My Writing: Chapter 7 (When Chapters Goes Wrong)

Okay, this Chapter was bugging me a bit. I could not figure out the problem, until I realized I listed the Chapter titles wrong.  Oh yes, I goofed up on the Chapter titles and page numbers. I am not perfect.

Ever have one of those days when everything is going well, then everything goes haywire all at once. Well, that’s how my day is going right. It’s no fun to rewrite chapter titles or page numbers, but that doesn’t bother me.


Chapter 7: Duchess’ Claws  (I might change this title.)

A minute later I stood in this gloomy, dark color room. The only light the shined was from a window, facing the forest. My senses were on high alert, an uneasy feeling came over me. I waited for the duchess and her two companions to enter the room. 

“Oh, here you are.” Duchess Joan said. Two petite women, blonde and brunette haired girls, whom looked curiously towards me, “Girls, this is Sir Lancelot’s cousin Lady Verona.” (I will have to reword this paragraph.) 

The way she stressed my name made me realized she was suspicious of whom I am too. On top of that, there was this strange, deep, evenly tanned, dark haired man with green eyes that glare my way at the entrance. He was dressed like a pirate. I did not trust him a bit.

“Please have a seat, Lady Verona.” The Duchess said, “Breuse, please send for my tea.”

“Yes, my lady.” he said, stepping out of the room.

“So, you’re Lancelot’s cousin?” the blonde with blue eye asked.(I will be adding more description to the young lady’s outfit.)

Watch what you say, Verona. A voice echoed deep into my mind now.

I said, “Yes, we are distant cousins.”

“Maria mind your manners,” the Duchess said in a disapproving tone now, “Or you will be sent to the servants”

“Of course, my lady.” She glared toward me.

“Pay no attention to her, Lady Verona.” The duchess said, eyeing my necklace,“Such A lovely necklace.”

“Oh, it looks like the one Lady Sarah has once worn.” the dark haired  girl said,“But, somehow the design is different.”

“Veronica,” the duchess said with fury in her green eyes now, “You must excuse her rudeness.” Glancing towards me, “Where did you come by this necklace?”

Be very careful, Verona. A voice echoed in my mind now.

“It was a gift from my grandmother.” I said as an image of an elderly woman with long auburn hair came to my mind now.

“When she is older she’ll know her true gift,” she had said to a medium height woman with dark auburn hair and eyes of emerald with a babe in her arms.

I blink the image away Duchess Joan glanced towards me in confusion.

“Y..- your grandmother must be proud of you?” she asked with a harsh tone both young ladies jumped and glance my way.

I was about to answer, when Breuse returned with Elaine and another young woman wearing a long colorful dress.

My instinct told me something was seriously wrong here.

“Ah, Elaine please put the tray on the table.” the Duchess said, “Lady Verona, I do not suppose you have heard of my granddaughter and young Arthur of Camelot will wed tonight?”

“I have heard there were to be a wedding when the hunting party returned.” I said uneasily now. Why did I feel sad now? I silently thought.

“Yes, they will be back shortly and you will be presented to the Earl of Huntingdon.’ the duchess said harshly now, “Who will enjoy your company isn’t that right, Brisen?”

“Oh, she will do perfectly…” she trailed off as my right hand went up; her smile froze in place she backed away. “What in…”

Her smile sent a cold chill over me, I felt a pulled of some kind, I had trouble trying to breathe, the door to the quarter flung opened, Merlin and Lancelot with two new faces I did not know entered. (Okay, I will have to look over this sentence, which is bugging me.) 

“Ah, the tea party has started without us.” Lancelot said cheerfully, “Hello girls, my lady.”

“Oh, Sir Lancelot and Sir Bors.” the duchess said puzzled. “Sir William.”

I noticed Breuse stiffen a bit by the sight of these men who met his cold glare.

There was pure jealousy in his eyes and something else.

Sir Bors was slightly taller than my 5’5 and wore his black hair, to his shoulder length and probably ten years older than I.

“Duchess,” The older curly dark haired man said, narrowing his brown eye towards the other man, “Breuse? I had no idea you were here. Did you not go with the hunting party…”

“I have only arrived this morning and was a little curious about Sir Lancelot’s cousin.”

“You mean my little sister.” Bors said soberly as he gave me a warm familiar smile.

The aura around him a pure white like Merlin and the other man called William.

I heard both girls gasp in disbelief. “Oh, why did you not say you were Sir Bors’ sister.” they said quickly backing away.

The duchess icy glare towards the other man. “We would have prepared a huge meal.”

Why did this feeling like I seen this before? I thought silently

Maybe you have in a different time, my love. Merlin‘s eyes seemed to say.

Be careful of illusions, Verona!

“Yea, “the duchess said coldly, “Would you be joining us for tea?”

“Actually, we must pass.” Sir William said, unable to take his eyes off me, “The Earl would like to speak to Lady Verona.”

I felt a sudden change in the older woman’s face and her tone now, “Oh, well then she may leave.” she said boldly, “Come along girls.”

Merlin took my arms and rushes me out of the room behind; Lancelot, Bors and William, I noticed Breuse stare hard towards us as we left.

Was that a growl! I heard from him.

We quickly ran from stairs and outside, There was  a difference in the air. I felt a strong vibe now.


He is sleeping, only you can awaken him. A voice whispered into my ears.

Who is sleeping? I wondered Merlin glanced towards me now.

“You heard that also?” Merlin asked, keeping his hold on me.

I only Nodded.

“Merlin, who is she?” William asked in a sober tone.

I notice he stressed Merlin’s name  this puzzled me.

“Before I say let me cast an enchantment spell.” Merlin said, “What is said in the circle remain here for no one or presence to hear now. So may it be.”

I had not noticed  the large circle, until I felt pure energy shot through the ground and glance up towards Merlin, who place a finger on my lips.

“Wait a minute.” he said, “Do you see anything out of the ordinary here, Verona?”

Something was different! I glanced around people were speaking  in the distant and the smell smoke of food cooking. There was no dark aura around us. “This is Nottingham and there is no sign of  darkness.” I said puzzled, “Why does the garden feel different Merlin?”

Careful Verona! A tiny voice exclaimed in the distant, I chose to ignore it.

“Ah, very good we are where we should be.” he said, “Verona, this is William Scarlet and the one who is suppose to be your older brother is Borus.”

No way, William Scarlet! I silently thought to myself.


Okay, I wanted to make this Chapter a little intriguing with new characters. Also, a little more about Verona.  Now, Merlin may have a few surprises coming his way.  I think I am finished with Chapter 7 for now. But never know with me. Also, I may have over looked some grammar errors.







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