My Writing: Fears and Doubts

After many months I have finish editing and proofreading. Now, the scary part is asking friends, family member and Beta Readers to read. 😱


Yikes! The self doubts kicks in with the what if questions, which turned my head upside down. 😵

Does this look like the face of someone who has lots of stuff on their  mind.  I  only had two cups of Hazelnut coffee on that day.

This is me. I am not like anyone else but I do have feelings and words does hurt


I  am sending everyone a smile.

Here a question: Have anyone ever had doubts on their writing?


Have a great weekend 🙂

One thought on “My Writing: Fears and Doubts

  1. Such a lovely smile, you should wear it often. Have no fear of your fear and doubts. That is normal and the sign of a good writer or creative person. We are our own worst critic but that drives us to continue to improve our craft. The secret is to not let our doubts or fears to stop us from the very thing that gives us our life energy, and that is to create, to write, to express our inner thoughts and emotions through our mediums. View any criticism as a reflection of the critic and not yourself. Everyone will have their own view that may take them far away from your intent, but hear them and if they are helpful to your effort to bring your work to a finished work of art then it is well worth the time, effort, and emotion. Best of Luck to you and keep smiling.


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