My Photos: All Gone !😱

Yes, y’all read right today I  was looking for a photo on my laptop  when I  realized I  had all my photos I  took from 2013 -2017  photo album  folder gone. . I thought had copies on a thumb drive. Nope, every single photo shots gone. Even the desktop computer it was on gone. 😭

A photographers’ nightmare.😢



I  will be taking a short break from here. With the internet always going off I don’t know when I  will be back and then there is something going on in my life, which is keeping me from posting.

When someone say things always remember to stop and smell the Roses.

Have a great week🌹

7 thoughts on “My Photos: All Gone !😱

  1. There is a software available that you can restore all your photos once you had them on your notebook or pc, even when deleted. But do not store meanwhile other photos or anything, this would delete them forever or damage them enough that you cannot bring them back.

    Here is a link to free programms for restoring your data:

    You have to read a bit how to do it – in the end you will succed again.

    All good wishes, my friend and hope that you will be sucessful


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