my dear child.” he said, “Look closely at the teenager and remember what should have been.”

As he said this, I stared towards the boy, who stared back towards me. Unafraid. Almost like he knew I was there.

In an instant I stood in the corner of this empty bedchamber to where a young brunette haired woman, in this long velvet green gown paced by the huge cobblestone window, where the eyes could see beyond the hills and trees.

In her arms a newborn baby boy slept soundly, this brought a sudden urgent of gentleness in me. But, there was something in the way this woman pace from the huge door to the window that made think me, that she was waiting for someone to return. Or time was running out.

“Her love.” a female’s voice answered in the wind that started to blow furiously.

I knew she was right for I felt it in my heart as tears came to my eyes. Where was he? I wondered.

“You will get thy answers you seek soon.” the elderly man said, “But first you must focus on this scene.”

Without saying a word, I watch as a dark presence entered the room, disguised as the blonde woman that I saw earlier.

My eyes narrowed at the tray with a green goblet on it, for some strange reason I knew what was in it. Something was not right about this as I felt a sudden fear come over me now.

“Oh, Queen Guinevere,” the blonde-haired woman said with this sorrow expression, however, there was none in her green eyes. “I have just heard of what has happen to our dear King and his men.”

This brought the brunette woman attention and narrowed her brown eyes almost ready to leap on the other woman; however, she held her child tightly. “What has happen to them?” she asked.”Or should I say what have you done, Morganna?” 


 Now,  I may have some errors in grammar and probably spelling. But this is after all  my first rough draft.




A pink Rose before it turn white. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

A pink Rose before it turn white.

I just had to post this photo I took the other day of this Rose. Plus, it was a nice afternoon.