My Photo: Stormy June Evening

Last Tuesday evening I was outdoors watching the clouds roll on by, when I seen these grayish looking clouds. That’s when I started taking photo shots. I was being brave and hoping it would not thunder or lightning. I was wrong, I heard one loud thunder and did not wait to see the lightning flash. These photo shots are not in order.

Before The Rain

Before The Rain

This one I was standing outdoors when I heard the loud thunder. Never a good idea.


Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds

These photo shots were taken from indoor. I opened the window. Still was not a good idea for each time I took a photo shot a flash of lightning could be seen in the distance.

A Closer Look...

A Closer Look…

In Flight...

In Flight..

Dark Clouds Rolling In...

Dark Clouds Rolling In…


I think this photo shot came out okay, even though I tried not to catch the power line in this photo shot.




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