My Photo: Memories

I am taking a little break, internet is giving me trouble.
Until it’s fix or working better I will try to re blog some of my favorite posts.

Firefly's Journal

Okay, while I was going through my photo album, I decided to upload some photo shots I took with my 35mm camera. I think this photo shot came out okay. Even though was not a digital camera.

Grazing On Grass 1996

This was taken in 1997, I think it came out okay for a 35mm Polaroid camera.  Those cattle were use to me, for each time I would go near the fence. The cows and calves would walk up closer.

Since Friday Was National Siblings Day,  Here Is Mine...  1992 Since Friday Was National Siblings Day, Here Is Mine…

Oh yes, this was taken one Easter Sunday. It never seemed to fail, we would always make goofy faces, when my Dad wanted us to give a nice smile.

Hummingbird in Mamou Tree Hummingbird in Mamou Tree

Of course, I have to put some of my favorite photo shots also  .

Sagrera Road, Esther Louisiana  1997 My Backyard Had A Great View… 1996

Anyway back to my photo shots of my old neighborhood.  I think these photo shots came out…

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My Photo: Say What!

Here is another blast from the past.
Have a great week!

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I was reading all of my favorites blog posts, earlier when I noticed the little orange dot on top of my page. Well, I clicked on the orange dot and had to look twice. Now, I know I gets likes on my posts. But I never would have thought it would say this.

Your current tally is 1,344..

Anyway, I like to  say Thank you!!!  To all of my followers, whom been reading and liking my posts since the beginning and to everyone, whom started following me also.   🙂

Of course, I have  more of my favorites photo shots. I taken in the past few years.

I Think This Is A Sparrow I Think This Is A Sparrow

This was taken on a very cold day,  I have to cut the photo to get a closer look of this little bird. I think it’s a Sparrow. I am not quite sure.

Can you tell this is really a…

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My Photo: A Hummingbird’s Visit

Another look back to Spring.
Have a great week 😊

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I took these photo shots last week. I have to admit these photos came out okay. Even though, I took these photo shots from indoors.

This little hummingbird paid a nice visit

This was once lucky photo shot.

Take a closer look.

I was looking out the window, when I noticed this little hummingbird.  I hurried for my camera and hoped this little hummingbird did not fly away. Sure, enough the hummingbird was still in the Mamou tree.  🙂

This hummingbird was busy.

Once this little hummingbird was finish. It flew away.

Have a nice week!  🙂

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My Photo: Spring Time Once More

A look back to Spring of 2016
Have a great week 🙂

Firefly's Journal

Okay, I took this photo shot two days ago. I was looking for Blackberry bushes in my backyard. I found these blackberry bushes near the power line post. Hopeful, the berries will do well this year.
Anyway, I think this photo shot came out okay. Even though it’s a close up shot.

The first blackberry bushes are blooming. Now, I am waiting for the berries. :) The first blackberry bushes are blooming. Now, I am waiting for the berries. 🙂

After I took my photo shot of the blackberries I decided to head back indoors. A second later I was back outdoors for this view.

Have a nice weekend.  🙂

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My Photo: Nov.and Dec. 2017

I  am running behind with my posts, I  should have posted my last review a few weeks back,, but things got busy. Anyway,  here is my last two months  of 2017.

November brought a few announcement from family members ❤.(I will post up dates on their news when it gets closer to the month,) Anyway, these beautiful blooming Roses.  I spotted this Rose hidden in the grasses

The Roses were hidden from view and shield from the coldness

Now,, U  took this photo shots a few days later. I think these photos came out nice.

These finally started to bloom well in November


They bloom all at once. Each time they would bloom, the Roses were not close together .


As November left Dec. 1 brought a nice day for this 42 years older.  Oh, yes a photo  of me . Actually, two

A new photo shot of me I  think this photo shot came out okay.  This photo was taken with my web cam

Thinking up ideas for a new short story

As the first week of Dec. passed on by the cold Dec wind  blow furiously and  brought the coldest weather I haven’t seen in years.  There was a wind chills something Southwest Louisiana does not have, and Snow  but not enough  for me to at a photo shot of.

