My Writing:Chapter10

Okay, after going over this chapter about five times I can finally move on to the next. This Chapter felt like I was going round in circles once more. For one thing  two paragraphs were bugging me.  Anyway, I think  I am finished with this Chapter for the time being. But never know with me, I  might add or delete sentences.  As for grammar errors, I might have over looked some words.


Chapter 10: Forgotten Memories (I have to rewrite this title Chapter) 
“Remember steady and aim true.” The tall bearded dark haired man said kindly.
“Like this.” I heard myself, the arrow went flying into the oak tree a few feet away.
“Yes Guinevere.” His brown eyes sparkled towards a younger version of myself. “Your mother would have been proud of you now.”
“She is, Father.” A warm feeling came over me.
Nothing is want to seems Verona.  Remember this.My eyes opened, brown eyes met mine. A warm cloth was on my forehead, a hand held in my hands tightly.
Merlin, where are you? I silently thought. An imagine of a blonde woman in his arms play out. I felt sleepy once more.
He is a fool! Answered a familiar voice.
“No, do not leave us again, my dear.” the earl said seriously.
I could see the concern in his eyes and something else. Why stay when I was not wanted or needed.
Was that a dragon in his aura shadow? I silently thought. “I am so sorry for being sick in your garden.” I mumbled just as the chamber door open. I did not care who came in as I slipped into darkness.
No, I will not let it happen again Guinevere! A familiar male voice exclaimed in the distant.
A very large cold hand felt my forehead, I moan in pain. Why was I on fire?
“My omen she is burning up.” Merlin said with his hand on my forehead.
I could still hear him but I walked towards a golden meadow filled with lilies and the smell of sweet basil and honeysuckles. I was standing in the middle of a golden field filled with all kinds of flowers from roses to periwinkle and oak trees, there a little dark headed boy, he had on a blue shirt and tan pants. with piercing blue eyes sat on a swing, made of ivy leaves. A young auburn haired woman in this beautiful golden gown was next to him.(Okay, I will have to rewrite this paragraph I want to tell not show and a better description on the young woman’s dress.)
I  walked towards them now, “I can I stay here?” I did not have to see Arthur- I- I meant Merlin again. I silently thought.
The woman’s green eyes widen in disbelief, “My goddess, you are not suppose to be here yet.” she said, “You have so many things to solve in the past and future, my dear child.”
 “Verona!” A voice called out.
I saw him as I turned towards the woman now, “Why is William Scotts here?” I asked feeling a pulled towards him now.
“You must leave here now,” she said sadly, “Remember both past and present.”
I turned towards William and saw Merlin instead, “What happen to William Scotts?” I asked in confusion now.
“I am here with you, my beloved.” Merlin said pulling me into his arms.
No, you’re not! A brown cloak figure with violet eyes exclaimed. 
One moment I was in this field the next I was being sucked backwards, I saw     my life passed me by.
I saw myself in green velvet gown drinking from a goblet and pushed into a lake, while an elderly man went straight into a magic stone by a dark haired woman with a strange stone necklace. I heard her evil laughter. It was not Morganna. (Okay I might have to reword this paragraph again.)
“Both my enemies are gone and no one will ever find you Merlin or Guinevere.”
I became aware of someone trying to make me swallow some liquid when I took a deep breath and pushed it away suddenly. “No, I am okay.” I said with my eyes open now to meet Merlin hard cold eyes.
Do not be stubborn Verona! “Drink it, Verona.’ he said soberly.“It is anise my secret tea. It will help your stomach.”  
I did not argue with him as I drank the tea that to my surprised tasted good and like the tea my newly founded grandfather had given me this for my lighted head two days ago. 
Nevertheless, I could not remember what had caused it. Then it occurred to me, it had been my necklace electrical shock. I silently thought he had asked about it and I told him, how I was giving it by a mysterious auburn haired woman, at a fair in my home town of Moon Isle.
