My Writing: Chapter 13

Okay, I have to admit this Chapter did give me a little headache with writing out the first paragraph, which I wanted to show more. For now I’ll leave this Chapter a lone, if I look once more I might start editing and deleting paragraphs.

 Chapter 13: Hidden Hallway
A second later. we made our way down the dark eerie stairs, then though the empty quiet kitchen. Too quiet if you asks me. I did not like this one bit. Glancing around the great hall.  A question came to mind.
Strange, where was everyone? A chilled came over my arms.
You do not want to know, Verona.  A distance voice answered. Walk faster something is approaching.
“Merlin are we almost there?” Fear came over me now.
Merlin had the handle to the leverage to the secret passageway, he turned to find  glowering red sinister eyes  approaching them .
Without thinking he pulled her and himself into the hidden corridor. “Purest light protect us from this darkness.” Suddenly, the corridor lit up  brightly around us. “Let’s hurry before anything else goes wrong.” (Okay, this paragraph I will be rewriting. I want to show more.)
“What was that?” I asked shaken. I tried to move only to find Merlin still holding me in his arms. I gave him a puzzled glance. “Merlin?”
“Hush, my love.” he said lower his lips to mine. He mumbled lowly, “Guinevere.”
The nerve of him!  I pushed  him away from me.  A flash of a crown on his forehead appeared, then in an instant it was gone. I had to blink twice.
“What’s wrong, Verona?” his voice held a serious note.
“You’re ..” His finger came over my lips.
“We will finish this later.” he whispered stepping back.
“Who are you really? ” I whispered.
Someone whom you do not want to get involved with, my Love. His eyes  seemed to say. “We have to move on, Verona.” he said, placing his arms around my waistline in a protective way once more.
Without commenting, we hurried down the corridor we were getting close to a tiny glare. A thick, musky and muggy smell of decaying filled our surroundings now. I felt sick suddenly.  (I will be rewriting this scene again. I think I need to add more showing. )
Merlin quickly pulled me behind him.”Sh..”
Something stirred in the dark corner of the cavern.
I glance in question, Merlin stared towards something. Before I could comment, Oh my a dragon!  No wait a minute it’s a Griffin.  The enormous beast stepped out from the darkness.
Merlin gave a low growl. I was stunned by this huge beast. Its’ tongue came out and licked its’ lips.
Oh great, probably thinking we’re free food! I thought, Merlin turned and gave me an icy glare.
 “I do not eat meddling humans from this manor.” the large beast spoke, in a stern female voice.  I was surprised. “What brings you to my lair?”
“We wish to enter the Forest of Sherwood.” Merlin said soberly holding my hands tightly.
“Hmm.., No one from this manor knows of this passage,” she said, “Who told you of this place?”
“Sir William Scarlet.” Merlin said boldly.
 There was emotion in her greenish eyes for a moment. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?” she said with rage and fury, “Duchess Joan could have put a spell on you to come here, like so many.”   
An image of an auburn haired woman, in a sea green dress holding a child, appeared in my mind. “No, she did not.” I said revealing myself, “She wants me dead.”
Merlin glanced towards me and said, “My friend is right.”
The beast glance towards me, I thought she was getting ready to blow fire towards us. Instead, she blew onto the torch, next to her. The whole cavern lite up, in a golden color as her scalded skin.
Her green eyes stared straight towards me, for a moment I saw her turn into an auburn haired woman in a green velvet gown with a silver aura surrounding.
Merlin could not believe his eyes, nor said anything to the transformation of the huge beast to the beautiful maiden, who could have been nothing other than, “Lady Sarah.” he said bluntly.
Her eyes meet him in surprise to see him here. “ You have changed a lot.” she said then to me, “Why do you wear my husband’s cloak and carry his bow and arrows?”
 Goose bumps spread over my arms. No, she cannot be!  (Okay, this sentence I will be rewriting.) 
“So, I could use it in some way.” I said boldly glancing towards Merlin with approved nod. “He knows there is darkness in his manor by the duchess, Brisen and Morganna,” I notice her eyes narrow by these names. “The Earle recommended we go out to the forest through the garden.”
“Then you will need my help to leave and face the Forest of Time.” she said bluntly walking up towards me now, “But first, I must know what have been said to whom.”
“You have my permission, but how do I know you are on your side?” Merlin asked with his hands around me.
Her eyes narrow, she spoke only to him, The older you get cousin, the more impossible it is for you to trust me.
Only because you are the Guardian of Time, which you should have told me. Merlin silently thought, glancing towards her. Can she hear us?
No. Who is she? She silently asked, curious now. No one could break her spell she cast those many years ago. Well, only two could; however, she did not admit this to her younger cousin.
I will let you see for yourself. He silently said.  You will not believe who has brought her here. He silently said, meeting my puzzled glance. “She is on your side and will never harm you.”
“I know that, Merlin.” I said as her brows went up.
 Merlin? She silently thought with a puzzled glance.
Morganna. He answered back.
 “Morganna needs to be stop.” she mumbled, “Let me see your right hand child,”
Obeying, I gave her my right hand and flipped it over in my palm to be seen, “I should warn you the last person who got close to me got an electrical shock.”
“Electrical?” She glance into my palm, then towards Merlin. “You are not from this era.”
“No, she is not from our era.” Merlin said boldly, “Look at her necklace.”

Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter a little mysterious and add a spark between Verona and Merlin.  I also wanted to add an intriguing new character with a lot of secrets. Now, I am moving on to the next Chapter.


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