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My Earliest Childhood Memories & With A Note

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.

My earliest memory would have to be waking one morning at my grandmother and grandfather’s home and looking out the window to see tall oak and pine trees in the backyard and hearing the sound birds in the trees, as for smell I remember smelling the roses and pine trees outside and inside coffee and my grandfather’s freshly bake bread and biscuits.

*** Special Note***

I am happy to say that this is my 100th post 🙂

When I first started posting I did not know how it would be or if I would keep on posting with everything going on in my life. I can now say this is the best thing I ever decided to do. Even though I have taken a little time off from my blog to look over my writing and take more photo shots.

But I will be post stuff on my writing again. Just need to pass the outlining part.

As for blogging in general it has been fun even though I am still learning about it.


My Christmas Memories In Southeast Lousiana

Oh yes, my childhood memories of going to my Grandpa and Grandma’s home, for the holidays was something special. Especially, around Christmas time when my grandma, made her tea cookies, that always smelled so good. She always made more than a dozens. It never seemed to fail that when she would make her cookies, one or two older cousins would show up to sample these cookies with coffee or milk.I can say this these cookies were  best with coffee.  I cannot describe how it taste since it been years since  the last time I ate some of these cookies. As for the recipe these cookies I could try to make these cookies but it would not like my grandma’s cooking.

From cookies to homemade biscuits. Now, my Grandpa knew how to make mouth watering biscuit  that I still remember from my childhood. He would get up early in the morning, put coffee on, listen to his Cajun French music and fix homemade biscuit from scratch. which I found out is easy to make.

Oh yes, I sometime think of my grandparents and their cooking this time of year,especially, when I try to make cookies and they just does not turn out like my grandma’s one.

To those who celebrate the holidays, Merry Christmas and to those who do not  have a nice Wednesday.