My Writing: A Personal Essay Visits Again

Okay, I told myself, I would not post this essay again. But as the days got closer to the upside down day, (11 years ago.) I decided to edit and rewrote this essay once more.


Her eye was filled with coldness,

 Her voice was furious as the wind.

Her movement brought destruction and fear to all in her path.

She brought sadness, left nothing untouched.

She took what she wanted from those in her way.

She took my home, my belongings, and  what I kept close.

 The one thing she could not take from me, is my childhood memories.

This, I shall treasure close to my heart for all time.

Rita ©Verna Rose Demet ™2015


Everyone had their own personal thoughts on that day. I have my own also. I have not written about it. (I won’t go there yet. ) Perhaps, in a few years, I might write more on Sept. 23, 2005 and those days, which followed.


Last but not least the only Rose bush that went through a lot.

 A White Rose



6 thoughts on “My Writing: A Personal Essay Visits Again

  1. Ah Rita, What a storm she was. The fourth most powerful in history some say. I see so much symbolism in the white rose that persevered through it all to bloom so lovely. Thank you for sharing your poetry on what must have been an epic dark day in your life.

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