My Writing: Editing Chapter 1

Okay, I am glad to say that I am finished editing Chapter One first draft for now that is. Never know with me, I might find something wrong with it.


Chapter One : Distance Time

“Now the truth was known.” he mumbled as chanting began.

My life passed before my eyes. I began to stir from my sleep, I had tears in my eyes. Oh, what a dream! I silently thought. The thought of being in a castle and Queen Guinevere being poisoned. Made me shiver. “That was what I get for watching old movies before bed.” I mumble, to myself, dragging myself out of bed. Why do am I so drained? My feet touch the stone floor and heart skipped a beat.  I became aware of the unfamiliar stoned wall room and this bed.

A huge fireplace was on one side while a huge chair was on the other side. How in the world did I get here! I thought. For the first time in my life, I did not know how I got here. I tip toed near a chair where  a handsome bearded, dark haired man slept. He was sexy as sin.

Wow! Was I still dreaming?

“No, you are not dreaming, my lady.” the young man with piercing blue eyes said this strange accent. He sat up straight.

His words were of old English and clothing’s were out of date. I stepped back and felt light headed suddenly. Before I even realized it, he jumped off the large mahogany cushion chair.

“Easy.” he said, guiding me back, to the large Victorian bed with red drapes around it. “You have taken a nasty fall when I found you in the forest.

What forest? I glanced into his blue eyes and saw something familiar in them. Blurry imagines began to form. I manage to find my voice now, “W-where I am?”

“You’re at Huntingdon Manor,” he said with this puzzled look.

No way- could I be in England? Sure, I have always wanted to visit Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. As a child. I once pretended that I met the legendary Robin Hood, who brought me to visit a strange manor guarded by griffin. I even imagine doing spells with the famous Merlin.

My imagination was the reason I did not have a boring childhood with the… What were their names.

Are you sure it was your imagination, Verona? A tiny voice answered in the distance.

“You are foreign, maybe French?” he asked boldly.

How could I say yes when I did not remember? “Ouch!” I said as my hand went to my forehead, a sharp pain shot through my head.

Without knowing what was happening, I felt my feet come off the floor and back into the bed. “I will get old Merlin,” he said with this worried glance.”You stay here.”

Merlin? I thought this was Nottingham. I stared towards the knight, whom gave me a strange stare. “Sure.” I said, feeling the room start to spill. I held my stone necklace for comfort.

“Oh my!” a stranger exclaimed.

Wide awake now, I met a bearded man with dark blue eyes staring towards me now. Before I could speak, he turned towards the blond haired knight.

“Do you know who you have here?” His sharp and suspicious voice made me jump.

“No, should I?” he asked boldly.

I could tell the young man annoyed him with this comment by the glare that passed them. I kept silence in hope this was still a dream. “Of course, Lancelot,” he said in a loud irritated voice, I flinched in pain.

“Are you in pain, dear child?”

Lancelot, but he was the one who found… I silently thought as a sharp pain came. Why was my head hurting so much?

Whom did he find? A male voice asked in my mind as a foggy image came to me now.

As fast as the image came in was gone, leaving me stunned and drain. Who was he? I jumped when icy fingers touched my forehead. His touch was gentle and soft; yet felt familiar. His brown eyes met mine with a suspicious glance.

“Fear not child, I am only checking for a pain,” he said in a calm voice. “Ah, this should do well.” His hands became warm suddenly and my head started to pound faster before it subsided. “Out of thee, and into thy pure air.” he said chanted. A dark aura appeared, then it vanished into the air leaving me fatigue.

This was no way to spend my vacation in England. I thought as bit and pieces of memories came back to me now. I was here searching for something or someone .. I wondered if it was with the man I left behind? I got my answer when an electrical shock that passed through my hands, which made him jump in surprise something passed in between his eyes only for a second it was gone now.

“Ah, you are remembering who you are, my dear child.” he said frankly, “You may talk freely now.”

“How did you know I could not say anything?” I asked remembering the spell. It was foggy, but I remember these words.

“Only a true sorcerer will know this enchantment spell, Verona.” the auburn -haired woman with sea green eyes said, “And it’s time to confront him again.” With a kind smile now, “I know you are brave enough to face him once more.”

“You mean she was under a spell?” Lancelot asked impress now, “And I saved her. Oh, it’s my lucky day.”

I glanced towards him in confusion now since he was not the same man who sat on the chair next to the fireplace earlier. “You’re not the one who was here earlier.” I said suddenly.

Merlin glared towards Lancelot frozen smile, “Who was in here with her?” he asked boldly, “No, need I know who was in here.”

Was it my imagination or did Lancelot give this older man a dirty look. No, my eyes are playing tricks in this dim light from the fireplace. “We were a bit curious to whom she was?” Lancelot said boldly then to me with a gentle smile, “What is your name milady?”

I looked uncertain towards Merlin, who blue eyes shot me a curious glance, “My name is Verona.” I said calmly, “I am from a distant place.”

“No, you are my love Guinevere.” a male voice echoed in my mind now, which I ignored.

“Your clothing says a different time.” Merlin said soberly.

His piercing blue eyes roam over my clothing for only a second but something deep inside of me stirred, puzzled I had to turn my glance towards Lancelot, who kept quiet. “Where is here?” I asked boldly which brought Lancelot attention as he came near my bed.

“This is Nottingham.” Merlin said boldly, “We are here for the Earl of Huntingdon’s daughter nuptial to Arthur Plantagenet.”

No, something is not right. I thought to myself. I do not remember anywhere in the history books of An Arthur Plantagenet marrying someone from Nottingham. This was a joke, Right. Alternatively, was it a dream? This thought made me begin to giggle suddenly. This made both men stare at me strangely.

“Is she still bewitched Merlin?” he asked, confused and stepped away.

“No, she is in shock.” Merlin said with this concerned glance towards me now, “You must rest now, Verona.”

“I am sorry. I did not mean to be rude.” I said, feeling sleepy, suddenly I glance towards Merlin. Why did you put a charm on me? I silently thought to myself  Sleep came over once more.

No, Not my doing, but I would like to put you somewhere, my dear. His blue eyes seemed to say, which made me feel uncomfortable now.

How did she know? He turned towards his best friend now “See if anyone has something for her to wear, Lancelot.” Merlin said soberly never leaving his eyes off her sleeping form. “We do not want anyone to think she is a spy or something worse.”

“Of course, Merlin.” he said flatly, “I will send Gwen up here.”

“No, keep her and her grandmother out of this room.” Merlin said seriously now. “Tell her and everyone else Lady Verona is your cousin and had the misfortune of losing her garments in the yesterday rain storm.


I will say this again , I am not perfect in editing and I may have miss some words.





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