My Photo: Say What!

Okay, I was reading all of my favorites blog posts, earlier when I noticed the little orange dot on top of my page. Well, I clicked on the orange dot and had to look twice. Now, I know I gets likes on my posts. But I never would have thought it would say this.

Your current tally is 1,344..


Anyway, I like to  say Thank you!!!  To all of my followers, whom been reading and liking my posts since the beginning and to everyone, whom started following me also.   🙂


Of course, I have  more of my favorites photo shots. I taken in the past few years.


I Think This Is A Sparrow

I Think This Is A Sparrow

This was taken on a very cold day,  I have to cut the photo to get a closer look of this little bird. I think it’s a Sparrow. I am not quite sure.

Can you tell this is really a white rose? ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014


roses, summer, flowers

No matter how stressful it is a fresh rose always bring a smile to my face.

Nature, Spring, Berries,

Does Blackberry Dumplings Sound Good? ©V.ROSE DEMET ™2014

Oh yes, the blackberries are out and also the poison ivy

Poison Ivy and I don’t get along well. Found that out last April.


Rain, storm

A Rainbow To Me Means A



I Cannot Wait For Fresh Basil Again... It Smells So Good.

I Cannot Wait For Fresh Basil Again… It Smells So Good.




Again Thank you!  🙂









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