My Photo: Homemade Dessert

It’s not too early to start thinking of Holiday desserts and treats. I was thinking of holiday desserts last week. Actually, a family member brought a pumpkin for my Mom. She usually make pumpkin jam. I usually slice up the pumpkin and take the pumpkin seeds out.

This year I can say I did not have any bad luck slicing the pumpkin. 🙂 Unlike the past few years, which  I would either cut my finger or get to close to sauce pan on the stove. Steam burns is a big ouch! Oh yes, I have cooking scars on my hand.

Anyway, here’s a photo shot of the cooked pumpkin jam. I would have put the recipe. But I wasn’t paying attention on how much sugar and vanilla My Mom used. The pumpkin jam always stays and taste right when she cooks it.



My writing distraction was this dessert.

My writing distraction was this dessert. This is great on slices of plain bread and toast bread.


Okay, I tried to take this photo shot in an angle. But it did not work and the flash reflected off the bowl.  Not my best photo shot.


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