My Writing: Chapter 19 Finally

Okay, after reading and editing this chapter I can finally move to the next the chapter.  I felt like I was going round in circles. For one thing  five paragraphs were giving me a headache. I had to delete and rewrite  the paragraphs.

Anyway, I think I am finished with this Chapter for the time being. But never know with me, I might decide to add or delete sentences.


Chapter 19: Present Time
While Verona rested in his private office, Mordred and his acquaintance were in a deep conversation in his chief office. Where he met with his business colleague. 
“You haven’t said who this woman was, Mordred.” The hooded male said with a strong, rugged accent. 
His cloak may have covered his facial expression now but Mordred knew his allied was frustrated.
“My real mother,” Mordred met his black eyes. “Aaron, you’ve known her as another.”
His eyes widen slightly in surprise. How did he know this?  His connection to Verona was a well kept secret.
“Mordred, there’s trouble in your secret office.” The blond haired male said from  the door, “Geoffrey is with your friend.”
Who granted him entrance to my private office? “Da***t!  Come on, Tristan.” Mordred said, “Aaron, find out why Modron appeared in Sherwood.” He realized his mistake too late.
Grr! A low growl came out from him. No one never dared to give him orders since his existence. Those whom knew of him feared his presence. His eyes darken, he’ll make an exception this one time. (Okay, this paragraph is still  bugging me after reading once more. But I’ll leave it alone for now.)
My heart thumps faster, I had to leave this icy dark tunnel. How do I get it out? I thought, light breeze on my arm. A child with dark wavy hair appeared before me.
“You must discover the truth.” The child said. Her eyes were a dark charcoal color. “And the oath they have  lived.”
A very cold mist formed I now found myself in this strange courtyard. Huntingdon Manor?  Would Merlin hear me. I questioned. Merlin help me.
“This is not Nottingham, Verona.” The youngster said beside me. “But you know this place.”
I glanced around my environment, a mahogany flag with a black griffin was flapping in the current of air. Pure hot pain shot through my right arm, my breath quicken. I peeked towards the oak trees.  Something dark and sinister was lurking there. I moved in a little closer, a crowd was gathering there now.
Three well established men with swords by their side entered the courtyard with a middle aged auburn haired, she wore an elegant sea green ball gown which looked disheveled. I sensed something strong within in her.
 My eyes widen in disbelief. There in the front of two well dressed couple stood Modron. How in the world..
“Listen and watch closely.” The child whispered.
The wind up as the knights brought the woman in front of Modron.  He did not speak, the furious five foot seven, medium well-built blonde-haired, bearded man in the stylish dark color clothing did.
“I’ll ask you once more Grandmother,”
 I noticed the dark aura settle within him. He’s under a spell.
No, his kind was pure evil. the child said sadden
 “Where is the stone?”
 “As I said before I will never tell you, John,”
“Foolish woman.”  A young blonde woman said.
“No, you are the foolish one.” She gave her an icy stare. “For those who marry into this family shall be cursed.”
I could not help notice the bright aura around this woman.
“Your words hold no significance to me, Grandmother.”
“Oh, it should, John.” There was power in her voice.  “For each night haunting green eyes shall visit you.”
“We have our mystic to break any curse, Grandmother.”
“No mystic can break this curse,” The aura which surrounded her shone brightly, “Only those connected to me shall break this curse.” She gave Modron a cold glare, “You’re power is unless in this time.
“Enough. Get rid of her!” He roared, then towards Modron. “We can find the stone without her.”
My eyes widen. No, they weren’t going to..
The hood man came forwards, his expression was acidic  as he placed the noose around her neck.
 The bow and arrow were in my hands, I took one deep breath, eyed the rope over her head and shot. The arrow ripped through the air, piercing the rope. A thick mist form around her as she vanished, leaving the couple stunned. Modron turned quickly towards my way. I meet his shock green eyes, before I heard someone calling me in the distance.(Okay, this paragraph is still bugging me. I wanted to do more showing than telling. But I will leave it alone for now.) 
My eyes slowly open.
 “Hey there, my sweet.” A friendly male voice said.
My eyes widen, What was my employer William Scotts doing here?  I  glanced around the office. The dark brown leather sofa was unfamiliar to me. The solitary illumination from the window blind behind the large antique desk said it was day time.   “Nicholas.” I said, bewildered. “What happened to me?
He kept his face expression unreadable, “You had an accident, my dear Verona.” The lie came easy. He was a master of manipulation, this woman would be no different from the others.