A relaxing time

The day we has a frost and I  was lucky enough to take these photo shots, I  think  these photos came out nice.

I think this photo shot is one of my favorite


Last but not least my favorite Roses were blooming  and here is a photo shot of the White Roses, frozen from a frosty Saturday morning .

The cold blast of a December north wind found its way to the deep southwest Louisiana.

As I came to the end of my photos in review,  I realized a lot has happened in 2017. which opened my eyes on a lot of things , which I  will write about in a future post.


Have a great week!🌹



My Photo: Sept. and Oct.

These two months were not the best for me  but  I did find a few of my photo shots taken from past September.

I think this photo shot came out okay.

My first photo shot capturing the reflection of the sun in the water.  Sept. 2016

I did not expect the sunset to look like this.

Sept 2015  sunset was one beautiful summer evening.


As September walked away, October brought back old memories from years gone by.

I wish could have taken a tour of the inside but we were short on time.

My seven-day photo challenge  helped me get back  into writing and photography. Now, this photo shot was in color but I wanted to see how  the photo would look in  black and white, which in my opinion came out okay.


Have a great weekend 😊

My Photo: July and August

July brought a lot of hot weather and blooming Roses,

In July I slowly returned to my photo shots of these Roses.

Okay, now I  to say, when I  venture outdoors with my camera I am always surprised by the sunset each time.

Never expected to capture this view. Wow! was my reaction.

As July said Bye, August brought two of my favorite photo shots. 😊

Southwest Louisiana Harvest Time..

Southwest Louisiana Rice Field the day before the rice field was cut.

I  guess watching the Rice Farmers cut rice reminds me of my childhood when my Dad use to drive the tractor with the rice cart.



Have a wonderful week! 🙂

My Photo : May and June Brought Surprises

Oh yes, the first and third of May brought sadness to my family. But I still took photo shots not as many as I wanted, Too many shock back too back.

roses, gardening, memories

There was no words to describe how I how I felt May.

Now, here is a little four legged friend,  named Bandit.  who is by my side all the time. Sometime he sits on my key board.  He is twice the size from this photo shot. But still can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Puppy love

This little pup can bring a smile to a person’s face and cheer them up. Meet my little four legged friend Bandit.

As May left June brought a  colorful sunset and something no one want to see form in clouds.

A perfect setting for a story idea.

Okay, now this photo shot was taken indoors there is a good reason and as quickly as it  formed it dissolved.  In my opinion it was too close.

Something no one want to see form a few feet from their home.

A perfect setting for a story idea.

I am still amazed by this photo shot.  Never know what to expect with  a sunset of clouds.

My Photo: March and April Passed On By

March came marching in and  three photos shots from years past dropped by.   Of course, I  had to add my photo of a white Rose in  cool weather.


I am always amazed by my photos I have taken.

One lucky photo shot..



As March went on by, April brought these beautiful flowers  from the Mamou Tree/Coral Bean tree.

I waited for this little fellow to return each year. I had to zoom in for the photo shot.

This little hummingbird paid a nice visit

Take a closer look.

Okay, these two photo shots were my favorite photos from April.


Have a wonderful week!  😊

My Photo: 2017 Look Back and Past Years

Wow! Where did the year go? It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for 2017. Now, it’s time to say Goodbye to 2017  and  look back to some photo shots I took in 2017.

Oh yes, I  did not take as many photo shots as I wanted to a lot happen,which still bother me and my writing, But I will not let anything  slow me down.  Any way, I  am on a late start with my photo count down of 2017


Remembering January 2017

Now,  with this photo I tried something different by added a frame, which came out okay. But that’s only my opinion.

I think I will always be amazed by how my photo shots turns out.

As January left February came with no photos. Oh yes,  I had problems with my camera and the charge again. I was not a happy camper.  But I did find three of my favorite photos from 2016. 😊

Instead of the sunset I took a photo shot of this little one.

An old wise one was seen..

Last but mot least a photo shot I used for a work in progress story setting.

My setting idea for my Prologue, came from this photo shot.

Have a great week!  🙂