My Halloween Memories

Here is a short little post about what I wrote last year for Halloween.

Okay, since it is Halloween I decided to write about my first Halloween costume, which was not really the best.
I got dragged into going trick or treating with my young little second cousins, at the last minute. When I say last minute ,it was three minutes before heading out the door. I had no costume, which was fine with me. Oh but not for my cousins, whom came up with the idea of face paint. I went along with them. Thinking this could be fun, since I was never one to go out trick or treating. It turned out to be fun
Oh yes, when we came back with candies and goodies, we took photos of what we’d worn. A minute later, I went to the bathroom to wash the face paint off. I got a shock. No one told me , how red and itchy my face would become or that face paint and I did not get along. 😦
This was when I found out that I could not wear face paint. How could I have known this. My first Halloween costume turned out to be the last time I use face paint. But not the last time I went out on Halloween. Only this time it was to watch a bonfire. And that is one of my Halloween memory.








2 thoughts on “My Halloween Memories

  1. They should have told you you couldn’t wear face paint.
    But at least you got candies and… memories that would go far beyond that particular moment.
    So it was worthwhile at the end.
    A very nice post Firefly ⭐ ★ ⭐
    All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

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