My Writing: Chapter14

Okay, this Chapter was not that bad in editing and it did not bug me. I think I will leave this one a lone for now. But never know with me. If I start reading I might decide to delete some parts.

Chapter 14: Guardian of Time
Her eyes widen with shock and confused expression. “This was my mother in-law’s necklace.” she said, “I gave it to my daughter when I sent her to her father.” She closed her eyes and took my hands. I felt pure energy suddenly.
My heart aches for a child, I would never hold.  A female voice echoed.
Imagines of a child and a man running from a burning manor, came to my mind.  I stood frozen as the auburn woman cast a spell.
“Oh, my dear child.” She could not believe it, however, something held her from showing her true feeling. Her voice was a low tone, “You have traveled far to save this time. But you must still travel farther, Verona.”
Merlin glance towards her in confusing; however, he spoke not a word for Verona to hear. What do you mean?
Once you enter the forest, she must go back to her own time She silently said.  I am surprised Vivian is helping her and you.
She was the one who gave her your necklace in the future and brought here without Morganna sensing it. He silently said. Will I know her when I will meet her again?
 A deep sinking feeling came over her, she knew he would not.
Who says it was she who brought Verona here. A male voice answered for only Sarah to hear.
She was stunned and puzzled, but did not let on to her cousin.“Of course, I see.” she said with smiling as she removes her hands from mine.
Did I miss something? I thought silently puzzled.
“No, my child.” she said, “Tell me what is your memory of your real parents?”
“I have none…” I trailed off
“Someone spoke of a poem, I was supposed to remember.” Pausing, “The person, who is born in thy sign of fire, Shall be protected by the griffin, no matter where she or he may be.”
I noticed her smile spread quickly, before it vanished. Merlin glance towards me in total surprise.
“Do you know your name here?” Merlin asked seriously now.
Do not reveal your true name to him yet. Another voice answered.
“I cannot remember it.” I answered. 
You’re my Guinevere Rose.  A male voice answered back. Sarah looked surprised and stared into my eyes.
“Oh my!” she exclaimed cover her heart. There was a very powerful presence here. One she had known very well and dread. Unlike the forces within the manor.”Do you know whom you have here, Merlin?”
 “No, I cannot even see in my mirror.” he said in a sober tone. then to me,
“Tell me do you know whom brought you here?”
“I was with …” I trailed off.
Do not say!
“I do not remember.” I said, “Only that this person worn a black cloak.”
I notice Lady Sarah’s face go pale and glanced towards Merlin with a questioning glance.
Do you know whom she speaks of, cousin? She silently asked.
No. Can she actually move through time? He said silently.
There was, only one I know of, whom could do this, even with darkness around us, Merlin. She silently said. She must have met this person in her own time.  You have no idea what you’re in for.
Do not lecture me, cousin. He silently said, narrowing his blue eyes towards her.
I had enough of their silence treat I said, “Are y’all two finished with the silent treatment and tell me what to do?”
My, she has her mother’s temper. “I am sorry my dear, child.” she said with a kind smile, “You must enter Sherwood Forest and face a lot of challenges.”
“I know.” I said in a trance like stage. Pure energy surrounded me. “The Forest Spirit is slowly dying. Only its keeper can save it now.”
Merlin glanced towards me in shock.
 “Oh, my sweet heaven!” she exclaimed cover her chest. the suspicious she had of Verona was now proven.. “You have fire within you.” She took my hands. “I should have known.”
What do you mean, cousin? Merlin asked.
Ignoring his question, “You’ll must hurry.” she said holding my hands. “Until we meet again, my dear child.”
My heartache once more for the woman, I have never known. “Will I see you again?”
“Oh yes, “ she said, hugging me. “After all, we share the same element.”
 She waited until they were out of sight and ear range to speak. “So, you have finally return for her.”
The hooded figure did not answer, his dark velvet eyes stared toward her.  Then  towards the two figures in the distance. Before he mysteriously vanished.
“He will fight for her.” She said.
“It’s not up to him, Guardian.”  a stern voice answered back.

Okay, I had to add the mysterious and intriguing  stranger, who may hold secrets to both Verona and Merlin’s past.  Now, on ward to my next Chapter.


Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend.  🙂


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