My Memories: Sept.23, 2005

Okay, I took a break from my writing to write this very short story or description..Which was hard for me. That’s the reason I posted a day late.  9 years ago yesterday, my life and those around me changed forever.  I cannot describe how I felt but I can give a short comment/story or description on it. 

On Sept. 23, 2005 Hurricane Rita came and brought destruction to all.



Her eye was cold and hateful. Her voice was furious as the wind. Her movement brought destruction in her path. She was feared by all and left nothing untouched. She took what she wanted from those in her path.  She took my home, she took my belongings, she took what I keep close. But one thing she could not take away from me. My childhood memories that I now keep on my heart.

That year I also realized who were my friends and my cousins true colors.(That’s all I am saying on the who and how.)

Now, I can go back to editing Chapter 4.







2 thoughts on “My Memories: Sept.23, 2005

  1. I like how you gave the hurricane veangeful human traits and your victory was the greatest treasures left untouched. Natural disasters are devastating and bring out the best and worst in people but I like your attitude. A true survivor.


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