My Writing: Chapter 23

Okay, I have to admit this Chapter bugged me for a while. But after reading and rewriting the chapter once more. I decided to leave it alone for now. But never know with me.


Chapter 23: Raven 
“So, the enemy after human now.” The petite auburn hair teenager stated. She wore a long dark leather jacket, in the doorway entrance. Her eyes went straight towards Nicholas, who coughed on his beverage. “Hello Nick.” Or should I call you…
“Lorraine?” He blinked twice.
“No, Raven.” Her eyes narrowed. Three were missing, “Where is Verona and Lance, Uncle Bailey?” She paused, “G- Aaron?”
Her beast growled. Something was in this office.
Tristan and Gibson sensed the unknown. They stepped back.
“We knew you by another.” Tristan replied.
“Relax, I have mellowed since then.” Raven eyes narrowed towards her uncle, “Where are they?”
“Who are you?” This stranger held pure energy. No mere mortal shared this ability.
“Do not go there, A- Father..” Mordred realized his mistake.
“Ah…, How sweet y’all made amends since the last time.” She turned towards her uncle’s puzzled face, “Uncle Bailey?”
“Sherwood Forest.” Bailey mumbled. “Before Robin changed.”
Her eyes widen, “Where’s Lancelot?”
“Verona gave him the transformation ring.” Bailey stated, “Verona did not realize the ring’s power.”
“Nor Lance!” Raven growled, “Oh, excuse me.”
Arthur senses something sinister. “Don’t blame Verona.” Arthur answered. “We battled Modron and werewolves. This mysterious woman stabbed him with a dagger. He vanished within thin air.”
“The color of the dagger?” Bailey attempted to cover his own concern.
“Golden with strange patterns on it.” Arthur replied.
“Adora.” Her brown eyes darken to charcoal.
“You heard of her?” Mordred had seen those eyes somewhere.
“Oh yes,” She replied, next to him. “She took someone from us.”
A forgotten battlefield came to Mordred. There she stood, in brown leather clothing. She held a double edge sword. A black raven flew around her and the enemies.
“Have we met?” His nerves shook.
“Maybe.” An eerie smile crossed her face. “Now, we must find Lance.”
“Is Verona safe?” Bailey asked.
“She’s in good hands for now.” Raven sensed an evil presence around Arthur. Her sword sliced the presence. In its place stood a frighten woman. She wore what once was elegant gown, now rags.
“My goddess.. That’s Elaine!” Gibson exclaimed.
“Hey, where is Arthur?” Tristan asked.
“He has other things on his agenda.” Raven eyes narrowed towards the woman. “Who sent you here?”
“A strange woman with strong energy.” She whispered. “Warn Mordred. Sherwood Forest is not..” Her eyes rolled back.
“Easy.” Bailey hands went towards her forehead. “What has this young woman be gone.”
“We need to leave now.” Raven grabbed Mordred’s arm.
“Why should I trust you?” He pulled from her grip.
“Remember the raven on the battlefield at Arthur’s Seat?” She whispered.
How could he not? Each morning he is haunted by his fallen colleagues. He blamed himself for Adora’s actions.
Never go there, Nicholas. Raven answered. “We must leave now.”
“Where?” He met her dark eyes.
“Masonville.” She replied.
Her uncle gasped.
Okay, in this Chapter I wanted to add a few surprises with a bit of mystery.  It looks like Merlin/Arthur have plans of his own.

Now, I can move on before I decide to rewrite the part where Arthur vanished.



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