My Writing: Chapter 8

Okay, after looking over and rewriting some paragraphs, I am moving  to Chapter 9. I will leave this Chapter alone for now. But never know with me.

 Chapter 8: Old Friend
“Take her to him.” The auburn haired woman said, handed  a child with long brown hair to him now.
“I will not let you stay and face her alone, my dear sister.” A much younger Will Scarlet said.
What she had done next brought tears to my eyes as the cavern went in on her. As fast as the images came, they were gone. I meet his glance now and said, “She gave you her child to bring to her husband in the forest.” I said, feeling the cold air hit my face and Merlin’s grip my arms tightly. “But her grandmother gave her this necklace to send her to another place and time.”
Is this what I am supposed to remember? I wondered.
Yes, my sweet. A familiar voice answered back.
“She is a seer?” Bors asked puzzled.
“Merlin explains now!” William exclaimed, his facial feature  shown mixed emotions.
“She was found near Mystic Lake.” Merlin said, “Do not deny there is something amiss here in Nottingham.”
“Yes, Guinevere is not herself.” Will said, eyeing me now, “Another thing, I do not remember coming back to Huntingdon Manor. Nor being friends with the duchess.”
“That is true.” Bors said, “I was in the forest near Camelot when suddenly I am here.”
“Is this a spell we are under?” Lancelot asked.
“ We are not affected, But other are.” Merlin said boldly and then to me, “What do you think, Lady Verona?”
“The duchess is a b….” My temper soar up. I noticed Merlin’s brows rose a bit while Lancelot and the other two stood uncomfortably.  They all knew what she was! Why did Merlin let me go? I  gave him an icy glare. 
“I needed to know what she was up to and who she was cohort with.” Merlin said, turning to Lancelot and Bors, “Are you surprised to see Breuse here?” (This sentence might have to be rewritten.)
“Very, I thought y-Arthur banished him from Camelot?” Lancelot said glancing towards Merlin’s unreadable facial expression then towards me. “Breuse was a very dangerous person.”
“He did.  It seems he’s Duchess Joan  new plaything.” Merlin said harshly, then he turned towards me, “If I have known this, I would not have let you go there alone.”
Why did I have this feeling  he was hiding something from me. “The duchess said, I am to be presented to the Earl tonight at the wedding.”
“Wedding, is it not too soon?” Lancelot asked, glancing towards Merlin stormy face.
“I thought Guinevere and Arthur were to wed?” I asked, shocking all four men.
“Yes, in Camelot not here.” Merlin said harshly. His eyes grew darker.“I will not allow her meddling  or have Lady Verona be presented to Robin like a trophy.”
I notice dark clouds forming over the manor and glanced towards Merlin. His piercing blue eyes grew darker, were rage and something else.
Look closely Verona. A female voice echoed. A silver aura appeared near him.
No, he could not be. I informed myself now, there was someone else whom was also a great wizard. however, he did not show many his true nature. Maybe that’s the reason why he’d lost me- her.
His blue eyes met mine and the cloud cleared a bit. “I must think,” he said, glancing towards Lancelot puzzled face, “Keep an eye on her like she is your very own sister or cousin.”
“You can count on me, Merlin.” Lancelot said grinning.
Do not steal her from me or I will not be grateful. Merlin eyes seemed to say as he turned towards me, “You will be safe with your dear cousin, my sweet.”
“I have no doubt about that.” My eyes asked in silent. When are you going to tell me your true identity ?
I will later, my beloved. Merlin eyes seemed to say as the circle was broken.
Disheartening, I slowly walked behind the other men, in silent with my head down.  I only stop when  Merlin pulled me behind a huge oak tree. I met his stormy blue eyes.  The kiss was quick and I did not have time to think.
“I will be near you at all time.” He mumbled before leaving me behind.
Oh my! I covered my heart, my hair on my arm pickle up. I glanced towards the dark eerie forest.
You will never find him!  A sinister voice echoed into the wind. 
Find who?  I thought a chill came over me. 


Okay, I have to admit I did add that last sentence. I just could not leave without adding a little bit of mystery.


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