My Photo: Evening Sky Part 2

Okay, I decided to post more favorite photo shots that I took of the sunset. Also, while I was going through storage boxes, I found some photographs, I took a few years back. I might post these photos on here also. I haven’t decided yet. But never know with me. Anyway, here are my many favorites. Like I wrote before there just too many favorite photos.


Southwest Louisiana March Sunset

Southwest Louisiana Sunset March 2014

This photo shot was taken towards the western sky. My other two photo shots with the Power line post is on the left side of this Live Oak trees.


Getting A Close Focus Shot...

Getting A Close View..

I was a mile from this Power line post. I used the focus to get this close up shot.


Another Beautiful Sunset


Can You Spot The Little Mocking Bird?

When I took this photo shot, I did not notice the little Mocking Bird, until I seen the photo shots on my computer. I was to focus on the color of the sky.

I Still Think this Was A Beautiful Sunset.

I Still Think this Was A Beautiful Sunset.

Last but not least,this photo shot was one of many, I took back in Sept. of  2014.


Hope everyone have a great week.  🙂





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