My Writing: Chapter 4

Okay, I was able to edit this chapter without cutting out sentences, which I probably will have to do later on.  As for errors I might have over looked some.
Chapter 4 :  Childhood Memories
No, Merlin was not jealous by Lancelot’s remark. I thought, noticing his dark brown haired was now shoulder, his beard  had less gray from earlier. Why was I seeing him in a new light that made my heart skip a beat?
He was staring towards my face puzzled, I met his gaze for a moment, another man  kissing me.
You will always be mine, A male’s voice said in the distance.
He felt the strong pull of a very powerful energy around them, this was not the darkness in the manor. He sighed, “Verona what is it?”
With his hands over mine now, I found it difficult to speak I felt a strange pull towards him.
Do not deny your true feelings, Verona. A female voice whispered in my mind.
Stubbornly, I ignored  the voice, lowering my eyes with embarrassment, “It was nothing.” I said flatly, “I am wondering why Guinevere, thought I would like these clothing.” I pulled hard on the clothing top; which was revealing too much skin to my liking.
“Ah, yes indeed I thought the same,” In a husky tone, before it became serious. “What exactly did she say to you?”
“She asks who I was and tried to come close to my bed, she got shocked.”  His dark brows shot up suddenly. ” Lady Elaine seemed jealous at the sight of me?”
You do not say, So she was trying to find out whom Verona was. He silently thought to himself.  Opening the medium size jar. “Hmm, I think I will keep a close eye on her and her grandmother.” he said, placing as ointment on her forehead now, “Why did I not see this before?”
I noticed his eyes on my necklace “What?” Drawn his mouth.
“You have a very powerful protector in this stone.” he said lightly touching the  bluish stone. It  felt warm from being in between her bosoms. His mind did not ponder there long.”Were you by any chance born in the sign of fire?”
 My short poems I have written in my seventh grade class came rushing back to me. 
(Note here: I want readers to think medieval time. Some words will have Thy or thee. Also I am not good at poetry.)
Thy person who is born,
In thy sign of fire,
Shall have thy golden griffin,
As a protector.
Thy person, who bears Thy mark of thy griffin
Shall rule the land of the griffin once more.
Those two poems made me the laughing-stock of my class. My adopted parents were outraged by such nonsense. I was hurt in front of the whole class, well except my best friends s did not laugh or teased.  Could to think of it now, they had this sober expression. Strange why was I thinking of them and those two poem?(I might have to edit this part once more.)
 Are you sure it is a poem and not  a spell. My dear child? A woman’s voice asked.
“I have no idea.” I said flatly, “I was adopted when I was a newborn,”
 He took note before, he cupped my face in his hands.  “I am truly sorry,” he place a warm kiss my forehead. “Put this on, I will be outside.”
The velvet green gown had gold trimming on its short sleeves. “Is this what the Duchess brought?” I asked puzzled.
“You will never wear anything from that witch.” he said soberly walking out the bed-chamber with the garment.
Puzzled and confused, I took the dress to the screen. Was I fallen for this mysterious man known as Merlin.
No, it is only the curse. A familiar man voice said in the distance.

Okay, I wanted to make this last sentence mysterious and intriguing. As for the poems, if they would be considered to be one, I wanted to add,  more clues to Verona’s past.

 ©V.ROSE DEMET ™ 2014

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