Oh, you got to be joking!  I met his dark eyes. William Scotts never once called me his dear. My right hand tingled a bit, “Why am I not in a hospital?”
“This place was closer.” Why hadn’t she gone under his trance.
My eyes narrow, “Who or what are you?” Pure energy shot up from my hand.
 “What the h…!” He jumped an inch away from her. “You’re one of them?”
The door flew open, Mordred and two huge heavy-armed, well-built men, entered. I could not help, noticed the sword, they carried. One was of a wolf and the other was of a griffin.
“Well, looks like we’re just in time for the party.” the  blond  haired male with blue eyes said with a strong Irish accent.
 “Careful Tristan, she has fire.” the dark haired, male mumbled.
“Geoffrey, it’s not a polite to take, something that is not yours.” Mordred’s eyes were glowing a golden color. “You know the rules if we find food we all share.”
My eyes widen, his two companions gave a dumbfounded expression.
Don’t you dare faint Mother. M-Nicholas eyes warned.
“Oh no, I will not.” I answered back, “I suggest y’all back off. Unless y’all what to be burnt toast as the old hag in Sherwood Forest.”
No, she was not talking about Maggie? He narrowed his eyes, “What did Merlin do to her?”
“Watch it Mord, she has flames within her.” Tristan said.
She will not harm me. I heard him say.
“Oh no, not Merlin.” I said, “It was this mysterious woman.”
“What did she say?” Tristan asked softly. He knew his enemies’ method of manipulating and confusing its’ victims. But this woman was not impressed by his ability. No, there’s something powerful within her.
My eyes glared towards him, “Why should I trust you?”
“You can, my lady.” He said in a quiet, almost whispered tone.
“Anyone who comes to the Forest Spirit will be vanished by its guardian.” The flame rose within my hand. Pain shot through my arm, making it hard to breathe.
Merlin where are you?
He cannot hear you in this time. Mordred’s eyes seemed to say.
Geoffrey formed a black smoke and disappeared.
“Da…”  another stranger cursed, while his two friends glanced towards the woman, whom wore a familiar cloak. If she was, whom she claimed to be all was not lost.
“Breathe Mother.”Mordred said coming next to me.
“How can I?”I felt the fire all at once. “I am not trained in magic.”
“Sh**!” Without thinking he placed his cold hands upon her right hand. He’ll either become a roasted duck or turn into ashes. But instead, he felt a cool breezes surrounding them.
In a golden meadow an imagine of a woman, in a turquoise blue dress appeared. “Those whom connected to my child shall be protected by my guardian.” A griffin appeared before him.
The blue flame subsided my palm. “Nicholas.” There was a warm glow around us.
“Mord, are you okay?” Tristan asked, next to him. “Lady, if you have harm my dear old friend, me and my two cousins will …”
“Do not mess with her, Tristan.” the one with jet black hair said staring towards me. “Look at her stone in her necklace.
“My goddess!” Tristan exclaimed.
“Depending on whom you think I am.” I glanced towards the two men “Besides, why should I trust y’all?”
“She is.” Mordred interrupted her.
I felt pure energy surrounding him, his disguised was well shielded, as the other men.
“Then that would make her..” Tristan trailed off, his older friend stepped forwards.
“Lady Guinevere.” His green eyes held sadness, “You are as beautiful as your mother, Sarah.”
I glanced into his weary paled face, my hair on my arm rose up.
Remember a forgotten memory, Dear child. A distance voice said.
“Guinevere, you must always know whom to trust.” the younger male said to me.
“Oh, Uncle Gibson.” I heard myself say, “You will always be my truest friend.”
“Someday, you will think differently my dear.” he said with a faraway look.
I slowly turned towards the dark forest, a dark hooded figure was forming.
“You cannot save them, Verona.” An eerie voice echoed.
Mordred felt a distance presence in his office. He placed his hands on Verona shoulders, she did not respond.
“Verona Rose snap out of it this instant!” a male voice said in the door entrance way. doorway.
“You.” Tristan glared towards the strange with piercing blue eyes.


Okay, I wanted to make this chapter a little intriguing with more clues to Verona’s identity, which may  surprise to Merlin, when he decides to make an appearance. I also wanted to add a new character, who knows a lot about Verona and Merlin.


Now, I am saying good-bye Chapter 19.  Onward towards my next chapter, before I find something wrong with this chapter and start deleting paragraphs again.


Have a great weekend.  🙂



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  1. This is coming along nicely, Firefly. It sounds like you edit like I do. I just write everything down and then days of trying to get it cleaned up. I appreciate your support and also think you are doing a good job with your story so keep writing and edit until you are happy 🙂

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