My Writing: The Dreadful Blue Screen

Oh yes, the dreadful blue screen some appearance yesterday. Here is a question. Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Well, that’s the case with me yesterday evening. Since it rain all weekend long. I decided to look over my writing one last time, before posting it. But before I could even save my writing correction. A message popped up about the ATI. If I am not mistaken this had something to do with the graphic card. But I could be wrong. Well, anyway, the next thing I saw was that dreadful blue screen. No. I thought not again. This was the second time in one day, it turned blue. I was not a happy camper with this. If it’s not one thing it’s another thing.  I thought.  After, my computer restarted I was able to find my writing again. Now,  I can go back to editing my chapters.


Of course, I had to put a photo shot of the blue clouds just before the rain started.  I think this photo shot came out okay. But not my best photo shot.


Just before the rain started. The Egrets were flying around the Rice.

Just before the rain started. The Egrets were flying around the Rice.

Have a nice week!  🙂





7 thoughts on “My Writing: The Dreadful Blue Screen

  1. Had to rate this! For someone like me, hated by technology, I’ve had this problem forever and can totally related. All until my Mac. The Mac was a gift, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent money or my arch-enemy, technology.

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