My Food Craving Homemade Fudge

Okay, yesterday instead of  editing Chapter 12 , which is giving me a headache.  I decide to take a break for a while and step into the kitchen.  My food craving was fudge, after finding  an easy recipe I decided try it out.  I took a photo shot of how the fudge came out. The last time I tried making fudge was not a good memory.  Anyway, there is how the fudge came out.

When Writer's Block Take Over Find Something To Eat.. Then Start Writing!!!

A good snack also good with coffee


The fudge didn’t last long last night, my family members have a sweet tooth. Which was fine with me.   No complains on how these fudge came out.  (Not like to other fudge I made before; however, I won’t go there. All I can say it was awful.)


Anyway, Hope everyone have a nice weekend.  🙂






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