My Writing: Chapter 6

 Okay, after a long two months looking over Chapter 6 and reading over Chapter 7,  I finally was able to finish editing both Chapters.  But never know with me. I can always find something wrong with one sentence or add a new paragraph.

 Chapter 6: Garden Of  Mist  (I might have to change this title)

Careful Verona! A distant voice warned. Images began to play out.
A very tall white-haired bearded man and a young sandy-haired boy with blue eyes stood in front of me.This was all wrong for the child was not really a child.
They were in a circle that had ancient Celtic and Rune symbols on it. Moreover, saying a chant I swallowed hard as I stared into space at the image while Merlin held my hand tightly, “She can control fire, the griffin protect her.”
Another image came to me of this cavern and an auburn haired woman holding a child and a curly dark-haired man, this scene was going too fast to understand it, until I saw the woman throw out her arms and the cavern went in.
My breathing became fast,I wanted to hold on to this image. I heard her say,“You must keep her safe, Will!”
“Snap out of it Verona.” Merlin exclaimed, shaking me lightly, “I call upon the ancient ones  to show me, the truth of her visions.”
“Only, if you are ready to admit to her who you are.” A woman said in a low tone.
Dammit, you know I cannot do that with… Merlin silently thought.  “At least show her my true self.”
“I cannot.” she answered, “You must get her out of this place soon.”
My breathing had returned to normal. My eyes came upon, the silver aura that was next to Merlin. I recognize her from my dream. Who are you? I silently thought.
I am a very close and dear friend, my child. She said before she vanished.
“Are you up for a walk?” Merlin asked like nothing happens, maybe he did not see her.
“Sure.” I said, getting up from the chair and realizing that he had my hands still and pulled me into his arms and quickly kissed my lips before releasing me. “Why must you do that?”
“Because I find you very striking every second,” he whispered as he pulled me out into the corridor before I could make a comment. “Look, what is lurking here.”
There was a dark shadow around us; however, it back away when we came down the stairs. “Why have I not seen this before?” Merlin mumbled with flicked of his finger tiny light aura shot around them now.
I heard a commotion of people when we came to the last step. I glance up to see Merlin looked older. Was that a disguise spell? I silently thought as he winked his eye before turning sober.
“Say nothing to no one of where you are from,” he said in a low tone, “And furthermore watch out for those shadows.”
Why are there some many dark auras? I silently thought, feeling something dark around us.
Morganna is up to her old tricks it seems. Merlin silently thought. Maybe I can make a little charm to keep her confused a bit on your identity.
I nodded as we entered the large room where people were busying preparing food. I notice one little medium height, brown-haired person glancing our way and smiled. She reminded me of my friend Emily Soulet, whom introduced me to her cousin, William Scotts.
“Well, look who finally puts in an appearance.” she said in a kindhearted voice, “I see Lancelot’s cousin is well now.”
“Oh yes,” Merlin said uncomfortable, “Lady Verona this is Emma.”
“Hello.” I said.
“What a strange name.” she said suspiciously now, “But then again our dear Lancelot is a bit odd.” Pausing, “I heard the Earl’s mother- in-law is having tea outside.”
Was I on trial? Meeting Merlin disapproving glance. Something was fishy here I knew it.
“Yes,” Giving my arm a tug forwards. “We’ll be on your way to the garden now.”
“You will be at the feast tonight?” she asked. There was something in her green eyes, the kitchen became cold at once.
“Of course.” His eyes read things are not what is seems to be.
A second later we were walking into a large room, where servants prepared the table for the feast. I could hear some whispering by my appearances, we made our way through the great hall, until we were in this beautiful garden which appeared to be empty for now.
“What do you see around us, my dear?” he asked in a low tone.
I glanced around the large area that had flowers everywhere and oak trees from the eyes could see. I could see no sign of life or hear any birds chirping; however, I felt fear of something dark watching deep in the forest. On the other hand, was it a cry for help? “Where are we really?” I asked meeting his blue eyes, “this is not Nottingham.”
“Why do you say that?” he asked puzzled now.
“It does not feel like Nottingham.” I said, puzzled and wondered how I knew this, for I have never been there before.
I was about to say more when Lancelot and Elaine came our way now, the dark aura was around Elaine; however, it was not around Lancelot. “Oh, that is odd.” I mumbled as Merlin glanced towards the couple now.
She was bewitched. Merlin silently thought, disappointingly “I see we are on time for the tea party.” Merlin said.
“Sorry to break the news, the Duchess decided to take her tea in her private parlor.” Lancelot said, glancing towards me with a smile, “I am glad to see you are well, cousin.”
“As well as she can be, Lancelot.” Merlin said in a jealous tone.  I  notice the younger woman jealously subsided.
“I will bring Lady Verona to the duchess quarters.” Elaine said.
Whatever happens, I will be with you. Merlin silently thought.
“Come now, Lady Verona.” Elaine said boldly, “We do not want to let the duchess wait on us.”
I could help notice both stared towards us as we left.  We were entering the large hall when I looked back to see Lancelot lecturing Merlin. Lancelot  then slapped Merlin behind his head
“Why did you let her go, A-Merlin?” Lancelot asked a minute later.
“I had to.” he said, glaring towards his friend, “Since when has the Duchess been in cohort with m- Morganna?”
“I have no idea.” Lancelot said, “What are we up against, Merlin?”
“Something very evil.” he said.
You must not get involved! A wind gust echoed.
Merlin’s skin pickle, he turned towards Sherwood Forest. A dark shadow with Red eyes stared back.
Merlin help her! A female’s  voice exclaimed. 


Okay, I wanted to add a little mystery in the last two paragraphs and reveal something about Merlin.

Well, I am heading now to Chapter 7, before I decide to start cutting out sentences.

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014




2 thoughts on “My Writing: Chapter 6

  1. Nice one… I love your writing stye and found the chapter intriguing!~ By the way, I also like that you called one of the characters Verona, as it reminds me of Shakespeare!. Happy weekend and best wishes ⭐ Aquileana 😀

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