My Writing: Part 2 Of Chapter 3

When I was writing my other post on ‘Editing Chapter 3 Once More’I decided to add this part also.  I think I am finish editing these paragraphs,  But never know with me, I could always find something wrong.  I know one thing I am  not perfect when it comes to catching grammar errors and  spelling.

A knock came at the door,  Merlin  stood with a small jar in hand. His eyes glance my way only for a moment.

Was that a spark of interest? I thought shaking the idea. His face became red with fury.

“What is this?” Merlin roared out. Never in his years of knowing Elaine had she ever done something so childish as this.

“The clothing for Sir Lancelot’s f- cousin.” she said bluntly. “This is what Lady Guinevere said to bring.”

“Ah, I see.” he said. His eyes went astray to my bosoms before turning towards the other brunette woman. “This is not  a proper outfit for a young maiden from a respectful family, nor is she a tavern maiden, Elaine!” His blue eyes met her eyes as she back away suddenly. “Now be gone.”

Her match his glare before heading out the door.

Pig headed fool! “Y-yes, oh great one.” she said hurrying away.

She nearly bumped into Lancelot.

“Hey, Lana wait up.” Lancelot said, puzzled, carrying velvet red dress, with a well dress woman in the room. “Look who I found.”

“Oh, Duchess Joan, this is an honor.” Merlin said, placing a kiss on the side of her face.

“Merlin.” she said flatly.

Her tight mouth held a disapproving  gaze towards Merlin. She did not seem  to old her facial feature revealed, a youthful face and something else, I could not place.

Look deeper my Dear.

“Oh wow, I mean. Who brought you those clothing, dear cousin?” he asked stunned.

“Lady Guinevere thought it would be nice on me.” I said tightly and uncomfortable now as the older woman stared at me or was it my necklace.

“I think these are much better, dear,” she said with a kind smile.

“Hmm…,my dear granddaughter does not know nice clothes when she sees it.”

As you! A female voice echoed in the distance of my mind.

That look she gave was puzzling, “Oh, Thank you my Lady.” I mumbled.

“You’re welcome.” the Duchess said, “I will be honored to have you for tea this afternoon.”

I could not help noticing  Merlin and Lancelot looked surprise.

“If she is up to walking, that is?” she asked glaring towards both men.

“Oh yes, will you have tea in the garden?” Merlin asked warmly.

The room  was freezing! What was going on! I glanced towards Merlin, who kept his gaze on the Duchess.

“Hmm, the garden will nice.” she said smoothly.

Why was he protecting me? I notice Lancelot glance his way now. There was something odd about him or was it that he reminded me of my… I cannot remember whom.

“That does sound good, since she has been up here for a whole  day.” Lancelot said, “But will your ladies in waiting wonder about my cousin bruises?”

“Oh no, I will make sure Lady Veronica and Maria act ladylike.” she said frankly, “However, you how teens like to act. I will leave you now, dear.”

“Let me see your hand.” Merlin said boldly; however, his eyes focused on my chest.

Obeying, I gave him my hand as he passed the ointment over my bruised, the smell of mint and menthol. I felt like I was drifting back to sleep.

“Easy Verona,” he said concern now. “Lancelot tell the cook to fix some food and tea for your cousin.”

“I will.” Lancelot said, “While I am at it, I will find out what was bothering Lana.”

“This outfit is why she was upset.” Merlin said, “Guinevere has no respect for your cousin’s reputation.” Pausing, “You know her grandmother will spread rumors around.”

Lancelot knew that tone in his old friend’s voice and was ready for anything from a frog or a cat, which was his friend favorite spell when they were younger. However, he knew his friend would not do any of this in front of this young woman.

He knew right off, what his friend was thinking and pondered a spell of coldness.


I was waiting for a fistfight to be thrown.  Lancelot’s brown eyes met Merlin’s  blue eyes, the room became icy. My skin pickle up. ( I will Have to change this part.)

“I could not help it, Merlin.” he said, stressing out, “The duchess asked about Verona .”

“That old nosy, b….” Merlin mumbled for my ears only. “Then I guess we will have no choice to meet with her at tea time.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Lancelot asked at the door, “You know how she is about extra guests to her little party.”

“Oh yes, I know.” Merlin said with his hands still on mine.

Oh, he had known of the duchess reputation with her tea parties and powerful in dark magic she was.

But mine is stronger.

Merlin gave me an odd look. Had he heard also?

“I would never leave my love in the same room with her and her young girls.”  It was just tea, Right?

“No need to worry, I will be there, Merlin,” he said with this charming look towards me, in the doorway now. He knew this would surely get his friend in an uproar, he did not care. “Your food and tea will be up soon, my dear sweet cousin.”

Merlin shot Lancelot a pair of eyes. That could have been two darts, Merlin’s  hands waved towards the doorway and shut in Lancelot’s face, which, he did not offense Lancelot.  (I think I will be looking over this sentence once more.)

“A good one Merlin.” Lancelot said laughing.

I heard him laughing.


“Dam nit Merlin!” Lancelot mumbled.

Merlin’s jealous by Lancelot’s remark! Noticing his sandy brown haired came to his shoulder and beard was a bit shorter and less gray from earlier. Why was I seeing him in a new light this made my heart skip a beat?

He was staring towards my face with a puzzle look, I met his gaze for a moment.

A flash of another man bending down and kissing me in a garden.

You will always be mine, he said before the image faded away.

What was she remembering? He felt the strong pull of a very powerful energy.  This was not of the darkness in this manner. He sighed, “Verona what is it?”

With his hands over mine now, I found it difficult to speak as I felt a strange pull.

Do not deny your true feelings, Verona. A female voice whispered in my mind.

As stubborn, as I am, I ignore the voice and lower my eyes with embarrassment, “It was nothing.” I said flatly, “I was wondering why Guinevere seemed to think I would like these clothing.” I pulled on the clothing top; which was revealing too much skin to my liking.

“Ah, yes indeed I thought the same,” he said to me in a husky tone before it became serious. “What exactly did she say to you?”

“She asks who I was and did not believe me, tried to come close to my bed, but she got shocked.” I said noticing his dark brows shot up suddenly. “And then Lady Elaine seemed jealous at the sight of me?”

You do not say, So she was trying to find out whom Verona was.  Opening the medium size jar. “Hmm, I think I will keep a close eye on her and her grandmother.” he said, placing as ointment on her forehead now, “Why did I not see this before?”

I noticed his eyes on my necklace “What?” I asked, feeling drawn to him and his mouth.

“You have a very powerful protector in this stone.” he said lightly touching the  bluish stone. It  felt warm from being in between her bosoms. His mind did not ponder there long.”Were you by any chance born in the sign of fire?”

Thy person who is born,

In thy sign of fire,

Shall be protected by thy golden griffin.


Thy person, who bears Thy marking of thy griffin

Shall rule the land of the griffin once more.

The memory of that day washed over me once more. I stood in front of all my classmate  my heart was beating fast as I try not to stutter but stuttering in those days were a curse. Especially when I got nervous.

Those two poems made me the laughingstock of my class. My adopted parents were outraged by such nonsense. I felt hurt as the laughter echoed. The only two who had laugh were my best friends Daisy and Melanie Scotts. Come to think of it now, they had a sober expression. Strange why was I thinking of them and those two poem?


Now, I am going to Chapter 4 before I decide to cut some paragraphs.




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