My Cherish Memories: 17 Years Went By Fast

Okay, this post has taken  me a long time to write not because it’s a long post. It’s actually a short post. Anyway, since no other family members never made a short dedication to my Grandmother, I decided to share a photo of her and my Grandfather.




17 years today

My Grandfather Aristile Demet Apr. 20, 1911- Dec. 28, 1989 and Grandmother Lydia Bourque Demet Jan. 6, 1916-March 3,2000.


I  cannot believe how time goes by fast? It’s already 17 years of my grandmother passing. All I can say about her, she was something else.



Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂








My Cherish Memories: School Photo Shots

Okay, with school vacation and High School Graduations in the air. I have a second cousin graduating Monday. Very happy and proud of him.  🙂

Anyway, I decided to post my two school photo shots, one of my kindergarten graduation 1983 and one of my High school graduation 1994.


Hard To Believe This  Was May Of 1983

Hard To Believe This Was May Of 1983

My Mom, my youngest brother, and me. Oh yes, that little kid was me. Hard to believe that was 32 years ago.

Hard To Believe This Was My High School Graduation Class Of 1994...

Hard To Believe This Was My High School Graduation  Day  Class Of 1994…


My Mom with me, we were getting ready to leave for My high school graduation. This was my dress, I wore under my gown, which was a grey gown. I did have photo shots of my cap and gown; however, I lost those photos back in September of 2005. That’s another story for later.




Last but no least here a photo shot, I think this photo shot came out okay. even thought I was a few distance. I used the focus to get this close up look.

A Nice l Sunset In Southwest Louisiana

A Nice l Sunset In Southwest Louisiana


Have a wonderful weekend!    🙂





My Halloween Memories

Here is a short little post about what I wrote last year for Halloween.

Okay, since it is Halloween I decided to write about my first Halloween costume, which was not really the best.
I got dragged into going trick or treating with my young little second cousins, at the last minute. When I say last minute ,it was three minutes before heading out the door. I had no costume, which was fine with me. Oh but not for my cousins, whom came up with the idea of face paint. I went along with them. Thinking this could be fun, since I was never one to go out trick or treating. It turned out to be fun
Oh yes, when we came back with candies and goodies, we took photos of what we’d worn. A minute later, I went to the bathroom to wash the face paint off. I got a shock. No one told me , how red and itchy my face would become or that face paint and I did not get along. 😦
This was when I found out that I could not wear face paint. How could I have known this. My first Halloween costume turned out to be the last time I use face paint. But not the last time I went out on Halloween. Only this time it was to watch a bonfire. And that is one of my Halloween memory.







My Cherish Memories: Life Of The Party

Okay,I wrote this post a few months back and after reading it. I decided to add a bit more to it. This is a dedication to my cousin.

The question was Write about the  most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

I have lost a few precious things and love ones in the past years , however, today I will write about my first cousin. Two years hard to believe you have been gone that long. You always could put a smile  on everyone’s face. You were the  life  of the party or any family events. He had this way of making people laugh and crying  at the same time.  Cry in a good way for his jokes could make someone laugh so hard that they start to cry. He was something else and I miss him dearly. Maybe because he had me spoiled rotten as a child and took up for his youngest first cousins.

But sadly, we lost him two years ago from kidney failure .Nothing been the same at family get together. Only the memories of t good times we all had with him.

I sometime wonder what he would have said about my blog.  He would have probably been very happy and asking me to write a short story about him.

So, here to my cousin Billy S.  45 years old was too young to leave.  That’s all  I am saying on the subject.


Flowers, roses, white, roses, Southwest Louisiana

They always look beautiful no matter which time of year. ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2013.









My Memories: Sept.23, 2005

Okay, I took a break from my writing to write this very short story or description..Which was hard for me. That’s the reason I posted a day late.  9 years ago yesterday, my life and those around me changed forever.  I cannot describe how I felt but I can give a short comment/story or description on it. 

On Sept. 23, 2005 Hurricane Rita came and brought destruction to all.



Her eye was cold and hateful. Her voice was furious as the wind. Her movement brought destruction in her path. She was feared by all and left nothing untouched. She took what she wanted from those in her path.  She took my home, she took my belongings, she took what I keep close. But one thing she could not take away from me. My childhood memories that I now keep on my heart.

That year I also realized who were my friends and my cousins true colors.(That’s all I am saying on the who and how.)

Now, I can go back to editing Chapter 4.






My Earliest Childhood Memories & With A Note

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.

My earliest memory would have to be waking one morning at my grandmother and grandfather’s home and looking out the window to see tall oak and pine trees in the backyard and hearing the sound birds in the trees, as for smell I remember smelling the roses and pine trees outside and inside coffee and my grandfather’s freshly bake bread and biscuits.

*** Special Note***

I am happy to say that this is my 100th post 🙂

When I first started posting I did not know how it would be or if I would keep on posting with everything going on in my life. I can now say this is the best thing I ever decided to do. Even though I have taken a little time off from my blog to look over my writing and take more photo shots.

But I will be post stuff on my writing again. Just need to pass the outlining part.

As for blogging in general it has been fun even though I am still learning about it.

My Precious Memories

Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

The most precious thing I ever lost was a family member who treated me like his little sister and did not treat me and my little sister and little brother like someone from something distance place.

When he would show up to a family get together he was the life of the party, he knew how to make everyone laugh and cry at the same time. Cry as in laughing so hard from the joke he would tell. He was something else.

When I was writing this blog I kind of accidentally hit the publish bottom and not realize it until it was publish. So, this is the rest of my post.

 But sadly, we lost him two years ago from kidney failure and nothing been the same at family get together. Only the memories of the good times we all had with him.

Now, I have some cherish memories I might post but have not decided yet.