My Writing: Chapter 18

Okay, I have to admit this Chapter had to be rewritten, which is still bugging me a bit.  However, for now I will keep this Chapter.  But never know with me . Also, I may have overlooked some grammar and spelling error.

Here is a question, Ever had one of those days, When one or two paragraphs just did not fit into the scene or just stare at the computer screen and nothing comes to mind.  Well, that’s how the past few weeks have been for me.


Chapter 18: Friend or Foe 
He entered the Runic circle, which was hidden between Sherwood Forest entrance way and the only way to reach Mystic Lake. He felt the powerful presence each day. A temptation he had to resist each time he entered Sherwood Forest. However, he now knew the truth of his birth. He would fight Morganna all the way with one dangerous being by his side.  (Okay, it’s this paragraph that’s been bugging me for the past few weeks. I wanted to show more.  For now I will keep this paragraph.)
The mysterious, evenly tan, dark hair stranger with a mystical dragon’s eyes tattoo, on his back, was in a trance. His dark eyes opened to the sound of dead leaves. Something was heading their way.  He glanced towards Mordred then towards the forest. He felt The darkness moving closer than ever before. It was on the hunt. (Okay, this paragraph will be rewritten I want to show more. 
His eyes narrowed by the sight of the figure, whom wore a green cloak running out of the forest.  What was Robin… No, it cannot be! He left his spot quickly.
With dull pain building up in my left side, I kept on running and jumping over dead logs without glancing back. Once I made it through the forest, I found myself in a golden field with flowers surrounding me. I felt a strong pull towards pure energy, I glanced towards the source. There stood Mordred and a mysterious dark haired male, in a stone circle.  
Grr!!  Sounds and running came from behind me.
“Nicholas help me!” I screamed tripping over a log, tired I closed my eyes   the darkness took hold of me.
Where’s Merlin? Mordred was slow to reach her, as her legs gave away.  His old friend wasn’t, now he held her tightly within his arms. 
“Why was your mother’s pet after her.” His eyes glowed was fury. He needed to hear the truth, “Where the he** was Merlin? “(Okay, some words I spell out but not in my posts.)
Mordred glanced towards Morganna’s pet, whom once was a human. Now, cursed to live as a werewolf. The huge beast appeared in the clearing only to step back into the forest.
The creature, let out a long and eerie howl alert the others.
Six figures appeared, he glanced towards the one whom, held Verona protectively. “We need to get her out of here now, Aaron.”
Mordred had never used his real, which meant Mordred knew  how serious this was. Their only escape from this evilness was to summon an ancient power. He had to work fast, ” I need to put her…”  He noticed the woman with auburn hair, in a sea green dress standing near the lake.  “So, you make an appearance again.”
Mordred glanced towards the woman, whom been his enemy for years came forward.
Her green eyes meet his. “I will help you, Mordred.” She said then to Aaron, “Keep her safe, Ancient One.”
 An ancient one! Mordred met his allied sober expression.
With these words they were transported to a different time and place.
Merlin felt the strong energy towards the Lake as he, Lancelot, Bors, and the mysterious stranger battled the six  huge Creatures. Modron had escaped once more.
From the distance a howl was heard. The creatures left.
“Where did they go?” Bors asked to Lancelot.
“Come on we need to get to the Lake….”  A sharp pain went within his side. The dagger had reached its mark.  His brown eyes met his friends, then the owner of whom held the dagger.
An evil smirk appeared on her face, meeting his shocked expression. “At long  last your interference is done for at last.” With this she mysteriously vanished.
The wind became violent with fury as he fell to the ground only he did not touch the ground. Instead, he vanishes.  (Okay, I may have to look over this sentence once more. It’s bugging me.)
“No!” They screamed in unison.
It took a few seconds for the shock to sink in.  “We lost a good friend”  Bors broke the silence..
“No, he is not lost.” The Hooded figure with an accent said, “Only in another time.”
“But that dagger.”  Bores said, glancing towards his friends sober expression.
“All in good time, you’ll know the truth.” A woman’s voice echoed.

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter  a little more intriguing with  a new character, whom has connection with Verona and Merlin’s past.

Now, I am heading towards the next Chapter, before I decide to rewrite the third to last paragraph once more.





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