“Verona says something to me?” Merlin asked in a worried tone.
Why? Gwen isn’t good enough for you? No, wait Morganna? I wanted reply my mind. I never felt doubt cross. This was the way I felt when William told me,
He was marrying me to keep safe from my adopted parents’ cruelness. “What happened?”
Before he could answer the chamber door open,the earl walked in carrying a tray of bread and honey. “Has the fever broken Merlin?” placing the tray on the little side table.
“Yes,” he said, “Who prepare this bread and honey?”
“Tuck and John brought it in when they heard.” the earl said, “Is she m… well?” Daughter? I thought I heard him say.
“Yes, I got her in time. The poison is all out.” Merlin said boldly while rubbing my hands.
I noticed that the earl eyes narrow a bit the gesture; however, he did not comment. “What do you mean I was poison?” I asked in disbelief.
“Someone slipped a deadly tonic in your drink.” Merlin said then towards the earl of Huntingdon. “It seems that the in-law was hoping Lady Verona would be your new interest, Robin.”
“That’s unreasonable ….” he said, “I would never have agree this.”
Not, when I know who she was. He silently thought. There was no doubt this was his real daughter.
“If you dislike her so much, why have her here?” Merlin asked soberly.
“It was not my idea.” he said soberly, “Guinevere wanted her here.” I noticed something flicker in his eyes when, “Tell me child did she happen invite you to one of her tea parties?”
“Yes,” I said  puzzled, “Does  this have something to do with my illness?”
Both men glanced towards each other with this look that said it all.
“Did you drink or eat anything?” the earl asked there was something in his eyes that looked grim.
“No, Merlin and my brother, my cousin and William Scarlett arrived just as they were serving tea.” I said turned towards Merlin now, “They were a little too nosy about my necklace and said it resembled Lady Sarah’s necklace.” I noticed the earl glanced towards my necklace, “Who is this Lady Sarah?
“May I see your necklace Lady Verona?” Robin asked soberly while keeping his facial expression unreadable. 
I glance towards Merlin, who nodded. “Be warned the last one who tried touching my necklace got a shock.” I said flatly, as I pulled my necklace over my head and into my right palm. I noticed the fade symbol of a sword that was placed there by an auburn hair woman.
“My omen! This was my mother’s necklace.”  He glanced towards Merlin’s sober expression. “ Guinevere lost this, as a child when she fell into the lake” Pausing,  “Who gave this necklace to you?” 
That was when it happened. A female voice exclaimed.
“It was given to me at a fair by a fortune-telling woman when I was twelve years old.” I said noticing how Merlin kept on staring at my palm.
“A gypsy.”Robin said boldly, “Can you say how she looks?”
“Oh, I’ll try, but she was no gypsy.” I said, “She was taller than I and had long wavy auburn hair to her waistline and worn a very deep purple color dress with this pendent of a dragon, her eyes were green with a spark of mystery.”
The image of the woman I dreamed of appeared in my mind and wonder if she was the one from the fair.
“Vivian?” Merlin asked, surprised. However, his eyes looked in disbelief.
You actually met her in your time?
Yes, I think I did. I silently thought then added, a rude remark. Was she not your mistress? No wait, I do not want to know. I turned towards the Earl, who eyed my necklace, then towards Merlin.
If I had a mistress, you would be the first and last to know, Lady Verona. Merlin silently thought. His eyes dare me to comment.
“You need to get her out of here before Joan  take an interest in her or  worse Guinevere recognize this necklace.” he said in despair. “This part of the manor is not bewitched, but the rest was.” Pausing, “I would never have said this, if I had not seen the sword in your hand, my dear sweet child.”
“The sword of truth, I see Vivian had her hands busy.” Merlin said, “Do you know who bewitched this place?”

Okay, I wanted to make the last two paragraphs intriguing and reveal something about the marking in Verona’s hand.  Now, I’m heading to the next Chapter before I start deleting paragraphs.


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