My Life Experience: A Brief Summary

Someone suggested I share my life experience with a few people. I hesitated, I am not one to share my life story with just anyone. My few friends do not know of my life experience or the secrets I keep.

But how does one write about their life experience?

When there were so many things, I did not experience. But should have in life.  The joy of meeting someone special or parenthood.

Anyway, I have decided to write a short post. Not too short or long.

 I have seen sorrows, disaster, and dishonesty. But I kept pushing forward.

  I have seen sorrows, disaster, and dishonesty. But I kept pushing forward. 

Until next time…  Have a nice weekend.

Remember to hug those precious to you.




My Life Experience: A New Blog Post Title

I have a new title for my blog posts. But I am hesitant. It will be different from all the posts I have written. I like to apologize ahead of time.
Yes, it is will be on a difficult subject, which changed how I have seen things.
Some of my family members will disagree with my posts. But it is my life. I am taking a big step with my new title. I am also taking it slow and editing a lot of my writing.


The most difficult thing is realizing the truth I found out the hard way.


Always hugs those who are special to y’all🌹


My Every Day Life: I Have Returned

I am have returned. Oh, how I missed reading blog posts. But, with no internet it was hard. I did not stop writing. I have new blog posts, that may surprise many and shock some. I am not one to write about my private life. But things changed, and I am unsure on how long the internet will be back.

Anyway, a lot has happened, since May. But I will not go into details. I am just happy to be writing this post.
One thing I can say for the past two in half years I have been struggling with my eyes and being stubborn to visit an Eye doctor.

Yes, I was scared of what the doctor might have found. But not anymore all is well with my eyes.



I have not been smiling lately. Try to use a webcam to take a photo shot is difficult.

Until next time.

Have a wonderful weekend.🙂

Always give a hug and smile to those who means everything to you






My Every Day Life: Best Wishes 🙂

After a busy two weeks, I like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Best wishes  to y’all in  2018.

Now, I will share a photo shot of my Mom’s White Roses, which bloomed in December. I took this photo shot the day after it Snowed. Had a frosty morning. Oh ]yes, we did get a cold blast of 20’s and wind chills in the teens here in Southwest Louisiana. But now we are in the 50’s .


Frozen Roses
Frost formed on the leaves.

Now, I think this photo shot came out Okay.

Have a great weekend😊

My Every Day Life: A Short Break

Okay, this is my shortest post.  I am will not go into details. I will say two of my family members passed last month. Two days apart from each other. One was my Dad’s nephew, and the other my Mom’s brother. (My uncle) I took their passing hard and had to take a break from writing.
I am getting back to my writing and photography, which I missed a lot.


roses, gardening, memories

I took time off to think and remember those who are gone.

Here’s a photo shot  I took a few week ago.

Hope everyone have a great week.  🙂

My Every Day Life: Very Patience

Okay, Here is a question. Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?

Well, that’s how last week went for me, for four days there was no internet in my home. Was not a Happy Camper 😦

But I did finish writing in my journal. I decided to hand write my story ideas in notebooks, (9 notebooks .)

Oh, the joy of Back to School sales on 70 pages notebooks last month was worth it.  🙂

Anyway, I am glad to be back online.



I waited patience for this photo shot.

I waited patiently for this photo shot.


Of course, I have to post this photo shot of my favorite Roses. This year the Roses is not blooming as often as last year.





My Every Day Life: Rant Part Two

Okay,  I have a question. Ever had one of those days that seemed to be unreal.  Well today, I am having one of those unreal and you got to be kidding me days.

Oh, of all days, I usually in the writing and editing mode but one thing got to me, which is getting old. This morning I was on Facebook, I seen someone made a friend request.  I thought it was someone I knew.

Nope, I was wrong. This young fellow had only two photo shots one of himself and the other of an armor vehicle in the desert. He  did not have anything on his profile page. As for his friends list, all women from different part of the country. It would have been nice to know where he was from and who he was. But nothing I even Google search his name and nothing.

This Cajun Gal is getting really tick off by those fake profiles on Facebook. Last week it was the same thing happen.  No, information on his profile page. I have too much to think about, to worry who on Facebook or be bothered.  If I want to be bothered by nonsense people, I just have to go on the Date Sites I am on. There I chat with a lot of nonsense men, whom sometime turned out to be scammers, married, way too young or related. (Oh yes, I have chatted with some distant cousins. It was very embarrassing to find out.)

Okay,I am not used to ranting. I am not the type to complain. I do not even like drama. The only Drama I like is in books or plays.

Oh well, I guess I am not perfect like some people, I know.  Anyway end of rant.

Last Saturday afternoon was foggy and gloomy.

Last Saturday afternoon was foggy and gloomy.

An Awful Weekend

I should have known when I woke up last Monday morning and spilled coffee on my keyboard that this would be the worst week ever. From spilled coffee on the keyboard to the blue screen of death on my monitor the next morning. (Something to do with the ATI card in other words the graphic card.) I was shaking my head in disbelief. No, not again. 😦

On top of everything else Thursday afternoon someone was cutting grass and cut the phone wire up the road from my home. So, there was no internet until Saturday. The only bright side to not having the internet for three days, I was able to organize some of my photos and writing folders.

Now I have to read all my emails from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. But I am not complaining and so far my computer is not acting up.